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AWS Mobile with Google Dart

Mastering Mobile development and Integration

03:39:24 of on-demand video • Updated November 2020

  • On completion of this course, you would be able to develop your mobile applications with Google Dart.
  • You could integrate various Amazon services from AWS cloud with Mobile integration.
  • Could perform Mobile App Testing with Device Farm.
  • Could perform enable authentication with facebook, google, linkedin, etc.
  • Make use of various options from Mobile Hub, AppSync, and Pinpoint.
English [Auto] Welcome friend. So now we are going to create our own Louis account Amazon Web Services gone which is right there for exploring all the services and applying anything using it. LEWIS So just search on Google or any search engine you don't lose your account. I simply go do it Louis not Amazon Dot com slash free now on the top right there. I just had to create interim news or on button here. You will be redirected to a link where you can create an account to simply provide all the information you require. First there appears an e-mail id just provide any real ID and weird check that I am when you use user then sign of border and very own name. If you are in India with your you can create anybody would you look down if you are a company or an organization. You can create your own. It is very simple. Just the interior room where Lady your credentials your password and you'd have to sort of gain and he declared we're done on then your contact information is required. Your Address Country I'm just providing some garbage with you and the team because they will integrate it in a. So this is an example for our own company in our organization. You can select for them at any country sampling India just provided this information and in Funimation's Address City State posted a phone number and then in or mentions right here for example and anti and the capture and not just priority your payment information their debit card number or credit card number name on your card. It is very important step. Actually you are not charged any alone until you select any services that are not counted in your free account. Just provide all the informations and click the very fiber. Then there will be ODP one time password requirement for her to deliver to her connected with your mobile phone number with your bank account. When it is verified. I took a loan this day with data from the account for example two lupis for. Need such a Among it will be turned back on later on. Dan and daughter ODP when it is we you find you can move to older steps. I didn't get any recognition. You need to provide your phone number. I'm a wild number along with the current record. And Errol Louis there you will receive a call from AWOS and you need to enter the PIN which is provided to you. After concluding this is Jeff Felder it may take some time for verification but not much time when your identification is completed. You can move to your national You can select whether you are busy will look to the end of business and anything Sarik from them just selecting basic and guaranteed new so these are created and you can too bashful to sign into your account and tell you their name and password the user name is typically your email id and password and then you can access your dashboard and all the services they provide. So this is a home page. These are all the services and this is Rocco. Hope this works if you find any error you can call them.