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In this lecture, we'll start off by navigating the workspace and learning some essential key terms and basic features that will help you become familiar  with Adobe After Effects Layout.

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  • BE FAMILIAR with Adobe After Effects layout, some essential key terms and basic features needed to get you up and running with Adobe After Effects
  • ACQUIRE different and powerful skills to master Motion Graphics Animation in Adobe After Effects
  • SET UP your First Motion Graphics Project: Battery Round Progress Meter With A Charger using Adobe After Effects
  • CREATE a VIDEO BUMPER for your Brand ( From Start To End ) using Adobe After Effects
  • DESIGN an OUTRO for your Brand using Adobe After Effects
  • MAKE a PROMO VIDEO for your website ( From Start To End ) using Adobe After Effects
  • BUILD animated SUBSCRIBE BUTTON for your Youtube Videos using Adobe After Effects
  • CREATE an INTRO for your Youtube Channel (From Start To End) using Adobe After Effects​
  • CREATE a LOGO INTRO for your Brand using Adobe After Effects​
  • LEARN some important Adobe After Effects shortcuts
  • CREATE simple LOWER THIRDS ( VIDEO TITLES ) using Adobe After Effects​
  • CREATE CINEMATIC TITLE INTRO Animation using Adobe After Effects
  • LEARN basic steps to export your videos in Adobe After Effects
  • GET the After Effects project files and the necessary assets to work along with
English [Auto] Hey guys in this lecture we will start off by navigating the workspace and learning some essential key terms and basic features that will help you become familiar with that dobi aftereffects. Lay out. So once you open your Adobe After Effects program you will notice that there are a bunch of panels that make up the interface after effects but the most important three that I want to focus on are the product panel. The composition panel and the time line also I want you to know that when I click on the different panels I get a highlight letting me know that that panel is active the pro-Jew panel the panel that you will use to import and organize all the assets you'll be using in your after effects project whenever you want to import anything to your after effects. Double click here. Then go to the folder where your items are saved. Select the any and click open to import now. When you create a group of players you will actually be creating a thing called a composition and the composition is represented here in the composition panel and the compositions layers will be represented down here in the timeline so no to be able to create any layers here on your timeline. You must first create a new composition and to create a new composition. Go to composition in the menu bar and select new composition or simply hit control or command and on keyboard. This will open up the new composition settings window. And you you can set some settings like the quality dimensions the name duration and the color. Once you have said this according to preference click OK to type. Now here I have my tools bar where I can for instance select the text to click on my composition and start writing my text say for instance you want to adjust the text font type size and color here all you have to do to select the text layer and go to the character panel and start adjusting your text whenever you couldn't find any panel array displayed on your interface. Simply go to the window menu bar and you'll find there. Also I have some shapes in my tool bar that I can select. Then click and drag on my composition to start don't. Also another important panel is the effects and preset which we will use throughout our coming lectures. Here you can find all the effects that you can apply on any layer on your timeline just the left that effect. Then drag and drop put on the layer and that will open up the effects control settings window where you can adjust any field related to this effect. So this is simply a very quick overview about Adobe After Effects interface but you need to know for now. In order to proceed with this and be able to follow up with the projects that you are going to be creating together later on in the next lecture I'll be introducing you to the five basic transforms he framing and easy ones. Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next Dr..