The Five Basic Transforms, Keyframing & Easy Ease

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Lecture description

In this lecture, we will learn the basics of the following:
    •    Essential Transform Controls which are (Position, Opacity, Scale, Rotation, Anchorpoint)
    •    Keyframes
    •    Easy Ease

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English [Auto] Hey guys will come back. So creating an animation is the main reason why we use after effects in this lecture we will learn the basics of the following. Essential transport controls which are position opacity skill rotation an anchor point keyframes and easy ease. So in order to explain each point or create a new composition solid control or command and click ok then create a new solid layer so make. Right click here on the timeline. Select new talent the solid settings window will appear. Give it a name said the size of the solid layer or choose make composition size and give it a color you like. Then click OK. Now you can see a new layer called the red and the rectangle shape on the composition panel. One of the transform controls in effect is the position by selecting a layer and hitting p. The position will pop up the numbers next to it are the x and y values which relate to the left and top of the composition the values show the distance between the anchor point of are solid and the left and top of the composition. You can change the x and y values either by dragging your or simply make a click and insert the value that you want OK. No by selecting a layer and hitting the opacity will pop up. It is the only shortcut which is not beginning with the first letter. You can change the opacity from 100 percent which means the footage is opaque to 0 percent which means the footage is transparent. Transform control. You should know is this chiel which is selectable by hitting f this kill is also modifiable. Between 100 percent which means full size and zero percent which means it's gone now by hitting r. The rotation will pop up the value on the right side as the degree you rotated your footage after rotating more than three hundred and sixty degree the left side will change to one which shows a full rotation by entering three. The footage will rotate three times. Next is the anchor point which is selectable by hitting a. It is the geometric reference and rotation centric point of Leyre. You can change the anchor point to the corner of a rectangle or wherever you want it to be. And this by using a tool here called pan behind to by doing that the rotation would change since it normally rotates around the anchor point. Oftentimes you want to change more than one of the transform controls when hitting key the position will pop up as we know by hitting If the position will disappear. And this keel will pop up to select them and be able to change their values at the same time. You have to hit the short cuts combined with shift. So for example if I select the layer then hit P on my keyboard to get the position control. And now I want to get this skill control as well. So all hood shift s on. He wanted to get these chiel control and now I can change both of them at the same time. So now we have learned how to open up these controls and now we want to animate our solid layer. So here all change the skill value to 50 percent. This is how Foursquare looks after scaling it down to 50 percent in the center of our square. You can see the anchor point if you take a look to the position values you can see that overall we changed our size the position didn't change since it refers to the anchor point. Now we will set our first keyframe which is the first day that holds the information about the adjustments we made at this point. You can any all of the controls we discussed so far to Seth keyframe. You need to click on the stopwatch. This creates a keyframe a yellow diamond. Now grab the time indicator and drag it to one second. You can either do this or you can simply come here. Click on the current time display and enter the time you want your time indicator to go. Now I'll change the scale value say and change the scale value to 65 percent and notice that once you change the value after effects will create a new keyframe or a second state that will hold new information or values. So when you use keyframes to create a change over time you typically use a piece to keyframes one for the state at the beginning of the change and one for the new state. At the end of the change another way to create a new frame is by clicking on the diamond on the left side. Then change the value. Make sure not to cook on the stopwatch after creating your keyframes cause by doing so all your key frames will be deleted. Very interesting assistance of after effects is the easy Easy keyframe by choosing it. The animation will come to a smoother and it will slow down a bit before stopping at the new size or position. You can either select a keyframe and hit Noein or you can right could go to keyframe a fast and easy. Let me explain this more. In order to make it more clear for you all that control or command need to go back. Now if I selected these two diamond sheet I can and then go here click on this. I can. You will find a graph editor and make sure it does these p. Graph editor and not any other graph editor. So here you would see that this is constant here. When I change this to easy use. Notice a change in the speed graphic here. It became smoother at the end slowing down a little bit before stopping on the news type or palsu also noticed that when selecting easy easy keyframe the little diamond will change its appearance to a symbol similar to a fan glass. So now we have learned about the five basic transforms the framing and easy in the next lecture. I'll be introducing you to the move. A good point panel which is another more accurate option that you can use to move the anchor point of any layer instead of the pen behind it too. I'll show you how to install it and use it. If you do have any questions so far or if anything is unclear please do not hesitate to post your questions on the discussion board. Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys next capture.