Let's Start: Creating our AWS and QuickSight Accounts

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We know what we need to start our first project, so let's create our AWS and our QuickSight accounts!

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Amazon (AWS) QuickSight - Getting Started

Get started with Amazon QuickSight - AWS' Business Intelligence (BI) answer to Tableau and Power BI

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English [Auto] So we need an AWOS and a quick side account. Let's create these accounts now. So back on AWOS dot dot com and click on to create an AWOS account right here. Then you can well create this account right there before we start two things. If you already have an account. Just come to a later part of this video. If you have already an Amazon account then you can use this account. But right here on this page as a returning user and then create a specific A.W. account based on the Amazon account information. However I will create a new account so I will select a new user right here and now type my email and assume we've got that we can click on to sign in using our secure server or right here. Now where do we have to enter our name first. Let's do this now. So this is my name. Then you have to enter your e-mail address again. Right here. And then we have to enter a password and confirm it. And with that we can press on to create our own code to create our record right here. And after that you need to fill out this contact information form. Now you can choose between a personal account or a company account. In your case it's probably a personal account. I will use the company account right now and after providing all of the information. Typing these characters and also accepting that customer agreement we can simply click on to create account and continue right now. And then we have to enter our payment information right now. This is the step that you need your credit card and after entering your credit card information you'll not have to verify your identity. And if you scroll down then you'll simply have to enter again these characters for the security check and check your phone number. But then this sometimes doesn't work based on my experience this verification doesn't work sometimes. If you're not based in the US. Actually this is not a big problem in case this doesn't work. You can simply contact DAWE AS support open a ticket and well then you will basically get a phone call from an A.W. employee which will buy that verify that this is you and that your identity is correct. I will show you where to find this contact details in a few seconds before we do that. One note in case this fails right now then you cannot continue. At this stage the good thing is that you can still watch the calls and see what they're going to do in the next steps. As soon as you get your identity verified you can get back to your creator account and then continue. Now let me try my luck right now by pressing call me now right here. Well and unfortunately it didn't work in my case. So if you scroll down right here then you can find the contact information right there. So as I said simply contact the customer service and then you will get a phone call by AWOS to verify your identity and once you've made it fully verification This could either happen directly or after AWOS gave you a call. Then we are back here and now we have to decide which support plan that we want to. So basically you have different options. You have a basic support plan which is for free and you have other plans like the developer or business plan. Well as I said the basic plan is for free and should normally be sufficient for the purposes of discourse if you want to you can read for that and then decide which support plan is the right one for you. But as I said for the course we will simply stay with the free basic service plan. Now if you scroll down and press on to continue right here this well then we are here. Welcome to Amazon Web Services. This means we can now start by launching our management console right here. And now we see our management console in AWOS this is a really important page because starting from this page we can use all the different services AWOS offers. Now as I said in the beginning you can of course play around with the different services but before you do that always make sure to check the pricing of the specific service that you want to use. Well we don't want to play around right here. We want to create our a quick side account now. So to do this we simply click right here and now type Well quick site and here we can find it. So let's click a quick site now. And then we get the information that we are not signed up for a quick side. So again we have an A.W. cycle now but of course not a kwikset account. So yes we want to sign up for quick side right here. And now we are on this page a really important page because right here you can decide if you want to use the standard or the enterprise edition of co-incide. We will talk about the differences between those two versions in the next module. The important thing for now is that if you look at the first two rows you can see that for the first user of quick side both additions are for free and that you additionally get a team trial limited to 60 days but also for free. We will talk about the option or the possibility to add users to a quick set account later in the course. The important thing for now is again in the first role that for the first user. So you probably Kwikset is for free including one gigabyte of space space. This is simply the internal storage where a quick Kwikset saves your data too. Now this storage is more than enough for those cores. So you can do this course for free. I think that's really important to know for you now which edition should we take. Well if we scroll for that right here you can see some differences but generally we can simply select the standard edition because this is totally fine for the purpose of this cause and for what we want to learn about quick right here. So let's select the standard edition right here and now scroll down a little bit and press continue on here. Now we need to enter a quickset account name you can name that as you prefer. I would just call it like this. Maybe that no you need to enter your email address. Now we got that and here we have to decide which capacity region we want to use. So if you look right here you can see that you can choose four different regions. Well this simply means the location where your data is safe to. So the data that you import to quick side you can simply leave that at US east north Virginia. That's totally fine. And now we have to decide. One last thing because those two options or these free options actually decide if you want to allow quick side to identify data. In other A.W. a services that you are using this includes for example if you click right here a red shift or Ardi as well. The important thing for the moment is that you can simply left that text. This is not a problem at all. The same thing is true for Amazon the Fino right there. The only important thing is that you should Antek Emerson as free because we will use Amazon as free as part of this course. So people talk about this specifically in the later module but that's it actually when I have our account name we have our e-mail address the capacity region and we decided what should be automatically discovered. Well and with that we can click on to finish right now right here. This can take a few seconds so no worries. And now we got it. We are now signed up for Quick's side. Well then as we are signed up let's start directly and go to Amazon quick site right here. Well and now you're locked into weakside for the first time. And as we did that now I think we should directly start using quick side. Let's do this with our initial project in the next video.