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English [Auto] That what even is and how we can walk with me when using I said we saw the eclipse Id know first of all what Maven is supposedly to do scenario and you have one project. OK. Or we can see sending in project and you're using various jars for example selenium jar Destin's is some reporting jobs. And for a bachelor party jobs and some other jobs as well. OK suppose you have a bunch of jobs in your project and you have 10 team members and you who have been working on the project. OK. So what you have done you have shared all those 50 jobs with each and every one and all is going perfectly with it. As we know that we are always getting new releases of jobs. OK. Like city city current is 2.4 for. We will get two point four five two point four six minute three so new versions of jobs are coming with some added functionality. OK so let's say we get a new jar jar wurden for selenium. Let's see if we get 2.4 6 Okay. And you don't order from the Internet and you are working on the latest OK. The other nine members are still using two point four five two point four five jar of selenium. OK. So they are working on Dot version and you are working on the latest version. So suppose you are building using that job and you are writing the code which was not there able to 2.4 for. OK. So that code would only work in your system when you provide the code to the other nine people. They won't be able to compile and even to get some data because they're using the old version. OK. So they also need to switch to the new version. OK. So they analyzes and they tell you OK. You then said OK OK I'm using the latest version on the value of data Ajaz the nine people so they are barred from the Internet and they're using it. OK none the next day another Giacomo's you have to again send the mail or you have to share this job with a demon. So just keep on frequently changing in these type of scenarios. Start coming again. Suppose you want to start using Neuharth for some broader uses up words for Fort Apache. You want to use. OK. So you decide you don't order some different version on another guy on all the different versions. So this type of situation happens so we can handle these types of scenarios using them even project what even we do we don't don't know the jots Mavin has mundaneness repository a central repository. OK. Let's go beyond. This is from even St. Paul's Mavin repository. It has all the jobs. OK. And it does also though all the jobs of all virgins with it. OK. So these are your fool users. So what do you do here. Suppose it was you. What do you do. You make a file. OK. And in this you write that the first job I will be using will be I suppose x x x y and one the next you will be using Y Y Y. John it's worse in history. And suppose you go a lot of Jardines so using them even what we get we get disenthrall in the ex-MIL you maintain this human in this human brain this file with you. OK. And you share this file with everyone. You have not done or did you just share this file with everyone. So then any of this person visit on their project this file will be executed in Mavin and it will directly communicate with its me and repository on the internet and it really if these versions are not present in your local system it really should download directly from the Internet to your local system. OK. Now suppose you think that I want to know work on Version 2. So you type here version 2. OK. And updated maybe on all you shared with all of these. So they don't need to consider which version A is they will just use this file and we'll run this to me one repository will automatically download that was in file and stored to your local system. OK so using them Mavin repository to project handling jobs and these features are gone away because you are maintaining a single file and controlling the Jallow controlling Jah's controlling version their version is maintained by them even repository. You just need to write what wodges and what jobs you need. Mavin really do all that right. That's the beautiful part of them even it's because when you'll be working with the big projects the job is the core of the jobs will be increasing day by day day by day and day by day. OK so we need something which meant a jar files in between when we have a large teams. OK but using for using them even you must be connected to the Internet. OK. And also there is one thing that you need to download some jobs. There is a difficulty that we need to visit that web site then so is the link where you can download that job. And suppose you're using the latest that you can easily find if you want to download the older version of the jar or you can get these. So there are many difficulties but to be using them even you just mention here which jar and its version Mavin will have already stored those in its repository it will download it. Local System. OK. So that's the beautiful back on me is. No we will be seeing that. I would be developing two models. One is that using Mavin with Eclipse and are using the eclipse idea will be running my main project and another will be using me by Come command prompt. OK so that you must want to grow on me when on Unix Linux machines so you can do a command prompt. I'll be showing for the top of my Windows operating system. OK. So first we need to download the Mavin plugin for Eclipse. Go to help flick on Marketplace OK I'm using Eclipse Luno Luna. OK. Literate open OK type here. When do you move in and click on and when you need to download them even as a plugin for Eclipse. It's just searching in Eclipse marketplace for the various plug ins with having them even keyword in it. OK just for that I have a slow internet connection today. Yeah. So it has given me various plugins available. I am using Eclipse Luna So this this is my main integration for lives that is you know OK if you're using different you will find various others as well for a user 63 matches you can find four Keppler for June was a trial. So I'm using Linux so I will install it. I've already installed it so it is not an install option like you are getting install here. So just click on those tautly can next you just check the certain terms and conditions and your Eclipse will restart and the even plugin will be starting to conform not me when it it's installed on your system or not. OK click on windows go to preferences and here you find this may be an option or done so it will confirm that movement is already installed on your eclipse. So let's make a first project with the help of dummy. Confide in previous cases I am seeing that we are creating Java project using this Java project. In this I been using them even I have to love some even projects so I have others and I will click on this me when I have one. Clicking on this project will be clicking on me when and when I will be clicking on me when prusik and click on next. Then click on next. OK no discussion. I type no. What is the archetype that Melvin has. You can see a difference it has made different structures or configurations depending upon which book you want to do. OK if you want to know lup or maybe some baobab you are working with other baps you are developing working with. By now you're to that so it has done. They are pay for it. I will be working with QuickStart. OK so I'm not considering anything. Just a quick start babe I would be using next again. No this is the group ID. It's skewing the default topic. No I need to enter the group ID. So what does the group do. You can just consider the group ID as your package name you want to give to our project. OK so I have it right here quam dark. G learning maybe it will know the artifact ID. You can consider I tific diety as your project name so I would like this as my mirin project OK the version I will be working I will make the version this has one look and this will automatically give you your package OK and I will delete this. I learned this as my big cage and click on Finch as you've seen. Click on to finish making it has made this project that is my main project here. If you expand this you will get us to had Archey of strict JDA. This is your main forward. This may consist of many of the development FAE's decisions is that testifies jihadi conses that for jihadi libraries maybe inconsistent Mavin repositories and this is up all Macsyma. This is the mean file that does the bomb makes them a bomb. So it's something that I've shown you that we meant in a fight in which we maintain all the jobs in their version. So while these as bombs or take some of them will be going in it didn't just fall for a no. These are the default classes. Could you just delete them so no undead. I've made them even project know what I need to do. I want to at some desk assist in OK so that this package will make a new class I don't need this class as Hello world. That's the most basic program you guys are doing. Click click and finish under this. I have glued my my best enervation. OK I to make one function that is public test log in and have probably quite sweaty guys. That's public wide and in this I will just been tested statement that logging in to the account ok and I will be using my test in the import test in the library as well as I will be importing my own notation. And saved so I have made this PERUZZI you know one more thing. Now as I've told you that there is one file in which we can maintain all our files and versions. If I click on this form examine if it will give me details of my name including debt. What was the group Pietie inactivate idea as you will find here. Palm Nordyke XML. Just click on this. It will give you all the details which you have given before the key. Apart from this there will be dependencies know where these dependencies are. Suppose this is the dependency for one thing. It's the dependency for G-Unit. OK. And with version this. OK. So when we add this here it will download the jar file for G-Unit which have the version of this. Suppose I want to download my selenium jar files. Ok so far that I need to get the dependency for selenium so that I can add here OK let's let my chrome open so that is if you want to get to find a pregnancy of anything it's simple just go to Google. And type in and if suppose if one dependency for selenium right me in Sydney and click on and click on the first link you'll get the dependency here on the same site. OK if you go back also you will get them even repository and you can get it from here also. I want to get this the current repository that is this one copy it is bought the same thing. And just go and paste it here. And the dependencies add one more dependency. So vort this dependency This is the group Id go Pietie is the order to back is name for the selenium. This is the Activate ID and this is the version that don't know this Elenium words. And if you write this to me even We'll install this jar file from even repository remotely and replace it with local reports. Save this. OK. Go to your project right click on it and if your right hand me and art update project so word update project will do it with your bomb example and will download all the files which are not downloaded. For example it must suppose everytime I've already downloaded to what I just. If your if your local machine already has two point four or five version of the city name it formed on or did it. OK so let's check right click on this click on me read and click on a project click on OK. OK it's building a workspace here. It's building the workspace and it is downloading. So you see it when it is when downloading the ME and this here selenium. So it's downloading the repositories from the Internet. Are you considering mjr file from them to make sure guys you're connected to the Internet if you because even needed to download it from the remote repository on loading. If you clearly check it's giving me the name that selenium support. This file that outfight don't load it fit just yeah it's done or did I think it's getting my project and it has downloaded to check this again. If you go and run as me an update project click on OK and if you check here. So no it is not downloading. Because before this silly nym 2.4 5 version was not present on my local machine so I don't order from the internet. No it was there so it does not. Don't know where these are stored. I will just tell you go to your C. drive OK. Go to users. Yes for me it is an even b. S b and under this there is not two for this to fall. Is the place where all the jar files are stored by them even if you go Nerdist it's the repository. And if you want to check the selenium jar file. Ok this is the package and dismissal of an image you send in you. If you click on here you see. So these are already selling IMG-R files and if you get any of these it's giving me two versions. Two point four five and two point four for why this is giving me because I have mentioned here two point four five so it has downloaded 2.4 5 from the internet previously before I was using 2.4. So it has downloaded it. Now suppose I want to download a different version of what selenium.