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  • Automate manual reports
  • Create your own PowerShell modules
English Hello there and welcome to this lecture. Lets have a quick walk through the PowerShell ... console. We opened the console in ... the last lecture. So we need to go to run and ... type PowerShell and hit enter. Another way is simply searching by PowerShell in ... start. So here we have our console. This console is mainly used for executing the scripts and ... one liner commands. Basically if you quickly want ... to get result from some remote machine or your ... machine only using a simple command, we can use this console. It is quite similar to our ... command prompt or CMD. It is not a good choice for ... developing a new script. You can customize it up to some extent from these ... property options. These options are self ... explanatory and we need not go into details. Why we are saying this console is not a great choice ... for development of script. Because You cannot edit ... multiple line at a time. This console limit us to work ... in 1 line at a time and that is not sufficient for writing a ... script. Second we are not allowed to ... use windows shortcuts like ctrl C and ctrl V for copy & paste. Also with in a line we have to ... navigate using left & right key which is irritating ... and slow down script making. over all it does not look like a ... great toll for development So what is the solution then. It is smart integrated ... development environment that comes along with ... PowerShell and it is free of cost. Yes I am talking about Integrated scripting ... environment commonly called as ISE To open it, You can type PowerShell_ise ... in run or again give a simple search with ISE and click this ... executable which will open up ISE. I highly encourage you to go through this beautiful looking ... GUI and try to understand it. I will quickly walk you through it. So this is your script pane where we will write our ... PowerShell statements. We can see the statements' output in the console upon running. This console can also be used for trying a PowerShell ... command quickly. So what happen, when we write a script, at times we are not sure ... about the syntax and want to try writing a command and ... check if it is correct, we can very well utilize this ... console for that purpose. Then we have these 3 important button. You can hover any button to see what it is meant for. so this button is for running the whole script . Basically whatever commands you have written ... inside this scripting area, it will execute all of them. But in case you don't want to execute all the commands, you can use this button to execute the selected ... statements only. And then we have this button ... to terminate the script execution. .... In case you want to open ... console, no need to go to run again, you can open console from here itself. Then we have this very interesting command button ... which is meant for Show-Command cmdlet of ... PowerShell. When we just write a ... command let's say get-service for an example. And select the command and click it, it will open up this GUI form for us where we can just fill ... few of these details as per the requirement and then we ... can either copy the command or simply execute. So we give inputs to a form and it creates PowerShell ... statement for us. we need not to remember the ... parameters & syntax. How cool is that. In the right side we are able to see this list of modules ... and its command. You can think module as a ... function library which has set of functions defined inside it. and below this module, there is list of functions ... defined in the selected module. When we select a command, It will also open up the GUI of ... Show-Command dialog box. You can adjust your view as per your comfort using these ... buttons. I am quite comfortable with ... this default view and dont want to change it. Allright. That's it. Now I leave up to you to cover this GUI more in ... details. Please open your ISE and ... explore it. We will start using it from ... very next lecture. I will see you there. Take care