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English [Auto] So when you're trying to be in the last class I have a same tools and document for the installation. We could be there when we are using your trial version. So when you install that you will have a Nikon installed on your desktop like that or will you be just double click on that icon. And you see some licens warning messages as the trial was just concocting. I'm for the first time you see this professional add in manager. This has nothing to idence of these patents add ins and nothing back. If you suppose you are working you are going to test a web application then you need to select the babae to order. Suppose you are going to be your basic applications or Windows applications you have to select the Visual Basic it. Suppose you select the add and reachable required for you what testing. So you select the appropriate dad in an icon OK button then you will be launched with all the settings right to that location in that particular Redmond on. There are many more Add-Ins like we have Java and dot net dead and simple add and SAP by adding so many Add into that but all those other license added means you have to pay the amount to the company and buy the license to install those idence ledes these add and three hours of it installed by default when you install too deeply you need not pay any money or you need not buy the license for these ads so if you wanted to test my app on if my application is legit then we dont mind. Again select about it and say OK so my DP will be launch making Get ready to dress up like that but to get everyone coming to the above applications that Bebb applications web applications are nothing back the locations which are run on internet browser and which needs some internet connectivity. Best windows guidance means Ridgeville basic and you have to select. If you come to Windows applications those are nothing but utilities windows. I mean utility applications like you calculator or Dells you are not bad. You will Microsoft Word document. All this comes under Windows application. Similarly application which is having activex controls that is again different than Knology. So right now I'm just detecting visual basic getting. Let us see a sample Windows application post and we'll go with that. Different but different web applications are no different. Best samples. OK for now because as an introduction just let us select the visual basic get in and take on the blog to let the world. If you select to add and set date time they'll be indifferent between those settings. Right on you cannot say it is the application. So select the only the add in which you want. So here we are going to dest Windows application first. So let us select the Visual Basic at entrance and click on the SO YOU DOn't JUST we are using with dispositional Bush and Levan and before opening and going for a sample it does let us have some introduction about the from that initial phase. UDP has got the volitions like 6 close ended used with devotion 6 and so on so it has advanced revisions it came through so many wasn't like 8 8 1 2 9 going to 10 and now we have tickets to 11 previously described be desperate fissionables up rhotic off mystery indirect. Your company Mercury Interactive company I now live in some nine boying do on its 9 9 1 do on was just to do product muzhik liked by the company beat me just let back. Now right now except product of B Company and these are all the motions. Out of all this is the most important ones Arends of the most widely used Russians are nine point to 10 and also a nine nine point do 10. Now it is not optional using Levan. There are some differences between the volitions demolition den and wish and Levan like well done. We have some Ardens I think Bush and Levin. We have a new art in interviews called Silverlake dad in which supports testing gustily the like. But more difference between the Bush and Ben and Bush and Levan in the world of Bush. The results summary document had a different look. But now there isn't somebody document is having a new look or tussle Festuca look into the deal. I know there are differences like previous missions or does the Firefox browser cannot support the Cygne now five Fogle's or eats up it only Dunant explorers back now but the directional school keep 11 days support by itself. Also if you install patches so this is about to be different. It's an operating system System Requirements is it supports XP. Windows XP Vista Windows 2003 so work 2008 and now Windows XP also. I mean Windows 7 or so you've seen started tending Windows 7 having some problems. Mynn some features are not available but we live in those most all but still having some issues like some features are an inviolable ordinance that they don't work robustly. If you install patches that solves the problem to some extent it does seem vital to automation to go for automation or that the drawbacks will Manyata testing. We have already learned the drawbacks are that the drawbacks of manual testing if no manual distinguish you'd also know that drawbacks isn't dick. So the drawbacks are nothing back it's a time consuming more number of employees white or nodes are not decorated in some cases of course that are vendors of manual testing just right we are going for a mission. So to understand this that does see the drawbacks. These are all the drawbacks not accurate and also many of what you need to do regression testing or retesting. Then it becomes much more time consuming. So slow going for doing such distinct types. We choose automation. So the tools are Commission on how do we decide the application should go on commission. The basic things should be considered. How big is the application means if the business ready be effective having so much functionality do this so you will sort our permission and also the second point you go for or go mission or leave a requirements stable stable. All the requirements are feasible once manual testing is done on the application and the requirements are completely freezed. Then you go full automation that is more that is stable than mankind will for permission then by never regression testing is required. Then also you can't use or commission. Testing You can test the functionality part as well as the non functionality pocalypse by using automation. Depending on the application whether it is going full functional testing or nonfunctional. So you go for a commission. There are many automation booths. Right now we can get both functional auto machine. It just be. There are many more functional testing blocks like silk d'Este selenium and so on. Similarly nonfunctional tools like which are performance rendered are not loaded or known Jamie. And so on. So that right angel for the mission. But the most widely used you can say it does a single fact is not nothing to defeat Rick Despereaux fish which isn't having a great demand in the market well with d'Este professionals are having great demand in the market. So seeing all these advantages and why you should call for a fool. After seeing his latest stock right auto made does simple Snapdeal so to do but has launched told us actings already full testing of windows application. Made it look too deep in knowledge. You'll see us stock base like this like some Volcom page. If you don't want to see this page again you get unselect this checkbox. Don't choose the stock based on startup you can select this checkbox so that the next time interval you will be human. See this welcome's. Now let us open. Let us click on new best so that a new test for the main windows QBP opens so before starting or omitting a sampler Sonata. Let us go with the new DP ID. Desmond my ID. It is nothing but integration devlopment and we don't. That means you understand from the end we don't want to repeat and then build stack and try to automate some see Nottingham's so he'll The first one. The blue collar bond which Schultz you don't name your test is nothing but titlebar. That's professional and it's doing. Does that mean that's what it's collect titlebar next run this. Well you see file 80. You insert all these menu options. This is called menubar bar by which you select any month. If you click on any menu option you'll see a gay text on this Mitch as this you in automating your test test scenarios. So this is called Minu but next month you spend save cark copy paste. All these are nothing much Feigel but which will assist you to manage the file. File is nothing but one. Next comes one more tab. This is called a Ricot value cdrecord run all different options will be seeing each and every optioning detail. OK. First of all let us study this idea. So this is all the different options for automating your test is quite automation. We bought which will assist you in automating you up best. So all after seeing this this is nothing but the VEIDT beige main page. Bill what you are seeing is nothing but d'Espagne window. Basically there are seven main parts of security. The first one is called d'Espagne window. This is what you are seeing the byte. This is nothing but d'Espagne window. You write all scripts you use He'll be Biskup pink bebas clipping is required to instruct you. We are using automation tools but how do you use the automation tool for testing in these scenarios. You should instruct to repeat to do that task for you. Now in the manual testing we have seen how exiguous that discusses how does the application manually backheel in automation testing. You will instruct you to do that testing process. So how should you instruct you should instruct in the language which to me understands. So that is nothing but VB scripting language. So in this school's We'll also be learning how to write the scripts manually means you will also be taught how to write scripts in VB scripting. So this is a main window but just click d'Espagne window Bedu write scripts in VB scripting language on in the VI in this main page at the bottom you can see babz which is nothing backed GIBBERD new an expert view see that two Dabbs which is a keyboard you an expert. So first of all let me write to some cycle's lines in MBB scripting so that you can understand Bicknell just I'm picking one variable. I'll tell you what these is very bland I'll just see this with some scripting. So little stake out of that. And then just adding that when be just. And then writing some messagebox function that I want to see the gulf off all my books I'll explain you discord a little bit later for understanding Id just add or some flaws and so forth. So this is the expert view. You see those scripts in the scripting format. There is one more bad that just will debug you get lucky but view the same script will be seen in the formal graphical representation nothing but in the form of Failaka Dibbler column which contains four columns. One is item operation value and then documentation so action contains the objects of the statements or a function call. Here we are writing the function call. So it just shows up statements whatever but we are writing the operation Operation call of Michiel you want operation exacta or vote metod you are meant for me. This message box is nothing but function. So coming to the value equals the values given to that variables and then documentation. He had it. Whatever you do will be shown in the form of just in the formal English statements. That's what is expert view on keyboard. If you'll make any changes in the expert view like a basic where you haven't just sort of debug the same thing just one bit of the next but you sort of keyboard but you will understand dust d'Espagne window better. If you do some sample scenarios before going Netley does have a look at the active screen. The second Bindel the second part of the is nothing but act in screen window. That's good. Unselect this window. So to view any what declared window does go to View menu click on the part that LoBiondo whatever way you want to see D-Conn. active spring. Actis is nothing but if you are writing the script related do some operations on your application then actis screen window should the snapshots of that particular up Nickisch on the next we know we just bored and Bunyan's did that table data at table is nothing back. It's like an Excel sheet bed you against all you what state up the dubbing is not going back the best window on the left hand side you can get the book if you want to see any particular window. Just go to view select deck but love me. So these are the main Windows which is at our best bang window data table active screen window best window and the other one is nothing but to view men you see debugger view will assist you in debugging your script writer debug your script to see the risk to see any index central sovereign areas. You go full debug you open you use all these windows and once we stack the testing process. So next comes missing resources. In this we know if any reason is a statute the desk descript out missing Sapolsky and it does see here. Know this fall using the data that we use some excelsis from the external environment which maybe on a local computer like in a C. Or right. So we'll be getting the data from those X Files and we'll be using a number of tests. Suppose if some this does make sense she is missing which are associated with this test then duck information will be shown in this missing resources. Rindu the other bindu is information pain information. When this was sure if your test has any syntax errors to understand the idea but don't let those Gool Florida Sam page that you're not disposed to. New best new Decimus a new best will be. But just I'm not saving this just close this one so this is again unyoked this. Suppose you make any changes that will be shown here by an asterix but means what test is not saved is small stops and it will be shown. If you want to save that then just save it. Click on Save that it will last some files some file name just get the file name so you can see the file name along with the plot here in that title box C program files which became desperate fish. Yes and I'm saving the best for the last 15. So we chose a name and on the part of the. So this is Teitelbaum. OK now let us auto dust simple Cimatron all going noggin to natural in von bingos application see the stock manual and go to all programs. Speak with d'Este pro.. Sample applications. You'll see that slight window here just select that when you see a small pop up we know Michas a log in window described as a vision window is the one which is installed by the floor. If you install the DP This will be used to just to see all the features of good for learning purpose. We can use this application. So for Windows and we aren't meant to just use this and Corvo web applications so now I need to automate my logon to natural to this as mission. So to automate the sample CNID all you have to click on Precourt you see record button is that RMZ you can just click click free or else go to automation menu that you see declared button. Just click on it first click on District Court button again button more window comes up showing the card and run settings means a record and run this on any Bindel based application. Or else that isn't an option. Riccarton run Le'Veon on I tell you what this second option means in the second. In the next session that does select the first option on the record. OK now if you seek UDP and durg more. And at the bottom you Kenzi some red glow blinking showing that recording's so QBP it does record more. Now it does do over. Best scenario. Where does this log in to now. And does the agent name. Where does the agent name here in this sample application agent name be any name. Does or more so it does Dhume some agent name mass access. It could be any name for Katic dozen or more and password. Coming to the password password should be only met Judy m e. I see you are right. I then click on OK button you feel so whatever. I am doing one that of line or is getting generated means for every action I'm doing on the application is just working on the big line. So for now I'm just clicking on this close. But that means logging out of that is just close. That is I've now just hit this stop button. Or you can hit. For so stop recording melk and get that non-Moslem or. This is my first group generated. This is also generated by recording. We have also many options how to generate the script in the coming sessions. We'll be seeing how to generate this manually without going slow. You should write the script manually. Also that is one meant by adding objects of that important key but more about that ease without using deposit. Anyhow we'll be seeing all of this. First of all now let us say this is the script generated before understanding the script that does exist your descriptive Desmond makes a good thing you have recorded whatever all you have done on application is cut modelling some VB scripting lines so forth for every action you have that may just have generated. So if you want to do the same thing that you are you gain you need not know the values manually and you're not digging. You just click on or run back on. Can you see a run button right. Just click on this run. So it does run more Kenzi had the board come running. I'm exiguous by you. I'm not doing. I've known can bring any values. It got to exit your deck by 10. So that is what this automation. So the concept behind this automation is not going back record and playback. You just recorded that Despereaux and just play back like a tape recorder. The best example is tape recorder. Suppose you say you want to record you jaded ROIs or any good song that you like. You just click on record so the song will be recorded. So then if you want to hear the song so you just play back the song. So the same concept that's gone behind this automation back there on many of those who automate also instruction recording will drive the script manually on all. So you get laid back OK now save that test now that test is saved. Now let us try to understand this. Lionel sport supples go to this first line. You see here you see something like dialogue going all get Minetti on. What does this guy know is this we need to eat right. What does the set you don't understand. And he put the leadline off or go to View menu click on active screen. You see the what that snapshot related to that particular line of course means it's highlighting how you are doing well that means anything you access supples you don't understand the second line so forth. Just click on the second line and you see the snapshot of the left but the color line will see entering the password. And of course you don't understand what does this mean dialogue should all you know. But then again if you don't understand this just highlight this ongoing practice thing that that last of application will be shown here. That is a USALS active screen reader. And if you go to the best flow been issuing the execution flow here right now we are having only one action you know what the see here is the actions action we have. If you Housel many actions and you don't know which action is getting executed this test Florindo will show your action is getting executed flows because it could show the execution. And nothing like running the district. Next one is able to see that data. So here now this script we are using some values new access and some value. Right. So if you want to use that from some make Chelsea already you want to store that data and you update that day but you just put your data here on News that you notice Nancy all this concepts in the next sessions but just had to have an ID. Let's go to different windows and other one is information being supples Gerardine she backs it up if you want to check whether it needs to index have our site that's index it means some areas and you of course go triple checked index. See here. The index is valid means that no sin taxes. Suppose it does. Right. It does do some changes here just bring in some get here now go loose checks index expected and also make items dystrophin means it's also showing you name action name on line one that there is some mistake. Again put doxing But again go through whose checks index. Again this index this valley. So this is how we'll be using the different windows at the appropriate timings when required. Now let us try to understand how VB script. Where does this first line of code means dialogue Wolf noggin. Doc we needed all agent named Doc set. What does this dialog What does this you know what is the network these Asian names. All right let us see the Scioli if the Levys could think Lionel or Bill contain three pots. The first part is nothing but hierarchy. The second box there's nothing back met it at all. But some on object darling is not going back the value. If you take this line for Michie's dialogue was no gain. Got to be an idiot. Quotations are Ben and then you have some agent named Doc said. And then the value you have given from agent Nick. So this is the first line of let us try to analyze and understand this line well as I do on each line. If you could contains three parts one is hierarchy Materne and undealt this spot Diskworld hierarchy and this is nothing but metod are all patients and this is the man Beitrag right. The hierarchy advertizement by hierarchy hierarchy is nothing but betting shaded relationship of the objects a good workout objects any element in the application is nothing but object any element. It could be the boss agent name is nothing but the edible nightmare values and does some mean book next Rennie's up password that is a 180 votes a button. OK button. Next one is a cancel button held button all the objects. These are all called objects all the objects of all the elements in that application are called objects some elements in the application. These are nothing like objects. I'm sure every object class that is looking for every object there is run object class like to take a very simple example. Suppose you take the dog right. It belongs to the class additaments means each and every thing whether it is a living being or the only living thing in our life. You never die the life each object that it is every day whether it is a living thing or not living thing is categorizing door different classes like animals birds insects and so on. And similarly if you see any pattern you see that it did belong to the class. But similarly applying the same analogy for the objects each and every element which is nothing would object. The application is classifying two different object class like your dog to read books all the eddied books. This application belongs to the class of recategorize the class being it from windows. And we don't mind we are right now talking about Windows and more on that then we'll go for. I've been doing that. OK so all the objects you see no replication are categorized into some standard object class. So all the books in the application belongs to the class big edit on all the buttons. Like OK hell cancel. So all the buttons are categorized into one class which is one big button seemingly pop. Bingo. You know again Bindo is nothing but a pop up thing to pop up man. Just a small Bingo like some advertisement is a small window. It's not the main window in a big window. So that pop up window belongs to the class dialog. The class name itself is dialog. It's some dialog box. So by writing the syntax or like VB scripting the syntax for writing this hierarchy's parent object class means class of the parent object bracket all quotations open the name of the object that dialog box name is nothing left logging. So the log in and what is the object on which you need to perform but it does nothing with the engine name. So the net is it's the object class again. That's index's object class. Big game that gets print mortician's open name of the particular object or object. Are using your agent name so that is how you reach that particular object. Suppose I want to do operation on password. So I should write the hierarchy for the password field to reach that particular object. You should try to hide that so often the object you can use metadata operation. It is nothing like the operation or function you are going to perform on that particular object. So you reach the object you need hierarchy hierarchy you know the particular object to do some operation on the object you need Metford or operations. Next to assign some value or to set some value you need about you. Right. So you reach an object first of all I want to reach the age Agent name. Right. The complete tired of people at that age the Asian name is that while popping do so pop up you is the fading object. Then comes the Asian name. Suppose I want to reach. Password. So right. The hierarchy for this password the parent object is nothing back. Again the window next password so often reaching the object would deadlock on all this bading change. Well separated by a symbol called Dark or PDA which is having a special meaning it be descriptive. It's up but it's up bit and unchanged objects are nodes. Once you reach that complete your hierarchy again doc that todo the operation for the needed books again methods are all but methods are different. But are needed books. The metod sect metor suppose a pop up. I suppose it's a drop down box dobbed don't need some list books. If you select that you'll see or don't. So if he does have dropped down then the method up list select because you are not setting the value that already the values that you are just selecting the value that as an end needed books but in need books the applicable is set like you can not get select. You cannot use the Select method on any good books. Similarly you cannot use a segment on that dropdown those that is the difference. These methods are nothing but if supples you have a class. Benj writes so the middle east. Ben writes. And if you have a washing machine. This is another object. This is one object. This is one object. So the Metulla all petition is writing here for washing machine the moderate opposition is Nosheen. So you cannot apply the right methode on this will ashing mission orders you cannot apply washing method on the Ben only Ben given how DM at the right and moshing mission can have them a third boss. Ben cannot quash our washing machine cannot write similarly and edit baulks cannot use the metho to select that as a drop down box. Cannot use the metar to set the metod up. Kickable are needed. Just sick means you wind somebody. And the metod applicable in the girl. Don't just select Tim let live. You have a button or good button the metod up. Just click. You cannot use a select on a segment on the button. The startup clickable is only click like a washing machine. Get not right. Similarly a click method can be applied on the OK button. Give Britain cannot take that all patient. So now go back to the script again. So this is how we have it and this is the object class. Let me put this in here object class bearing then brackets open quotations open then the particular object name. Then making quotations brackets close doc page appearing to a change will be divided into two separated by dots. So doctor again the object class object glass of that shade. Next. Again Francis will point that I've said nothing but breakfast again. What then the name of the changed object. Again quotations open brackets close dark so desist hierarchy's completed. So this spot is called the hierarchy by which you reach the object. I want to reach the agent named soi of the hierarchy of the agent name. I wanted to reach the password. I want to use a more petitioned the password so I can write the hierarchy for the password. Then after writing the hierarchy Poch means that reach back. How do you reach the object. So I have each changed object or object in which I one can do the operation. Now I use the method applicable on that particular object. Here the object is added bolts so the metod up Nicopolis secte matter as ignoring you got automatic washing machine will need the McTernan boss. Similarly eddied books can have no mkdir say so set the value then value in quotations whatever value you wanted to see me again. Next line of code. I want to read step past what so right this line will support. I'm set. Secure is under the stimulus Mettler bit. It is applicable for the password. The password really not be shown but build machines on enough and get my next. Again the final score by low getting docked when Button knows. OK Dr click means but that is up for this meant that there is no value because there is no way that you would take for clicking on the button. So the only method that will be nobody is applicable. You can do that. Next comes that object because flight is a mission. God knows it's nothing but after all when you see one more window. This is nothing but you all flight this of Ishan Mindel. So just click on this clueless that does nothing back dislikable forth. This is the main window I belongs to the glass window. So class of object idea. That is why it is required because I want to build the operation on an object itself so I don't want or I need not take any changed objects but that particular object. So to reach the object you need to write the highest. So let us do one more example in that environment. So just close this save it before closing. Now again launch Open. Double click on it. You can continue select does that add an answer like that. Isn't this exciting getting on here again does one check box which is shown on startup. If you select this everytime you open do you Kensi this. I did manage to so that you didn't select that ADD and then if you want to know all you want. If you don't want. If you're supposed to like this add in. So for the next time you open your copy you will not do this. I did manage your window means that location will be launch the add in which you have selected in that previous. So I'm selecting Schwantz start up so that I can change my idence if required. So select OK now you'd be built on just all the settings. Write an application in that Bob and me on me. Now open a new best and direct Explora like does Gordo or does go to the G-mail application as opposed to what but it's important. So this is the email application I'm just going to create an account. So let us try to create an account let us strike the record. Creating an account. So first of all corpore record. You can data entry or go to auto mission men'll I'm on record button. Just click on record again two options. You how to Dabbs you're right on that because we have added. I don't know Sorgi got on drug test on emule and of Arden's opened the following address magnetic corridor runs ish and begins just selecting that first option record and run this on a neat open browser. OK now could it be a dirty card. More now. Just use some first name for creating a gmail account. Does it do some name like QBP listing of the last name means. Online Draney choose your name. Choose some name QBP testing next and do some possible ordeal again that is a bargain console army and the textbooks consomme your passport does come from the past. Just I'm recording did he not stop recording right. So here you Pewsey just save the best 16. See now is save. It does go back exiguous descript again exuding means that we have recorded. So you might want to do the same dusting again and again I need nor do myself. That is what is going to auto mission. I just pick and run it will be zigging detest process really be done by just three right. It has a good dactyl the Padmore have done it to be distinct online grading does just. It was after consomme you will prosper. Dust full strike and unless this 8:56 of if you see Heale previously we house and different objects object class are now again different. Object class. See here. The new Object class we are seeing is Lao-Tzu a Devaney's page. Other weeniest bed bady. These are the three different objects we have seen different object class. If you see here the fullest main page this one is nothing but the browser. So first of all I want to write I want to reach this object with just a name. So to reach this object you should try the hierarchy. Been declared Optix means first object is nothing left. First name is and did. This is the first name. So to reach that object tried to hide it if you reach that object hierarchies not the browser. Then based on that debiting do you how do you know the hierarchy. I will tell you in the next actions it does not understand the objects and object classes and different methods. I up a sole. This is the hierarchy and following the same syntax. Object class or DUP baiting here the hierarchy's of three levels. Previously we have all needed by Logo slogan Don't been a doc segment that only two objects but here we are having two objects means it's a three level had an object of the object class and the padding then name that Pentagon object were patients close brackets close. Doc first changed object. He had that not change this but it first changed object class then the name then second shade and then Doc particular object main doc. The metod applicable he does everybody eddied bullets in a mirror ornament belongs to the class bear. DUMAINE Allstream complete frame is nothing but a browser and there is one more object to just that. This does the page object on this is that browser object the complete thing is a browser on this part is that page object different can produce different objects in that Lukasz so their buddy last name again. Yes it's a short segment. I'm sort of past what we have us to admit that and we see the password enough and get it so matter. So the same syntax this is the same syntax you should follow by letting that be disconcerting. Plus as I told you it contains three parts. This is one part of the moderate opposition is the second bottle read the B line and the third box is nothing but w value if applicable. So back then that would be all values. So this is the basic struct general fiar be descriptive. So right or right the hierarchy who reached object you should write that you should have some opposition on the books. So to reach that object right the hierarchy that particular object did you reach back to that object and then the operation or a method or a function of if you want to do on that particular object of course applicable methods like you. Like I said append cannot be the wash mkdir METAR is not doing the operation on some function doing on that Coklat object. Similar yes. Append cannot take action on a washing machine because right action same thing applicable methadose should be done. If this hierarchy you reach and then the methods you should use is clear that you cannot use a set or Silex or red button. Right. And then that does that. Analysis is the basic VB scripting and we have automated us some scenario of just creating the Nichkhun of government have done for four more years because there are different types of things we should just continue. We just common or vitch you don't want to execute if you come in means does that just does statements by which you can understand that they will not be executed. So again good credit card metod and just continue the same thing next. But today select some day have nobody day doe that day. Some If you go and see here again that different line quotes were generated and to the values drop down comes on though the object class list because your book is the job done. Job done comes under the object class Babylift and the list takes them at that select because you are not setting Septmonts you into somebody you are not getting the value you are just selecting the value which is already that so you select actually everybody. So the value is shown here that again the segment. But similarly for both. Again those are indeed both. So again everybody segment. Again gender is a list. I mean drubbed don't. So again it belongs to the class liberalist and Daut select the value again. So this is the basic flaw mackerels you will be descript. So after seeing this card on run let us see different recording modes. It does close does now it does open Dupee again in Windows and when aren't men select the visual basic get in and say OK now you depend on just because it takes a wider Desta of Indos application. Again opening this can you just it is now what we have done that type of recording is not recording more are going to do recording more generally more sleep be going we'll be using this recording more on the other two more. So will be jerkwater analog recording more and more live in recording more. Where does the differences between these three more first one normally recording more which we have already seen is not going back. You'd have to do some operation on standard objects like buttons where body eddied boxes holding images. All this comes under the normal recording more. And that does do one more simple scenario of recording using normal recording more on the fringes of Ishan window. Just click on first opened up location keep the application Baystate basic means initial state no record sale gay and the agent name Agent name can be any name password should be met Judy. And then he's done OK. Just a mental open in order. You see some small window open Arta and disrupt life as a vision Renu by default has some ticket numbers up ten or so you get an open duct but deflowered are to putting an order opening at 8:00 to get you get select any site you can search by customer name or its flight date or an order number. I'm selecting the but it does some order number 7 and say OK now that it did order did wash on you here John Jane Doe the name of that particular customer is Jane do. And that ticket number is 9. So I get to get a book by him. Book 9 number or the number is 7. Just stop recording. I mean up close. No Gorkhaland not and then stop recording previously we have seen this third line and then the McKeel we have done some more. We have watched them in debt some will see natty you feel defeated again. Again the open orda can be penc by itself ornamenting the scenario. We're putting some order by selecting the order number. So this is what we are doing is nothing but that normal recording mode or Carnifex since recording more SD a different type whilst recording moments before Duggal it does exist. Descript same thing was done. Means you are just recording and just asking to depict the same thing again. How we are instructing not asking you to do the same thing but the help of this script generated does but then you just and not only do these recordings in general we'll be having some recordings like some paintings or some drag events. All this things. So if you want to record such events like most events you girls with other recording more just for non-monitored according more. This is not much used in that whole time. Now to use this in not be used but just look at different features. A few people should know this types of recording that does go with the man in the drawing can be recorded. And if you see the chord everything will be recorded in the form most tracks. It does seem very simple one just opened some paint window paint and draw some drawing like this if you want and you've squandered the card operation that drawing you can go with this and that recording. Let us see how the deck opened opening you guessed I mean you know this is a new wrinkle. Now first do when done any analog recording mono level recording much less you should go for a normal recording. So on droid Krog. Here you see again D-CT on run settings. Select the first option and say OK now you do be in dirges recording. Once you do be a dirty recording mode you can just select analog recording. You'll see a small mouse like on right. These will be highly dead on live once you handed them normal recording. So select that one again you see a small dialog box like that with the two options recorded link to the screen and record Graylock for the following window. What is the difference between the two options you feel. Select record to the electorate of the screen what you do on your desktop on a screen with the mouse. Suppose you draw some drawings like this. Even Duckman record it. If I drop my mouse like this that will be required it means my people are recording it girls or even across multiple screens get recorded. Suppose you wanted to record only specific do some window you can select does it in my head I want to discard my drawings only this paint window. Sure will I just select the second option to look up the following window and the Hang point here the button will be highlighted. Click on just had taken on you a most tender point. Select that particular window so you see the window titles and white paint. Now click on. Then a longer record means whatever operations you do on this. We normally only mid-court it. If you do some operations on your desktop the number of those that aren't built according to you is this second option. Now see stock the log record and do some drawing and stop recording. Write a line of support is generated in the almost Dracs window pane to door to run an analog pack. You just totally different from the one which we have seen at previously the object hierarchy. Some said methodes and so on. If you use a normal recording want to record operations like destroying them they can all be recorded. So you will end the log recording mode. If you want to record events such as like this. So again opening new guessed I mean but your paint now and drop the same drawing same action. If the this will not be recorded correctly future use normal recording. You can try doing that just select a normal recording more and try to record the drawing something like this. Then it will look fine so the piece about non-magnetic or analog recording. It does see other examples for this in the fly to salvation window itself. We have one signature operation first file manager opened the order open order by some number and go to find facts the Arta here do you see some signature. Right. So in November pincushions or any applications if you have something like signatures but we don't we readily find it. So if you have any operations even bacon Kordek so we'll it does go to court again being dirty garding more window than on an analog recording more again. Gone up had joined dush. So like the part that led window and it will gone and do some signature here stop recording again. That particular event was recorded. Bindel again hierarchy's got to run analog on that track. It does exiguous same thing before. And the fact sort of you know Ron the same operation get it beat it. So if there are any e-signature events like this even you can use this analog recording more next defriended recording. Doggo body is nothing but low level recording. Low level recording mode is nothing back you'll be automatically dumped into low level recording more. If it does not identify or does not do the code as the end don't suppose as I told you we have and Visual Basic Act 2 x 3 Add ins are the default add ins and we have to buy the license if we want the use of that I'd like the job. Doc my dad and see bilat and SAP biting are dead. The me and so on so suppose I don't have your sap writing supples but if I want to test my sap application here. You can or cannot go as objects are good Dipika not categorized objects or object classes as you see here in books. In the end we don't mind belongs to the class Bebb already on the same eddied books. If prison did no windows and we don't meant it belongs to the class Reinette it means the object class name of the object classes differ from adornment and on that suppose you don't have the sap padding but you are trying to pass the application which is left in the SAP SAP application so to depict get not categorize or cannot identify the objects properly then in such cases depending on go metrically converting to low level recording more on the low level recording more. You have only two types of object classis money's window and the other one is an object. That's not the class only two object classes one is window and the other one is when object that's all yield the normal recording molts if we record using low level recording mortar I invite you you are up trying to play back or write a date that might not be book read like a see you opened the application up was doing to the court Bangura application is placed here. And if during runtime means you exiguous to play back the position of the application is changed like this. Then also you could then know you went at it or else in the application here. The first field is age a name and the second one is password. If the position of the applications changes within the application then all of the scripts which are recorded in the low level recording more faith means they will regard to up position of the objects. Try doing it so that now in Dode the agent named brasswork. OK so the iPhone got going didn't live and recording just stopped recording. Brendan you dis So I've in getting that normal recording more here do you have another option. Low level recording. Just click on it. Now you've been doing low level recording now and did not use. If you here all the objects not only off to object glasses or Bindo I'd be an object that's all. No. No. Minetti No but done nothing unique to object rotate what the object is it will be that belongs to a window object class or let's be an object that's all. I notice if you see here the card in it's all the objects that recorded 11:8 extraordinary done by card means position of the objects were recorded. That's right in the position of the objects changes then descript face the same script cannot be executed on the application and the position changes that as the fuel goes from normal recording mode even though the position changes means if the agent is moved to second or something means just that design changes just if the design change. Then you can use the same script you in a testing process you generate descriptive once you use the same many number of times that the only advantage for commission or as with some mortifications of the script you use the Seems to be dead. But if you go for low level recording mode because it is recording the position of the objects you some changes at any point again it can or I articulateness the object. So that is a drawback. And that's about low level recording more. You can try doing in different recording modes different combinations with the different recording modes and that is about different recording modes and how you want to omit the simpleton that deals in the next session. First real outright analyze what is happening. It doesn't leave Benue right or any card off cause we have taken on records is generated OK. Next you are clicking on done. Everything is repeating again. What how would this happening. What is actually happening in the background. Hope you'll be able to identify the objects. So just study the object identification process which is very important on beaches. The main concept you should understand to work on your tip be hope you deep inside info and object. This is the main thing which you should understand to work efficiently on the next one. Also study smart object identification. Then after studying these concepts we do examples on different applications. Identify the objects all to see object repositories and different operations on it. And then trying to read the script manually from the next class.