The Self According To Heinz Kohut - By "Audette Jooste"

Riana van Staden
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Thanks to Audette for taking part in this lecture on the self for this art therapy course

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Arts Therapy : For Greater Understanding of The "Self"

Arts Therapy : Understanding Art Therapy - Expressing & Developing The "Self" Through Arts Therapy and Therapeutic Art

05:03:05 of on-demand video • Updated February 2018

  • Use art as a means of self expression
  • Help others use the arts to heal and empower themselves
  • Help others by supporting them through the arts and the creative process
  • Enjoy the benefits that creative art brings to our emotional and physical well being
  • Use art as a means of relaxation and to unwind
  • Create art as a means for self healing and self discovery
  • Use the creative process for pure enjoyment and recreation
  • Explore facets of your personality and your clients' personality using the creative process
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