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English [Auto] Well and welcome everyone in this video will going to be exploring this hub otherwise known as this so dashboard in the cell dashboard itself you're going to be spending most of your time doing different kinds of tunes action viewing your cell performance and also spending time where you're going to be shipping an item communicating with your customer and so on. This is why it's so important for you to get accustomed to this. So the first thing you need to know is that the god messages Fordo this is IntoNow messages that come directly from eBay. Let's say for example you get a message in the mail that tells you that somebody bought something or sometimes a message that you lost your passport from ebay or some other person trying to scam your money. And you don't know if it's legal or not. Therefore you have to do is just do going into eBay itself go into your messages photo and you can check right here if this transaction is legitimate or not. So all day IntoNow emails from eBay itself are going to be shown right here including some tips twerks and even selling tips. And plus some specials that is going on right now though happening on eBay itself. You invoice anything actually gets sold over the phone. Everything is going to be shown right here in the dashboard itself. Now I do keep a lot of those messages active and then even if you read the actual messages themselves you want to make sure to keep them like new. You can do so as well. So you can go and read them and you can even put us on THE LEAD as well. So this is why it's so important for you to check your mail all the time just in case somebody tries to scam you and so on. And if for example your inbox is not getting any mail for whatever reason you can still go on eBay and find everything in and do most of your transactions in eBay. So without even needing to open your mailbox that is very very cool. By the way there's also things for you to know here as well including a waiting shipments. Let's say that somebody bought something which they just did. It's going to say how many items are awaiting shipment. In fact when they have this item wait here to be at zero at all times because you want to constantly ship the item you don't want to have any open all those that are in there. Next thing you want to be seeing here is the amount of sales that you actually had in this one they had six hundred ninety two items sold in the past 31 days. In fact in the past 90 days had two thousand nine hundred forty eight dollars of items sold. And in the past 40 days it is 20 percent better than previous month. So that's pretty good. Now my cell awaiting right now is top rated. You can always check your soul waiting to make sure it is updated and it is great. And here is my feedback score. Now it is Z-R if I want to increase it I need to go back and be useful people because when you leave them the views they leave you want to back you up and you increase the level of your views you actually have. Let's go to manage an actual listing that I'm going on right now. As you can see I have a hundred total names that show up on auction at any given time. Some of them on auction and other things are just listed. Next thing we have right here is it says which items were found bits and no resolves. So I have nothing to lose. And all those items are not being audited against those and for that is quite simple don't fix price items because the fixed price items it means there is no auction for them whatsoever. If they get porches they're going to be sold right away. There was one item of a question so I should go about and so this question. So this is great because it lets me know what items need to be actually to take care of and which ones do not. Next thing they're going to be looking at is their That's. So those are the stats for me. It says which I are reading shipmen how much items actually sold my reading and so on. Next thing that I'm going to be checking is this so dashboard in the cell dashboard itself on top weighted which is good when you want an action defect which is bad but it still is not affecting my overall score. This is for you. KNIGHT It's the region. If I go to global I also have this same exact thing going on here as well which is great. This one is also having won the fact and the difficulty is pretty good. So for this one it's still in a passing way and it's one defect out of 200 plus transactions. Next thing that I'm going to be looking at is everything else here. So wait shipment wait is zero. That's good cases. But there was always an issue as well tracking up all on time and validate 100 percent of transactions transactions and sales and with 84 transactions which 9000 bucks of sales was actually done under a hundred eighty for one's actions. And this is that transaction period within a year. And they made about 9000 bucks in total. Let's go to review with formants itself. So far this year it has been doing pretty good. And I would say it's actually been doing pretty great. Next thing we're going to be going into is there is a fusion center or there wasn't wasn't sent there is a place where if somebody has a problem with any item that you actually sold you're going to see a case here. Those zero cases right now which is very good. And in the past 18 months when you go into and see many cases we actually have. So we have nine requests or cases that actually happen for which been closed and they receive final volume of credit for them. You might ask what does this mean. What it means is like for items somebody actually bought the item and they never paid for it. That actually sometimes happens. So I have an automatic thing that goes about and opens a case every single time somebody doesn't pay for the item itself. And when they don't pay for the item and goes into there was always an Santo. And if they still don't pay for it it automatically goes. And five items themselves have not been close. And there actually have been cases against me. So when you have a case against you your best course of action is to go about and resolve their case as soon as you can by resolving the case as soon as you can. It doesn't count against you. And here are the choices you have to have. You can give that person a parcel we found. If he accepts everything is great and that's it you can give them a full refund if he sends them back to you. Or he can keep the item. Those are the few choices that you actually have. All of those choices are good because you solve the issue and once you solve the issue the case is actually close and it's not ruled against. The only time the case can actually go and be will against you is if you let this case keep open and then eBay itself or go into it and try to solve this case. And usually they solve it against you. Therefore it's much better for you to just go about give all you've found and then the case is no longer there. Thank you so much for watching. And now it is time for you to do your own assignment your assignment is to go into Yasar Harbor to check out what is going on there. Never get exposed and then go and check out my next video. See you in the next block.