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In this lesson of the badge animation course, we'll design our badge using some free templates in Adobe Illustrator.

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Animate Hipster Logos & Badges in After Effects

Step-by-step guide to designing and animating a fun badge logo using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.

01:01:32 of on-demand video • Updated January 2018

  • You'll be able to design a professional-looking badge with free templates.
  • You'll be able to prepare an Adobe Illustrator file for animation in Adobe After Effects.
  • You'll be able to animate your badge in a variety of eye-catching ways.
  • You'll be able to export your badge animation with a transparent background for sharing with the world.
English [Auto] Here we're in Adobe Illustrator. I've opened up the baje that I created before and we're going to be recreating this. I've also opened up the different badge icons and camping and mounting icons that we're going to be using to create this batch. If you're brand new to Illustrator then I'm going to walk you through how to use Illustrator to create this badge. Now I will say a friend I am not a complete Adobe Illustrator pro. I'm sure there's different ways to do the techniques that I'm going to show you. I'm just going to walk you through the technique and the way that I do it. And this is the way that is generally good for using Adobe Illustrator with Adobe After Effects because there's some things especially with the layering how you create your different layers that you need to know to create designs for animating in Adobe After Effects. And if there's any ways that I can improve my workflow please let me know because I'm always willing and wanting to improve my own workflow. The first thing you want to do is go to File. New this is going to open up a window that asks you what you want to create and we're going to rename this badge. And then the width and the height 500 by 500 is fine since we're using Adobe Illustrator. We're creating a vector graphic which allows us to increase or decrease the size of the vector when we animate it. However big or small we want without it getting pixellated which is the best part about Adobe Illustrator. So we now now have this new art board and if you don't know anything about illustrator I'm going to try to walk you through everything I do. The selection tool is the main tool we're going to be using right here. You have all your tools on the left side and I'm going to be zooming in and moving around a lot so to zoom in just press Z on your keyboard to zoom in and then click to zoom in and then zoom out with the zoom tool selected you can press option on your keyboard to zoom out and then you can press spacebar and holding down spacebar and move clicking and moving around the art board moves your viewer around so you can kind of see and zoom into different places. The first thing we're going to do is create a background. So with this layer one selected we can just use our shape tool right here. We're going to choose the color appear make it black and just make a black background that fits the size of this entire composition or entire illustration. The next thing we're going to do is find the bags that we want to use to start out with. So with our badges project open what we can do is just select the bags that we want so I've clicked and selected this badge. And you'll notice when I just click anything any part of any one of these badges. It kind of selects everything in that badge which is what it's supposed to do. It's set up to do that. And if we drop down those objects later we'll see that there's different groups and these are the different groups for the different badges. And with the one that we've selected there's this little red icon right here this red dot that indicates what part or what graphic we have selected. So we want to make sure that that red dot is selected before we copy this into our new badge project. So with that selected just press command see if you're on a Mac or troll see on a PC to paste. I'm going to say Mandvi from now on because I'm using a Mac but whenever I say command make sure that you press control. If I say option press Alt. If you're on a PC. So I have press command see with this selected I'm going back to our new badge and what you want to do first is create a new layer. This background layer is the the black shape we want to create a new layer and then paste it press command V with this selected. I'm just going to increase the size so I'm just clicking and dragging the corner. I'm also holding Shift down so that it maintains the right aspect ratio and I'm just going to kind of center it. I can lock this background layers so I don't accidentally move it by clicking those lock toggling the lock button right here. Tiling in the on or off. So now I can't accidentally move it. The next thing we want to do is separate the different elements of this background. Why do we do that. Because we need to separate the elements into different layers so that we can animate them separately and after effects if we brought this project into after effects like it is now we would just have one layer. But you see here in this graphic all these different parts of the graphic are moving separately. So we want to be able to animate the 10th board right here the outline we want to do that separately. So to do that we have to go through the different layers and the different groupings and separate things out so you can drop down all the groups to see and then turn the on and off button right here to see what is going on. So this group right here is this top layer of three lines. And we don't actually need or want those We're going to delete those so to delete things you can just select them by selecting this little target right here to select that individual letter and then just pressing the delete selection trash can down there. You can also just select the tax. Let's say we use our direct selection tool and it selects our individual paths instead of the group. So under here we have our 100 percent text. We're just going to delete that. So we got selected over here make sure that this icon is read and you can actually just press delete on your keyboard. Same with this tech down here select it and delete the rest of these objects we're going to be using. But we have to separate them. So we have our outer badge sort of outline. So I'm going to select this one I'm going to do is press command X to get it create a new layer and then press command f not command V to paste but Command F command V just paste it anywhere command. Paste it in exactly the same position where it was before. Next we have to see what these different layers are we have this back a board layer. So I'm going to select this path command X new layer command AF The layering. Or the way the order of the layers also depends on what's on top of the other layers so I can move this board now. Or the layer to board above. So this text appears above the board. See what this next layer is. We have our next layer. So I can select this text command X new layer Command F and I'm going to be recreating the text right with an after effect so we don't really need to do it here actually. The next layer are these individual lines right here and we will be animating them individually so we can just select one of these command X and you layer Command F select the next one command X new layer Command F and I hope you're following along and this is fun for you. So I'm going to like this last one your command to paste it. Now layer 2 actually doesn't have anything so I'm just going to delete layer 2. Ok so now we have our basic badge. You'll notice in the final version there's this little dotted line. We're actually going to be recreating the outline of this badge right with that thin after effects because you can't animate the line like this how it comes onto the screen. It's kind of drawing on you can't do that with the illustrator file. We have to recreate that in after effects. Now let's finish up our layers by adding our camping icons and our mountain icons. So if you have this mountaineer vector graphic open you can select these layers so I'm going to choose this mountain this layer. These layers aren't grouped properly. So what I want to do is select all three of these little objects right here. So if I select one and then I press shift and click the next ones you will see that it selects all three right here and I'm going to copy that command see go back to my badge command V to paste it. And the reason I just did command V and instead command f is because it doesn't really know where to paste it so command V is fine to pace when you're bringing something from another illustrator project into this one. So I'm just going to move this right about there how it was in my graphic resizing it. And for now I'm going to actually just change the color. So with this these vectors selected I can just choose the White from the swatches panel. If you don't have the swatches panel open just go to Windows swatches. Then I'm going to separate these layers. So we have our and you know what I did I actually pasted it into layer 4 which I don't want so what I'm going to do is take this first path layer right here the small little squiggle command X to cut it command to paste it. This next one command X command F and then this last big part of the mountain command X command f. So what I should have done is created a new layer before I pasted it into this composition and I'll show you how to do that right now with our camping icons. So with this graphic sometimes there group properly. So what I can do is just double click these different icons until I have the right one and then I can click and drag and you can see how it kind of washes out the rest of the graphics. That's because we're diving into this group that they have created. So if I just select the flame which I want in command see to copy it go back to my badge command V and now you know what I did again I paste it into the wrong letter. So I want to create a new layer first. So I just undid that and then command V into the new layer so layer 12. So now if I take layer 12 should be able to select it it's not letting me select slimmy just like that one with the direct selection tool. Or I can just actually use my keyboard to move it outside of the text so I can select it more easily. And I'm is going to shrink it down move it right in the middle of this composition try to center it and then choose the white to make it white. It will probably change the size and everything in a little bit. The next thing we've got to grab is the tent. So if we go back to this project we have this tent. You can see if I just double click double click. I can just get the part of the icon that I want. I don't want that background blue so I can copy this go to my badge. Start a new layer press command V and with this layer selected and it's going to use my keyboard to move it down. I'm going to zoom in down here and double click double click and select the person being. And I want to delete that because I didn't like it. So now with all this selected I can just press white to make it white and then I want to separate it. So diving into layer 13 is grouping. I can find the group for the moon and the stars so I can select that command X new layer Command F I know this is long for those of you who know how to do this you can just do it yourself and kind of skip ahead to the after effects lesson. But for those of you who are brand new I hope this is helping and I hope you're following along and doing it so it doesn't. It's not too boring. So now let's just select the trees. Is this letter command X new letter command. And now in letter 13 we just have this tent so we can make these trees a little bit bigger which is what I did. You'll notice that in my badge I made the tent have a little slit right there which I thought looked a little bit better since we removed the person to make it a little bit more tent like. So with Larry 13 selected what we can do is go to our pen tool and then with the pen tool along the path of the bottom part of this tent we can and when the pencil has a little plus icon we can add little intersection points to this tent and then with the direct selection tool we can choose one of those points and move it. So I created three points and then I selected one of them and I moved it around so that it creates that little slit so let's just try to center this with the rest of the project. And the last thing we have to do is make the rest of these boards wide so just select the rest of the objects. Select white select y. It's like multiple by shift clicking and make it all white. Ok so now we have our different layers and that's the most important part about creating you're designing your object in Illustrator. You want to make sure that all the different parts of your body that you want to illustrate separately are in different layers. Because once it's in you bring it into after effects. If it's if there's multiple parts of an object within one layer you won't be able to animate it separately. So for example the stars and the moon it's OK that it's together because I'm going to animate it together but if you did want to animate it separately you would have to separate the star from the moon into different layers. So this is our badge. What I would do for for you now is make sure that you're caught up design your badge and then in the next part we're going to be opening up Adobe After Effects and importing this and preparing this to be animated because there's a little bit more work that we have to do in after effects to prepare this for animation.