Part Three: Draw & Animate The Charger

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In this lecture, we will be proceeding with the last part of our first motion graphics project using Adobe After Effects and this by adding this  charger that is coming in to charge the battery. 

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English [Auto] Hey guys we'll come back and this lecture will be proceeding with the last part of our first motion graphics project and this by adding this charger that it's coming in to charge the battery. So let's see how we'll do this. First thing is to draw the cable coming in from this side. So select the pen tool from the tool bar here. And then do one click outside the composition window here. Then click here and drag a little bit to make some sort of a twist. The math click here OK. Now I'll decrease it's stroke science like this and you can change its color if you want. I'll leave it as is for now and click OK. OK. Now we need to make that head of the cable. So go to the tools bar year and select the rounded rectangle to click and drag on my composition to draw something like this. Oh this will stroke and enable the full lets change its full color. Maybe you can decrease the size of the cable a bit more. Now I will do this sort of iron quadrate of the cable so I'll duplicate this layer using control or command the and change its full color to gray. Now selected and hit s to get this kill control then Keywood down. Also I will adjust its position. Now all drag shape player 7 under shapeliness 6 great. Now select all the charger cable players and simply hit shift command. See if you are using Mac or shift control 3 you using Windows that to group them all in a pre-competition Let's rename it to charger cable. Now I want to move some parts of the cable here like what you have seen in the project them. We need to give it a life and make it move as if it is an object moving on its own. So how we will do this simply by using a tool called puppet pen to. So what is a puppet pen tool the puppet pin to simply used to define the form coins which define what parts of the object should move and what parts should remain. Would saw in our project example here all the fine three pins one at the beginning of the cable here one in the middle. Last one of the end here. Now with the help of the selection to start to drag each point and sent the cable to the hiding position like this for instance. Now select the cable recomposition and hit you to get all its keyframes. These are the first State of the position keyframes for each point I want to coordinate the cable movement with the circular progress bar image should solve select all those keyframes and drag them back. I see them at two frames. Then all forward at 22 frames for instance and start moving those two horns to move the charger and then go forward again maybe at one second and six frames and then make this great part of the charger to get in the circular probe was more like this. Now select all those Chief crane and so as you can see here the cable starts from the landing position then moving down and into the progress bar. Well I think we need to make this part of the charger invisible when getting in the progress bar so to do this we will simply drag the charger pre-competition layer under shapewear to OK great. That said. So were finally done with our wonderful an interesting first motion graphics project. I hope you are enjoying learning a lot so for if you do have any questions please do not hesitate to ask any time. Thank you so much for watching and I'll be seeing you next lecture.