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In this lesson of the badge animation course, we'll take our badge design from Illustrator into After Effects. 

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Animate Hipster Logos & Badges in After Effects

Step-by-step guide to designing and animating a fun badge logo using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.

01:01:32 of on-demand video • Updated January 2018

  • You'll be able to design a professional-looking badge with free templates.
  • You'll be able to prepare an Adobe Illustrator file for animation in Adobe After Effects.
  • You'll be able to animate your badge in a variety of eye-catching ways.
  • You'll be able to export your badge animation with a transparent background for sharing with the world.
English [Auto] Now go ahead and open up Adobe After Effects. Right now I have the previous template that I was using and I'll add this project to the project files that you download so that you can kind of see how it works if you need a little bit more help. But if you're starting from scratch what you'll do is literally just open up after effects and then import the Illustrator file. So first let's make sure we go back to Illustrator save this file and I'll call it a badge to save it just says an Illustrator file. Go back to after effects. Double click our project panel select the Illustrator file that we want to import. It's important to change the import as footage to import as composition. If we do it as footage it's going to flatten the graphic and it's just going to import it as one file one layer. But we did all that work to separate the layers. And that's why we have to import it as a composition so just click open and you'll see that it brings in it adds composition. And this folder with all of our different layers in it. So we can rename this and we'll just call this and you can rename by selecting and pressing return on your keyboard and we'll call this badge to open up this composition. Just double click and you'll see here. This after effects project composition with a timeline with all of our different layers. So the first thing to do is go through and rename the different layers and move them around so that they're in an order that makes sense to you. So this first layer we're actually not going to be. We're going to be recreating and I'll do that in just a second. But this is the badge outline. So what I'm going to do is actually first delete the background layer which is this layer 1 to that black shape we created with Layer 3. This is the outline so I'm going to call this badge outline Layer 4 is the board. I'll just call it a board. I don't know really what is we'll call those mountain top 12 fire. I tend to move the smaller objects to the top layer. 13 is tent and then group different layers together so the fire the tent the trees those will all go near each other. Trees so you can fast for this if you don't want to watch me rename everything. But I'll just show you my process. Right here we have our ice our stars and moons it is called the moon with that up to 10 is our mountain squiggle just cause mountain left layer 9 should be Mt. right so Mountain right layer 8 is line our different lines. So what I'm doing you can see I'm just turning on and off the viewing. So I know which one it is I'll cause like three lightning to just making sure it's the right layer's line one layer 5 should be text. So now we have our different layers and we are in a good order that we can that makes sense. I'm changing the viewing of this flag and see everything and it's similar to after illustrator just pressing Z on your keyboard. You can zoom in or zoom out and to move around pressing spacebar to get your move tool and clicking and dragging the next things we have to do are recreate the background badge and the text so to recreate the text I'm just going to choose the horizontal type tool. I want my text to be white. So in the character panel if you don't have that window character and the text I'm the font I'm using is Railway. So I'm just going to click anywhere in my composition and call this into into the green and I'm going to move this right over. Actually it doesn't really matter what color it is. I can make it black so I can see it more easily. I'm going to actually delete this other text and I'm going to move this text right above the board so I'm going to delete this other text. Into the green tax I'm going to just move it right into the center position it the right way. Like move it around the middle. And what I'm going to do is I want the transparency of the background to shine through this. So if I have an image or a video I want this text I don't want it to be black. I want to see the background video through the board. So what I can do is turn off the transparency of the background. So this is how it would look if I put this logo or this badge on top of another video and then I want to change that the actual mode the blend mode of this text to silhouette Alpha I believe. Yes. Alpha So you have these modes open you can open close modes by expanding and collapsing the transfer control panel down here this little icon. And change it to. So well alpha. So if we put an image in the background we can see it. Now we have our text ready to go. The last thing we have to do is create this badge shape right here. So what I'm going to do is just with my pen tool selected this is a tool used to create shapes. I'm going to click fill. Turn off the fill set it to none. And then with the stroke I don't exactly know what is going to be but I'll just start out at six then I'm just going to start clicking the points to create the shape. So click there click there then I'm going to click right about here and I'm going to click and drag and hold shift and I'll show you why I do that in just a sec. Then click right around here click and drag and hold shift and then close that rectangle right now by clicking in the first part. So now if I turn off I mean move this down to where the badge outline is by turn this debt off. You can see what it looks like right now and I can change the color so you can kind of see what's going on. And then with my selection tool I'm going to select these points and if I zoom in here whoa that's a little bit too much. You can see that it has this sort of these points coming out these lines coming out and that allows us to bend this shape around this point that I created. So I can click and drag this down. Wow. That might be a little bit too far. So that it matches the curves. Of this shape that we have we want you to kind of bring it in and move it to how you want it. Something like that looks pretty good try to match up. If it's not perfect it's OK. No one literally no one will know. And then we can move these around just to try to make it as perfect as possible. OK so now we have this badge outline one I'm going to delete this badge outline that we brought in before with this selected with our panel selected I'm going to change his back to white and then I'm going to duplicate this. So just select this letter press command D and then with this number two I'm just going to drop down the settings drop down the content settings the transform settings and I'm going to make this a little bit bigger. And I'm going to open up the stroke settings and make it a little bit thicker. So let me just zoom out so I can see what it looks like. I mean you make the size a little bit bigger. Something like that seems pretty good. Yeah. ALEX pretty good. It's a little bit. This sheep is a little bit off. Now I'm just going to select it. Double click it. Drag the top and bottom in by selecting the bottom point so that it's more uniform with this other shape. And maybe I can even change the stroke up here to make it a little bit smaller. No one has quite as small. And then I'm going to duplicate this first one again. And create that dotted lines so I'm just going to drop down our settings again content's shape transform and make it a little bit bigger. Under stroke I can zoom in here so you can see what's going on. The stroke and go into it add dashes so add dashes. I'm going to make the stroke with some like one. I'm going to change the line cap from but kept her round cap press this plus button again so that we see the gap and decrease the gap the dashed to see what looks best. Maybe decrease that to one. So it's actually a little dot. So the stroke with the dash number is the same. That means they'll just be a little balls basically. And if I zoom out we can kind of see what it looks like. Again the shape changes a little bit. I'm just going to select the shape. Double click it. My selection tool and squeeze it just a little bit scrunch up just a little bit. OK. So it's a little bit different than what we had before but I like it. So now we've created our badge. We have all of our elements that we need in after effects to animate. The next thing we have to do is prepare for that animation we've created all of our layers. It's ready to go in after effects. Next we have to move the anchor points of these different elements.