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English [Auto] This is your quality Sindo main page here you can see qualities and does site administrator at in-space read me. So if you click this what it is and you will be I would get it to look right at the center or the place where you can do everything religion in what the student Gross's like like you are have requirements more. You'll best plan module best lab module defect module. Right. And then the site admin should is the one where you create but it all gets you up. What it does and do let me open this. And before that this while it isn't done is a browser based application means it runs with that browser. And it does go to this. I didn't instruct this is bad. You create you are users and possible it's like. Once you log into your application let us create our username. I'm just giving my name and it does. I have already the access. So let me know again. I'm having admin privileges so I can create any number of users ordnance I can create. Mine also like you see when you log into qualities and you'll be given your username and password which you will be given by you a client or a project. And then you need to select your domain. Right. Depending on your application on us you are working that no domain defense likely to be a dead man or as a banking domain or engines don't mind. Next comes up. Project Name whatever project it is see here. I can create a project to create a project like create an empty project write say next project name project name could be anything let us say we are having a flight. Let us say that my project name Friday. I don't mind because we aren't having any domains. You can see it that no minds here. Then next night it connects to the database because you need to store all the data. Right here we are not having a database connections back. See here are the ones you connect to the database. Then you can see all the users means whatever users you want to add to that project. Of course this will be done by the admin she does does a QC admin she doesn't get that they're creating users ondel. Suppose I want to use I won't do myself to be a project admin straight though so I can just select it and say and just add this use or else I even I can add some money. You see some users next. So those will be added to the project. I'd say activate project then the project will be created say create so project create a project if you create successfully like let it this way you can create any project that you can. Science uses for that particular project. So that is about decided in answer to just a brief idea and I feel you are not going to do this you know whenever you are or you want to use Q.C. you'll be creating you will be given a username and password. Who is looking at the site admin sure to use the Devil create. They use us all so long ago. Now again go to the main page of the Q.C.. This is where you are. Do you want a love that uses nothing back. The IP address IP address all your machine very easy install call and port number which is a drake moment for all the system slash you see. So this is your main page. Now go to click on this quality center using data for log in. Let me recheck this. This is a main qualities and still this is a user username and password. And say authenticate Munjal authenticate once authentication POS. Then you can see all the applicable domains here. I have not created any moments in the project in you initial booking you'll be seeing the domains in which you to look at that. Suppose you are looking at a banking bill. So you can see that banking here three days. So you'll see that particular domain are also the project into which you are associated type. He or I have graded F or is a project of my project. I have one I have is if one of these and demo projects like some f audio portion and log in. So this is just a stock page. See here. After you log into quite a decent dolt you see your requirements more. Your best plan module test lab module defects lab defects module. These are the different modules on which we've been concentrating now. We need to concentrate on requirements more discipline more slab more and defects more. You'll see why that isn't done. Is not only a defect reporting tool but it is also called as a defect management tool it means everything related to testing can be done in the quality and do including writing that script that I predict the requirements forbidding the requirements. Writing that this is us exhibiting that discuses right under-reporting the defect means the complete testing lifecycle can be executed in the single Bindu. It's not only used for just reporting the effects means it's not only used by testers but a user by because it's used to create requirements means it is used by business unless it's used by as stuff it's used about the small business it is used by administrate DOS. Even Double-A plus uses because the effects of reported means to see the defects. Perhaps use the Scusi So it is used by different. That means all people in the same project let us see how we can be like. That's why it's called as a one stop shop for all testing process. Let us see opcodes we are not going to work with that excitement's more and more generally business analyst will be working here. But just let us take a look at it. OK click on this so you'll be having requirements more because we opened with the new project which is FDA. It was the project so there was not the soul. I'll show you just a brief introduction of how to get better requirements. I mean how to create the requirements here. OK this will be done by the business analyst. Just find an idea let us have a look. Just requirements for OK select this and create a new Florida. The folder name could be one project name or else you can create a project that you put that lesson out yourself because you have to log in Exidy something like that. First of all I'm creating just the project name so that it will be organized way. It's not any other way that you should create default then only the requirements right just to keep the bulk in an organized way. I'm just doing this create for the first so this is my project for it. So we didn't just project forward. I create my requirements requirement right. Why domain name you. Can you help out if the log in. Then you say that you will be seen anew requirement of the requirement details. Name a formula. I don't name didactic of state. It have run or not run means that that requirement is completed or covered or not covered. Botched means after testing. You'll be changing this status like that I don't read could be Norne then DePrince does like a priority of the requirement. I mean how important is that requirement. Ok everything will be done by the business that Lisieux product means regarding the project that gets like it and is ritualism of the project is this and again detailed description of the requirement means a logging should be a successful should be success if they are using DOS badly the username and password. And let us say that they use a name or Agent name right. Should be for Actos or more something like that a detailed description of the requirement. I'd say submit like you see here our requirement was created with the data go straight to Sassenach right. Similarly you can create any number of requirements within this go to requirements so that decided this next requirement then will again create that requirement here. Let us say you open it and say OK Mike you know you can use your order. But our audit dictates orders should be all pay on indebting the value or the number means give the order number it will open. If there is an order then boby the you are trying to open and then it's in rally order. I'm still that way. And here again that she does run on or on right on if you want detachedly snapshot regarding that explained Grodner you can do that here right so submit and that requirement was created. Right. Suppose if you house some of sub requirements within that log in let's say log in for different uses means different taxes limits you can create some requirements. See here means a Celek Redmond's for this requirement. So select this requirement go to requirements and requirement. Again it doesn't protect say he'll normally use that organ. OK. And say OK and he'll let us do some description like logging should be successful. Normally use the user name Shiekh doesn't normally use us as having Fyke at us for long. Is it CEO you can see a requirement created. So this is the way how requirements pre-book and that requirements more. And if you want you can make many pages on this up the selected few wanted or deleted you can't cut it or leave if you want to make another copy of the requirement copy right or delete or a team name that requirement like whatever you want you can supples even you want to send that equipment strictly by email. You can see here send by email and select this send by email right could be asking for 1 cc address or subject under Partlet requirement that have been made. You need not tried anything. So these are all the things which you can use with that you see. Suppose I want to delete it or you can delete it from Herodes delete it. Quack. Quack. Delete it right. So this is about debt requirements. And here you can go to View. And here we get in the requirements street names the view was requirements sheet. You can go or W also requirements. Requirements. Greed means everything to be shown in this table are all of that. And he had not seen any relationship between that equipment's means what is a better and more means what does a parent squadron's what is a subject oddments you cannot see that. Suppose you want to see some better relationship between the requirements. Again go to Dick oddments you have one more option here. There are many options just like how you work with Microsoft Word and all have you. These are the things. Have you organized the things you see yourself to call them selected. See these are all the available columns means you'll see you are seeing all these columns. Name that governs you does he quite at ease you. Creation time creation date. It depends what other columns you write but a project that depends on the products you. If you don't want to see all these columns see these are all the visible columns right now right. Suppose if you don't want to see that old obsolete some other columns which are not related to this verdict. Just select Dick and Dick. It will be going to the available columns and say OK that particular This means you get to decide which columns you want to see new work page which you want which columns you want only require columns you can view. Similarly go to the requirements. Again. Right you are seeing a game that different columns you can organize your selected columns. You are seeing all the columns visible columns every column is that if you want. If you don't want all these columns you can just set a date and when we did that the site right now you'll be seeing only the right columns of selected columns which is tune's. Suppose if you wanted to hear if you want to see only the columns created by you or only the columns of creator on a particular date you can use this section that select the site. Here you can choose on which condition you want to see the things. Suppose you are using something like creation time or a creation date field condition and the condition that I want to see only that things create tickertape and type creation date was great set so only that the requirements are graded on the particular date and be visible. If you want to see only the requirements created by you. Even you can set the order garnish his order and set the order right. AUDIENCE. I want to create some model used I want to see if there are requirements created by audio business set list or whatever. I might select the person and say OK right. There was no requirement because there was no requirements granted by Dec. All that any night. If you don't want the go clear the field. Right again you'll be seeing all the requirements of the again if you want to go to the review just to review and also if you want to see the particular requirements. Select the requirements on Gork of you and say requirement needed that particular requirement. The dates will be shown here so of the different things which you can do with you and your requirements more like creating the requirements write requirements deleting requirements or requirements. All these things can be done in this more and coming to this favorite's you can create your own favorites Minch which requirements you want to see. You just do some name. My requirement to favorite on say OK options private or public private means only you will be seeing those you feel make it doesn't public. Whoever uses the Q.C. within the same project done within the same domain everyone can view your favorites. Still see OK then your favorites will be created. This is my favorite equipment. I haven't added anything in net. The requirements to look favorites are good as the favorites and see others the mighty wide range. You can add them up but you can delete your favorite song again. Adding I'm just deleting this and again go to the requirement. Right you are back again. Know Like does this plan more this is your plan more Doonbeg your create your discuses you design your work discuses now see here. It does organize it. Let us first create a folder or let us do the project name if you write a project was created. Now within this project let us create the best cases go to this new best new Desmond's it's nothing what Fiscus you get create you a test gives them manual or automated. See here if you want to create you does a manual you can write. Otherwise Rick does. You can write your test test this and I did it the other. All of the products which can be used like have been discussed if you want to create. You can do that or if you want to create an order not you have a lot to discuss. Right. Right. Novelist I'm going to create manual essays on the manual. Then you see desk name this name means do some see that your name if you log in there and say OK now you can see all the details for this. This is like a DDNS design steps. Greatest barometer goes on all the things. See here. The device will show you that name makes the design of means work creating that this is next some days. Right. And then creation date and again the state this means which on which you say does the part does this test case is that it is design or boarded or ready whatever it is. We did still in the design this design. Now go to the other fab design steps go to this design steps here you see some day we'll call them showing step name description expected result. Similar to what this guest sheet. So he'll create your best guesses. Select this new step right. It will be shown your design step. That means here you can drive your door step one right. What is your first step. Well the flight is a an application that is a description or else I'd describe it much more clearly. Go to the location and open if you like. What are you expecting when you do that. Client is a vision application should be open. I expect that is the same as you are doing that is a manual discuses. OK. Now you create your front desk. Next run after this walk you own step two so. Click here. Again you step right step right here. What is the next thing. In the badly the engine name or use a name and password. So what is expected is that because you are entering that name and password logging off a fiery should be success. OK. And click on the button. I can discuss results next. Third step after entering that a small correction log in that affidavit to be successful only after clicking on ok but still banded the is a name and password because that rallied the agent name and password should be accepted. Next one next step. Click on Don oh gave back next what you're expecting. Then once you click on will give back done no good should be success. And say OK next after logon to access what you want. I'm just shaking slogans that you just go so close. Like is ovation sort of here. It's a description so fly as a vision should be open. Light has a vision window should be open. Light is ovation when dog should be banned and close the application. So play it as a vision window. Should be lost and uses should build all that you mean. Knock out. OK. So these are different steps. Just want to heal. The steps are not order you just you can just select it and Dragon. So does what you got to clean up right now you have created the manual discuses. Now let us create one more this case go to dot this and say this this time let us create the quick test ask right who gives it's nothing but you'd be executing that using doing various manual testing you'll be getting that done manually without using the tool. That's all. So test name here let us say that this name is open order off FRB and say OK see here on your desk is miscreated. And if you observe here this is a manual desk is on this automake and see here that was shown just to build something. But here you are seeing up your BPC but right OK now you need to open our data you need to again log in or an order log out. So for all you know already that this gives us what that logging on over so you can just import those into this open order isn't it. So just how did that just select those and say Copy copy steps now go open this and pasted that just done similarly. Second step. Well be it open distance based you Similarily the copy and based here. Copy this and basic So again organize this correctly just select it and Dagget right. So you have created here backheel you need to create some more best guesses regarding open order. Right. This is a full log in and this is Flook notebook means just closing up the keys so create that disk gives one more disk is just add to this. So here what is the best step to find the old shell like or pen and select the order number as a search right agean to open a particular Florida. Ben on Narda and after this and the order but so order number and dad should be. Might say OK now you have a new script created just as this should be the last one. I just did then number the step flight nogo and this should be done step for right. So you can't even describe it more deeply and create some more interesting test in that single step. Ok so I have also created that steps. Now after designing has done great design steps is done now. This is because this is FDA. Does this have legs or does manually but because its a manual so it is automatic stays. I need to generate Biskup for this because I need to get to the peak. So just go to that descript that descript see here. You can see welke window here. Right please right. Why that test is already here. Key word you and expert right back here that is not just our desk as a comic Glos up here right back to exiguous that this is this is not enough so you need to double up the script does good. You should open that you can open the view from here. Its a launch desk and by clicking this button. Before that you need to connect. You argue DP But you see how to connect UDP with your using does go to. And to be say OK here you need to connect the Q-tip with Q.C. nothing. You see Diggnation with UDP. So Gorga tools plus to fall Heale options here you have an option. Go to Tools Options and run that on here you can see a lot though which brought extra rottener best utterer run best on components. This should be checked means it will allow our products to run tests on components and it will help use it to run tests incompetence I suppose if you unselect This means it will not be Bartok's means that you're not a lock. You see if you can talk with you deeply. So first select this option check this one ALOA products to run tests on components and say like. OK. Now it will allow other confidence and also you need to make the connection go to Filemon all right to see connection right here you'll be asking for the answer where you are it means so bad seasons got like the idea of does the machine make you install the port most last you see bin and say connect like qualities and connection here. Here again it will be asking for user name and password. Here should do your username and password which you are doing enough for Logansville Q.C. So it does the same password. And say authenticate right you see again the same project and all. So here we are right now. If you plan on say in Rexall connection is estopped this you can just close this. So now Busey's connected with the DP see here at the bottom you can see us symbol right and it shows you want all of the Q.C. that means you see you can ridicule S.A.G. showing up project name to zone here. See Spot that that you are in and also for the brackets right. So it disconnected. Now you can just close this window close to too deeply. Now you can run the script. See this is the script just we are having no script so we need to generate the script. So he'll click this icon. Now your DP is connected with the U.S. Now if you select those if you click this button you should launch. So launch disproportionality here. Please wait while this is coming up. Means you can do everything from Q.C. without GoodData they're going to look UDP you can even book with it if you want to start in your missional mean some very good reasons for an event you can accommodate. UDP unstacked working here. Means even the non-technical person can also use this to launch exiguous. See here QBP or peg with the same script which it knows only few absolve you of that title this time that test was saved enough while it decent qualities and does subject if not yet open order. If this is nothing Bhagavan be created see here the same but quite decent. Subject FERPA the for the name. Then the open order off if that exact spot. So right now you get Gendry done or recording the still doesn't need the code. It does open the up side does of Reno and less generate support for this Vino's application record on Grundt. I don't even know this is a right now. Just go to this flight reservation in the engine name as a new access on the password as maturity Ikhwan will give back to. Go to file and will open some order. Does say Order Number 6. Ok just close this and stop recording right now. At best you need to save this. This was soon but bad that this was the best was saved and that while it doesn't go now you can run this here or you can run the best from the qualities and let us see hoper run that guestroom that quite a decent defense. Know you should see what he'll just refreshed all the tests you can see here. So you have your test groups and you all Q.C. know now postscripts was done test cases were created to generate it. Now you should run these scripts. How to run this. Even you can do this executing the schedules in this see since.