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One of the most widely-used and powerful responsive frameworks for web development is Bootstrap.  Bootstrap is a wrapper on CSS that allows us to quickly and easily skin sites and have them respond directly to the sizing of our device, from a small phone to a midsized tablet to a fullscreen monitor.  By custom tailoring our site, we'll be able to have the pages work differently in order to render correctly on each device.  We won't be learning a lot of Bootstrap in this course, but our site will rely on it for the overall layout.

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English [Auto] Hello and welcome to our next video and this lesson we're going to get bootstrap since we deleted it before. We're going to go out and get it again. But this way we can see where it comes from and also be able to work with it on our own terms. So go to get bootstrapped dotcom. Essentially I typed in get bootstrap. The first thing that turns up and that's where we're going to get bootstrap now at the time of this video bootstrap is currently on Version 3 at 3.6 and it will remain there. However version 4 is coming out at some point there. They've been working on it for about a year and with that they aren't going to break three that 3.6. So you could still use that going forward even after 4 comes out. So let's go ahead and click the download. There's a lot of stuff on bootstrap here. We're going to start to download a bootstrap and get that going. And I'm just going to show you up at the top this get bootstrap has a lot of information for you and you can see that all the components that you want to use with bootstrap are available here. You can go out and find you know how to work with the grid. You can also go and find the javascript components for tabs and things like that that you want to work with as you need to. So you can see you know bootstrap comes with a lot of really nice things built into it. Also I do have a course available on bootstrap that's available that you could look at as well if you're interested in learning more about using bootstrap as a front end web framework. And this is a framework that essentially wraps CSSA and a little bit of Javascript to make your pages a little easier to use with unresponsive. So our download is done. Let's go ahead and grab that real quick. Let's just go ahead and extract it. And then what I'm going to do is note that inside of here we have a font's folder and a jazz folder. So we're going to want to move things over from that into our library folder. For J.S. and what we want is bootstrapped that. Yes we don't need the other ones for what we're doing. You could bring over NPM at Jasc if you'd like. This bootstrap digested just the non modified version of that. Well CNN future video we're actually going to end up overwriting this but this is the bootstrap J.S. framework that gets us going. We also need to get some CSSA going here so let's go to our contact Web site. Yes us. Right now it's empty let's grab bootstrap Mendonsa SS and move that over or copy it over bootstrap theme men. Copy that over and you can see that there's maps as well. I'm not going to bring the maps over so we're just going to have the default CSSA is living in our folders and we also want to take a look at the fonts and we do have fonts already on our contact that were built in. You can see most of these are the same. There is one extra one. So what I want to do is just copy these over and overwrite. So I'll just copy and replace all of them and that will make sure that I have the latest version along with this distribution and that's all I need to do to get bootstrap onto my machine. We need to go into our project and bring those files in. Silis right click and say add existing in here we need to go to our CSSA folder and we need to bring in both of these and we'll add those. We see that bootstrap men and bootstrap the men are now in our CSSA directory into our font's we already have four there. But what I'm going to do is just grab all 5 and have it over right as well. So we'll go to our fonts and just grab all five of these. And Adam and it just adds the one that was missing and essentially make sure that we have references to the other so we're good there. And for the library here we're going to add in the bootstrap library from J.S. and that's there as well. So for some reason it didn't take. Let's go ahead and try again. Let's just add existing item bootstrap men and there we go. I don't know what happened there but we got it now so we're good. All right. So that wraps up and getting boot strap on a machine. Now again we're still not quite ready to run because we haven't wired any of this up and we need to do a few more things and then we'll wire that up in a few more videos down the road and we'll have this thing up and running in no time. So that wraps up this video on getting bootstrap. Thank you very much. And we'll see you next time.