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AWS Mobile with Google Dart

Mastering Mobile development and Integration

03:39:24 of on-demand video • Updated November 2020

  • On completion of this course, you would be able to develop your mobile applications with Google Dart.
  • You could integrate various Amazon services from AWS cloud with Mobile integration.
  • Could perform Mobile App Testing with Device Farm.
  • Could perform enable authentication with facebook, google, linkedin, etc.
  • Make use of various options from Mobile Hub, AppSync, and Pinpoint.
English [Auto] Lafrance won't come back. We are learning and there's on a recess and in the following we do lectures and practicals. You would be learning about greenness from the wire services offered by Amazon cloud. We will begin with more help followed by absenting and that ethics are paid from way and quite fun. These are good services that are used to develop our hearts and mobile applications which could improve your performance. For example you could test the way the U.S. has with our DeWyze farm on radios in Watergate's. You can manage all the services in that dashboard in Weigman mobile hub and 4-F thing you could see in graduate applications to be constant and other factors and you can perform analytical operations with pinpoint or more analytics. We are be learning and we will explore how we can integrate these services together. And along with other services on either Louis the old and glass solution for flame's So let's start here. We are going to begin our journey in a small by hub. So Star These are the more so resist that McGuire how obscene the rice farm and why it takes as we learn these are services offered by the U.S. we can integrate multiple services together with multiple hub the common services that can't easily integrated them will help to build a useful solution as Atum slammed up as we know night is somewhat less in warming where we don't need to create to eat gold depending on other previous other records other fires that could be independent of for religious purposes like push notification and other purposes. It could be easily integrated with our environment. We can manage it land with it while I was on S and S and Amazon on cognito the you guys use for authentication be it authentication with Google authentication with Facebook or third party on anything it get authenticated. You can also see face sessions for example if you have a game up by yourself. And you want to manage the use of sessions the player sessions once he have logged in. You have to store that data up to next levels when he crosses. You can do so with an ongoing angle with a wide range of things. It also gets integrated with more like the Amazon the way the analytics used to and uses user data. You have a live stream of the time you want to and this is where these factors the device farm was used to check whether your app is performing on various devices from a wild phone and with various Android versions. Right. And other devices. How much number of times you can run your app simulate when you were out for any computing hours. So it is a better scalable option. Simple as that you want to pass to your app on all the devices have a level in the market. Samsung Galaxy iPhone and other devices as well. You don't need to purchase iOS devices like yourself and reinstall and run it out manually. You can do so on a device from similarly as trees students which could mean going into any range of services and you know let's go OUTFRONT I guess this could be integrated as well. We were learning in to flutter functionality the listener white how we provide to you where it was is on the same dashboard. It has a wide range of options. The Muallem SDK allows you to integrate and services on the line if you are developing your application for Android environment. You can do so in javascript grandmother and Lagunitas last having them looking on Android to studio for Android in Waterman and I can integrate it into this more like how you how you can authenticate it was already done with cognito improvements on recited logic or somewhat less logic with lambda. You going to grind it out as we have learned about game with cognito as well. You can analyze use we here we based on Amazon and the list is our fine. You can run target campaigns with pinpoint as well. This store has three. You can deliver the average cloud trying send push notification with Asinus more I push the store data on dynamiting me ideas all of that you can do that with the lights from. So this is the basic functionality that you're trying to get at a while. So what is a lie is how basically defining it. It is a collection of tools that are designed to have developers very fast configure and release cloud cloud based applications specificially for them while devices read Android iPhone Symbian or other devices. You can also go look for Windows as well. The package is it. It allows you to package the tools as a consultant for that will up for you are and that will up or could be in danger and other things as well. You get them to quickly select the desired features for applications and integrate them into that court. Lining up with practical demonstration in the next job we do. It includes a variety of tools that include tracking application analytics manager and user access and the stone age. You can set up a push notification you can believe we're going down and back and services with more the benefits I'll help with that. You can start with the line up for free. It is a free service and it is being covered under the Freedia. All four of us want you to retire. You can use my help how to certain range X10 you can add clout or Rusev Fost. It delivers quality output. You can get you an audience as well. You can build these apps and that like how you can choose from U.S. involvement and ride the world in one moment could tell us there. You can also do this with the native currency these food options are available when you log in with my wife help hire when it comes to hard work. Actually we have to first create that map independently using either using They started at that level on the oldest cloud or you can create your own way. I suppose I'm creating my app on a studio. It would be able to publish stuff. You can set it up then back and you just need to write code on your own ID off line or online then you can set up your back. With more I'll help you just to do more. I'll have this cloud log in with my light help create any instance create configuration file it generates a configuration file based on your consideration which stores information about the configure services and installing them a while SDK for each of us on their PC. And providing their credentials the configuration file on the old ID it will be configured with add up in a matter of minutes. The features that you can add to your app will help include the ADD cloud services to secure authentication with Amazon cognito it get integrated. You can also add this to the service. Suppose you want to build an Android app which collects I use an end of it which is similar to Facebook and Facebook Messenger app you can contact with other issues as you have to log in. You can upload files which is being stored on the server. So when you probably should have as you all know the app has very limited storage on their mobile phone it is stored by default on a smartphone in which it is stored. If you want to provide cloud to port you are going to do so with it. So when we can provide a secure authentication with cognito you can provide your users log in with the face will blogging with Google. And third party you can also provide storage on the cloud make routing as to the services you can run server or less functions with here to slam down the API gateway. You can also use our database the no as well name as well. And again if Haskel database you can also create a chat bar or other cognitive services with Amazon Lexa and parleying then you can deliver high quality applications that hosting your web apps that content distribution network on Amazon as tree and cloud for then you can test on the early devices. With me you can run unicast Alpher sorry the unit test and the other kind of cast on the old Shiite-Sunni pipeline. You can test Henderson against how popular us an android phones easily with a device from then you can engage your audience or there lies the user data with pinpoint Amazon pinpoint or mobile analytics. You can also send user different messages that is automatic messages being sent by other Dalgard as with Amazon pinpoint as well. You can prevent push notifications with pinpoint you can away the emails and pasting between print as well. So we can perform a wide range of course with the wild how these services are being integrated. We can build very easily in the practical with real learning how we can build them build and we will have service which could be integrated on Android. So keep learning keep moving ahead. We learning more in the coming weeks.