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Angular 8 Real World WebApp Development w/ Node.js & MariaDB

Build a real world web app by creating your own SEO-friendly blog with Angular Universal, Node.js, Sequelize & MariaDB.

09:11:09 of on-demand video • Updated October 2019

  • Build an Angular (Universal) web application from the ground up
  • Implement a NodeJs web service in the backend
  • Use the relational database management system MariaDB
  • Implement authentication with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Use object-relational mapping (ORM) with Sequelize
  • Publish your web application on a Windows Server with IISNode
  • Implement HTTP Interceptors
  • Restrict component access with Angular Route Guards
  • Implement a JavaScript Middleware
  • Make use of the Facebook Sharing Debugger
  • How to update your web application to a new Angular version
English [Auto] Welcome to the no J.S. section in this first back and section. We will create a new project only for our web service. We will build the first REST API calls and use these new implementations in the angular client. Additionally we will install note month software development process and also cover the topic across origin resource sharing. Let's go.