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English [Auto] Let's now take a look at what Cassandra is being used for. Cassandra is being used by over fifteen hundred different organizations for a variety of purposes from sensor data to recommendation engines to gaming to fraud detection to location based services to online financial products. Many organizations choose Cassandra for projects that require massive scale ability and or high availability. Let's take a look at some of these. I'm here on Planet Kassandra. If you'd like to follow along with me. Open up a browser window and go to planet Kassandra dot org. Once you're here on Planet Cassandra over on the right go ahead and select to read technical use cases on this page we could scroll down through well over 100 different use cases that have been written up. Or we could take a look at a few. By going through these tabs of these categories Let's see that. Let's go ahead and select product catalogs slash playlist and if we scroll down this list we're going to see some familiar names like Comcast Hulu Netflix sky Netflix chose Cassandra. Not only for scalability but also for its high availability with customers accessing Netflix at all hours. Netflix need a system that could always be available with no downtime. Netflix is a huge Kassandra user scroll back and choose another category recommendation slash personalization. So I've got a number of use cases in this category as well. Outrange is used to provide you with content that's relevant to what you've been clicking on. You might notice that when you go to some Web sites and you're clicking on links related to a topic that you might then see advertising start showing up. Related to that same topic and that could very well be provided by outrange. They reach 86 percent of the U.S. online population fraud detection. Another category here. I'm going to go ahead and call out Barracuda Networks if we want to see more detail about any of these use cases we can click on the reviews case link and if we scroll down through we can learn more about why they choose Cassandra and how they're using it. In the case of Barracuda Networks they've been wanting to track all of the malicious Web sites on the Internet and in the past before Kassandra when they had a relational database they were limited by how much data they could store. So as a result when a malicious Web site was inactive they would go ahead and take it off their list because they had limited storage space. But the problem is that that site might later come back and start being active again. And they were running into that quite a bit and they were referring to these malicious sites that were coming back as zombies. They had been dead but now they're back alive now through Cassandra. They don't have that problem anymore because they have the ability to store massive amounts of data. They don't have to worry about throwing any of these off the list and then having them come back to haunt them. Now go back to our page here of use cases messaging. Lots of companies are using Cassandra as part of their messaging platform. Another category I'll mention which is quite hot is the internet of things flash sensor data category being able to make measurements let's say devices in your home in maybe have different devices in the different rooms in your home that are measuring your temperature and maybe they're measuring it every minute or every seconds. Imagine millions of homes with millions of devices and let's say they were being measured every second every minute. That's a huge amount of data that needs to get written to a database that can handle that volume. All those rights coming in. Cassander is a great database for that type of situation. This was just a quick little look into some different companies and how they're using Cassandra and why. So I encourage you to take a couple more minutes and look through this. Click on read use case for some of these companies that look interesting to you and might be similar to how you're thinking of using Kassandra.