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English [Auto] Hey everyone and welcome back into this video we'll be discussing about the new exam blueprint for the ADA this or the fake solutions architect professional certification. So Oedipus has released a new blueprint for these solutions architect professional certification and any exam post February 2019 will be based on the new blueprint. Now when you compare this new blueprint with the older one then you'll typically find that 60 to 70 percent of their topics are still overlapping. Now this certification based video course is based on the new blueprint which is suitable for the 2019 certification exam and onwards. Now following either fight or means that you will find in the official blueprint first is the design for organizational complexity. Then you have designed for new solution. Then you have migration planning cost control and continuous improvement for existing solution. So let me quickly show you the official exam blueprint. So this is a new exam blueprint. And if we go a bit down you'll see that there are five domains which are available among this failed to meet that domain two and that domain five constitutes to be the highest in terms of percentage of examination. So if you just combine them it goes to 60 percent. So these are the most important domains along with that all that means that specifically important because the profession certification is challenging. So you need to make sure that you go through all the videos that we have as part of the course in all the domains. Now this exam blueprint is more streamlined. Now if you take a look into the older blueprint of the exam it had eight domains however we just have five. And among this the importance of architected framework is huge. Now let me quickly show you. Now if you typically look into available updated frameworks below your operational excellence you have security reliability performance efficiency and cost optimization. Now if you look into their domain too if you see domain to constituents to be 31 percent and within their domain too if you're looking to two point two states that the domain solution to design and implement strategy to meet reliability requirements. So you have the reliability pillar here. The other elaborated pillar in the well architected framework as well. Then you have the business continuity of business continuity is more of a subset in the reliability pillar when you compare it with the well architected framework. After that you have the performance now performance is also one of the pillars of the well architected framework. Then if you go a bit up there is a security pillar and you see there is also a security pillar here. Then you have an entire section dedicated for cost control. So there is also a cost optimization pillar in well architected framework. So it is very important that we understand well architected framework before we go ahead for the exams and this is the reason why if you go a bit up you see one of other suggested white papers a debate will architected framework is present. So this is the high level world view about the new exam blueprint now as we move through the courts will be understanding a deep point does within the blueprint in greater detail. And that's about the high level or view for the new blueprint for the certified Solutions Architect professional certification. I hope this video has been informative for you. And if you have any doubts questions additions feel free to connect us at Twitter Facebook LinkedIn or mailers that instructors address. KP lab start intensive watching.