Abstract Drawing And Painting

Riana van Staden
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As the creator of abstract art, it's up to you to decide what art is, break some rules and get expressive. There are three examples of how I create abstract art and I'm sure that you'll gain some ideas and inspiration from them!

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  • Mix colours by creating their own colour wheel
  • Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of drawing, including, composition, perspective and shading
  • Be able to create art with stippling techniques
  • Have an introduction to hand lettering
  • Have an understanding of abstract art
  • To enjoy art without bring judgemental or critical
  • Create their own mind maps
  • Use metaphors in art
  • Understand the psychology of colour
  • Be able to create doodle art
  • Produce a self portrait
  • Have an introduction to digital art for beginners
  • Create a magnificent family tree
  • Have an understanding of various art material and tools
  • Learn to draw and shade 3D objects
English [Auto] Abstract art often looks quite simple to many people. That is however until they try it for themselves. Beijing abstract art tends to be more of a challenge than that of traditional art. The reason for this is abstract art defies convention and breaks rules as the creatio. It's up to you to decide what art is. Bring in some rules and be expressive. Personally I believe abstract drawing and painting comes from your inner creative spirit. It's drawing without specific intention but with artistic inspiration. Probably the hardest thing with abstract drawing is in getting Staci's but once you've made your first Mark it's plain sailing out of three examples to help you get started with this wonderful expressive painting drawing experience. I've used blank white A4 paper but you can choose any blank canvas dot by drawing across your canvas with sweeping curved lines. Draw as many as you like. Breaking up the blank space is as much as possible. Start when you feel you have enough lines at random pick out some of the shapes and fill with shading using either a pencil or a crayon charcoal or colored pencil. Now most of the shapes are left using randomness as your guide. If you find you have any shapes left to fill. Try adding in cross like I've done. It's surprisingly effective using a compass or something round in shape. Draw as many circles as you like on your paper. Be sure to overlap sir cause and stop when you feel you have enough now Bill so shapes of your choice by blocking them out pick them at random and choose as many as you like. Next feel some of the shapes using different patterns and feel some of the areas by blocking them out. You can leave some areas free or fill them already with different passions whichever you prefer finish off by making any touches you feel. Unnecessary you can either paint black lines free hand on your canvas or if you prefer to use a pencil and very tough to Mark. Guidelines for us Mikio horizontal and vertical lines of varying thickness spaced apart at varying distances can make as many lines as you like but bear in mind that the less lines you use the bigger your squares and rectangles are going to be. And conversely the more lines you have the smaller your squares and rectangles are going to be painting should now look great with black lines of very sick. Is X random paint some of the squares and rectangles. I have used only the three primary colors red blue and yellow. But feel free to use as many colors as you wish even mind if you do paint all of the squares and rectangles. You run the risk of making the painting look a little busy Besse may be more. In this case and the white spaces are left will make your colored squares and rectangles pop.