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This lesson explores the concept of cloud computing and what AWS' position is in the cloud computing industry. 

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English [Auto] Hello and welcome to this lesson on what is the cloud and AWOS this topic provides definitions and conceptual overview of what the cloud and AWOS are including some of their most common uses. So the concepts covered in this topic will include what is the cloud to find commonly use consumer cloud services. What is AWOS defined and common uses of AWOS. So whenever you're ready. Let's click on next and get started. So first when we're talking about the cloud. Have you ever noticed symbols like these on your mobile device or on your desktop computer. What do they mean maybe you know that they mean the cloud maybe you don't but perhaps you've seen them and always wondered what they are. For most consumers for most individuals it don't work in I.T.. This is probably as familiar with the cloud as they are in terms of how they use or access the cloud so Also maybe you have heard of or use services such as iCloud and Dropbox or perhaps heard phrases like store your files in the cloud because for most of us when we're using services like iCloud or Dropbox that's what we're doing we're storing our files in the cloud. Now cloud based services are very popular and are marketed to us constantly. Most people use them without realizing they are using a cloud service. Again if you're using say something like Dropbox you are using a cloud service and even when you use iCloud even though cloud is in the name you may not be aware that you are using a cloud based service just like AWOS happens to be. And even fewer people understand what exactly the cloud is. So that really lends the question how do we define the cloud. What is the cloud that we keep talking about. Well let's jump to the next page here and take a look. So the simplest way to define the cloud is that it is a computer located somewhere else that you access via the open internet and utilize in some capacity. Now this is a very simplified definition of what the cloud is. But I just want you to grasp this concept. So the cloud is nothing more than a computer just like the one you are watching. This particular lesson on that is located somewhere else that you are accessing across the open internet and utilizing in some capacity that that capacity can be anything it can be for compute power can be for storage as you were using that computer for some specific purpose and that's all the cloud really is. It's just a computer somewhere else that you were utilizing in some capacity. I know that seems really simple but I think people really get confused by the term cloud computing it sounds kind of really complex and it is really complex when you get into the details of how it all works. But to conceptually understand what that cloud is this is really all it is. Now we move onto the next page we can more aptly look at what the cloud is in here. I state more aptly the cloud is comprised of server computers located in large data centers placed all around the world. So here when I was defined in the cloud as basically a computer like the one sitting in front of you although that could technically be true more often than not. Basically all the time the cloud is made up of server computers that are in large data centers placed all around the world that you access. So and again a server computer is just like the computer sitting in front of you. It just serves a different purpose. So instead of a desktop computer there are server computers and I'm sure you may have seen pictures like this before where you see these what they're what are called racks and there are servers in all of these rocks and they make up what are called data centers which are basically just large collectives of server computers that are doing some sort of computer processing some sort of purpose to somebody somewhere. Now when we talk about cloud it just means that there are these data centers with these server computers that you are accessing across the Internet and utilizing in some capacity so when you use a cloud service such as iCloud Dropbox or Amazon Web services you are just utilizing server computers owned and managed by those companies. So that's again all cloud computing really is. There are companies out there that set up these data centers with these server computers these server computers have various features and services on them that you as a consumer access can use in some capacity. That's it. That is what cloud computing is. So that then begs the question what is AWOS So now that we have a simple understanding of what the cloud is. How does AWOS fit into all of this. So AWOS or Amazon Web Services is a cloud services provider also known as infrastructure as a service or I a s. So if AWOS is a cloud services provider what are the services that it provides. Well first and foremost it provides storage or computing power or access in use databases. But wait there's more. Also things like networking analytics developer tools virtualization security. So even though as a consumer you may use Dropbox or iCloud to store your music movies and files. Cloud computing services such as AWOS offer so much more. Right you can set up your own web servers like I have right here you can set up your own networking and security like I have right here. You can set up your own analytics and monitoring which I have set up here you can set up your own virtualization and security which I have here and we're going to get into all of this as we move through this course and we're going to understand all the various different services and featured offered by AWOS as a cloud services provider. So again even though most consumers will just use cloud services as a means of storage. There are so many different ways in which we can utilize cloud computing to do lots of different things. So again just to recap the cloud is nothing more than a computer located somewhere else that you are using in some capacity and Amazon Web Services is a cloud services provider meaning they are providing that computer located somewhere else that you can use in some capacity. So thats a relationship between what the cloud is and what AWOS is in the cloud industry. And with that we will conclude this lesson. Thank you for watching. You may now move on.