The 9 Choirs of Angels

Tania Magdalene
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Lecture description

Meet the 9 realms of angels at a glance, you may feel quite altered listening to these next 4 lectures as you are receiving an attunement to the angelic realms, just relax and close your eyes if you feel you need to. All the text and information for lecture 6,7,8,9 is available as a downloadable resource in lecture 7. Enjoy

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Professional Accredited Angelic Healing Practitioner Course

Connect with the angelic realm,complete the training so that you can offer paid for healings as an Angel practitioner

02:46:14 of on-demand video • Updated May 2020

  • We will show you how you can create your own Angel Healing Therapy business, explaining good practices for marketing and advertising, along with the ethics and insurance needed, as well as how you should present yourself in your practice.
  • You will learn about the angels themselves as well as how to connect with them
  • The ways in which Angel Healing Therapy works
  • How to start a business in this area as an Angel Healing Therapist
  • You will learn why the Angelic Realms want to connect with us at this time
  • Students will learn about the history of angels, as well as the different types of angels, and their hierarchy
  • The types of angels you can all upon and what they are responsible for
  • How to connect with your guardian angel
  • You will learn to recognise angel signs
  • Looking in more detail at the 4 watchtower archangels, and what their roles and responsibilities are and how angels may go about helping you
  • You will go through a step by step process, of how to run an Angelic Healing with case studies and video support materials
  • You will learn about angels and their favourite crystals
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