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AWS Certified Security Specialty 2021

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English [Auto] Here and welcome to the A.W. Certified Security Specialty Videocast, Amsel, and I'm going to be an instructor throughout the course now, elderlies with you will have a high level overview on what the security specialty certification exam is all about. What are the prerequisites and how we can go about preparing for this certification exam? No, Idalis had launched the full fledged version of the security specialty after that to be the exam. So initially Idalis had launched the first day exam, which they somehow canceled. Then they relaunch the certification with the second BETYE exam and only after the second Bitti exam was completed, then the full fledged certification was launched. And in terms of exam domains and even the questions that you might be, it is very similar to the second Bida exam, which AWB had launched. Now, in terms of syllabus, this exam is divided into five domains. The domain one is incident response domain. Two is logging and monitoring domain. Three is infrastructure security domain for this identity and access management domain face data protection. None of these five domains, the infrastructure security subsidiaries to be the largest one and a domain for identity and access management subsid used to be one of the crucial domains. Now I have seen a lot of candidates not being able to pass this certification primarily because of a lack of understanding about the identity and access management. And this is a reason why we have given a lot of emphasis in this specific domain. We are also given a good amount of emphasis on each and every domain. And all we do is that we have for this certification, we will prove to be extremely important for you to clear the exam. Now, in terms of scoring systems and prerequisites, DBRS Certified Security Specialty's a pass or fail exam now are measured against the maximum of 2000 marks with the passing of 750, so it can be considered as the total of 75 percent as the mandatory for passing. Now, in terms of prerequisite and recommended knowledge, Idalis has removed the prerequisite of having the A.W. Solutions architect, associate or cloud practitioner, which was earlier mandatory. So that prerequisite is now removed so you can directly go ahead and sit for the exam. Now, it does recommend that the candidate should have a two years of hands on experience with Idalis workload. Now, do remember that the security specialty is not an easy exam. It is a very challenging exam. So you need to understand the basic or you need to have a base, a solid foundation about the. So what I recommend to this second point is I did buy me that at least candidate who is setting for the exam. They should have the Idalis associate certification or they should have knowledge, which is similar to the ideal solutions, architect associate certification. So let's do one thing. Let's look into the official certification page. So this is the official AWB speech. And if you go down, they have the recommended knowledge and these they recommend a minimum of five years of I.T. security experience. This is, I would say, a beneficial but not a mandatory for this exam. I have seen a lot of candidates who have quite good knowledge and they have cleared the certification, but they do not really have five years of I.T. security experience. Now, one important part here is the exam overview. So, again, this is going to be multiple choice, multiple answer. The length is going to be 170 minutes, as mentioned, and you will have a total of sixty five questions. And the registration fee very similar to the professional certification. It's three hundred USD. Now, if on the right hand side you can download the exam guide, the exam guide looks something similar to what we have over here. Now, if you see earlier, this exam constitutes to be of five domains. You have domain one, two, three, four and five. And if you look into the percentage of examination, the minimum is twelve percent. So each and every domain is extremely important and you cannot skip any one of these. And I'm sure that if you go to the videocast that we have throughout all the five domains, you will be pretty well prepared for this certification exam. So that's about it, about the overview of the certification. I hope this all interview has been useful for you. And if you have any doubts, questions, additions, feel free to contact us at Twitter, Facebook, gallingly or mail as instructors are directly below have started.