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To access data using ADO.Net is a hefty task. Therefore to automate the database activities, Microsoft introduced a framework known as Entity framework. Entity Framework is an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) model which allows you to work with RDBMS as domain-specific objects.

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ASP.NET (MVC) 5 CORE: Web Development, jQuery & RESTful API

ASP.NET (CORE ) MVC 5: Web & App Development In C#, jQuery Plugins & RESTful API, Web Services & Entity Framework

02:08:53 of on-demand video • Updated January 2018

  • Overview Of Web Technologies and ASP NET
  • Features Of ASP Net MVC Framework
  • The Advantages Of MVC Based Application
  • Understand Model, View, Controller, Architecting MVC Application
  • Learn CRUD Operations
  • MVC With Frameworks And Plugins
  • Use Entity Framework, Jquery Plugins, Jquery To Respond To Users and use Automapper
  • Build Web Application With MVC
  • Build Forms With Validation
  • Build Web Services
  • Understand Cycle Of ASP MVC Request
  • Implement Security With MVC
  • Apply Role Based Security
  • Deploy And Testing ASP NET MVC Web Applications
  • Perform Unit Testing
  • Configure Exception Handling
English [Auto] Xs data using a dot dot net is a task therefore to automate the database activities. Microsoft introduced a framework known as Entity Framework Entity Framework or r.m object relational mapping model which allows you to work with RDBMS as domain specific objects and that framework is very productive. If you already have a D-B or you want to create a new deal before your application you want to create the domain classes first and then create a database from those classes you want to design the database first and then develop it into the framework with MVC to use Entity Framework with MVC first create an MVC based application just as you do normally. After that go to package manager and type install package Entity Framework this way latest version of NTD framework will be installed in your development too. After that create a new folder named context. This is where all the work will be done. Right click on the context folder and click add new class. Now add a class named database context. This class implement Entity Framework. Now the constructor of the class database context will take the parameter as the name of your database. Next thing to do is initialized database in the application for this register application on the line start method of global SBX file. After that build your connection string in the web that config and then build the solution as soon as the solution builds at controller alongside the View Controller folder using Entity Framework. This is it. Now your MVC application has integrated Entity Framework in it right into the framework in MVC. There are many developers who are good at writing select from queries but some of them still miss it performance wise with Entity Framework. You have the capability to use a high level language to work for you. You just tell the Entity Framework what type of data you want from the database and in return you will get the query to get that data entered the framework allows you to use LINQ as a language to write queries. Link is a language made by Dot Net developers and allows you to use join group by where clauses to express the projection of data you want with link you can write effective and simple queries. You are already using the approach separation of concerns. Why not use the same approach in the database of your application into the framework allows you to achieve this as well.