Introduction to PowerShell & Its Importance

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Advanced Scripting & Tool Making using Windows PowerShell

PowerShell | Simplified advanced training on PowerShell with real world problems, PowerShell Automation & PowerShell Lab

06:21:11 of on-demand video • Updated November 2020

  • Full of hands-on instructions, interesting and illustrative examples, clear explanations
  • Learn an important and mandatory skill for Windows Server Administration
  • Deep dive into Windows PowerShell scripting
  • Ability to use PowerShell in association with tools like Task Scheduler/Event Viewer/Databases
  • Design and Implement scalable automation solutions
  • Underlying concepts of PowerShell
  • Object based Scripting, In-depth knowledge of Pipeline, Formatting output into professional reports
  • Automate manual reports
  • Create your own PowerShell modules
English Hello you awesome people. A very warm welcome. I am super excited to take you through this course and ... help you become proficient in PowerShell Scripting. I think this is the right time to take few commitments from ... you. First and firm most important ... thing for you, to get anything from this ... course is you have to do practice. So whenever I ask you to stop and try a command or ... guess the output of a code snippets, please try to follow that unless the output is too ... obvious for you. Second, I would love to answer all your relevant question to any ... of the topics discussed in this course. So don't you think that your question is silly and you ... should not ask. If you still hesitate, I am available for you on personal messages as well. So Go ahead and get your doubts cleared. All right. I am not expecting you to ... have any exposure on PowerShell and you will find ... it in my way of teaching that at time I am treating you like ... a novice to the IT world. Please don't disturb with that. If you are very well verse on that topic, Please move on to next lecture or just increase the ... pace of video playback. So tighten your sheet belts ... and lets have a very happy scripting journey. All right Lets go into history of PowerShell. So before PowerShell arrived, system and network ... administrators relied on using different technologies, and script languages to perform an automation or ... integration task. Sometime windows batch ... scripting or cmd was helpful and sometime they had to ... rely on Visual basic scripting and this goes on. Clearly there wasn't a single platform which could be used ... for system administration effectively and comfortably at the same time. This made system administration a very ... challenging task when it comes to integrate ... non-Microsoft products and perform an automatic ... operation. Unix Shell was quite popular ... and Microsoft was lacking a powerful scripting platform at that time This strong need of a tool which can be utilized not just ... for managing Microsoft products but can be ... comfortably used for integrating non-Microsoft ... products as well gave birth to this awesome scripting ... language called powershell. So what exactly is PowerShell, Microsoft says Windows PowerShell is a task-based ... command-line shell and scripting language which is ... designed specifically for system administrators to ... rapidly automate the administration of multiple ... operating systems. Simply speaking, you can consider PowerShell ... as a glue that ties most of Microsoft applications ... together. The server products which ... Microsoft is producing now are not only has built-in ... capability of being managed by PowerShell but some of ... them has graphical user interface built on PowerShell as well. PowerShell is object based scripting language and we ... will be dealing with objects throughout this course and ... not raw text. So filtering , sorting , comparing etc is just a minor ... command thing for us and not a complex logic which we ... have to write in other scripting languages. There is going to be a sperate section on this ... objects only. So don't worry about it at this point of time. Now why PowerShell, well there could be different ... reasons for different organizations or individuals ... for falling for PowerShell but here are few broad reason. Consistency. When you are using ... PowerShell script for doing task like sending the ... application's health status to client or a detailed business ... data report pulling from database server and sending ... it to customer after little formatting, You can be assured that the same script is going to be ... executed which will function completely same on any day ... and it is not going to do typo & formatting mistakes. No need to train the newly ... hired resources on this complex tasks instead you ... can just expose them to your script and your job is done. Next, When you have PowerShell ... script, you can additionally use it for ... audit trail as well. How a particular task is doing ... since last 24 months can be calculated in minutes. Whereas it is difficult to audit the work of different people ... who would have perform that task in last 2 years. Another big reason for opting for PowerShell is that system ... administrators are expected to do lot of tasks multiple ... times. And the GUIs could be a ... nightmare in those task. lets understand this by an example. This is my system's task scheduler. I need to create a new scheduled task. What I have to do is open task scheduler, click this button. Enter few basic details in ... these boxes and hit OK to create the task. Cool, our task is created. Now I am asking you to create 1000 similar tasks with ... minor change in name and triggering time. How much happy you will be to do this same damn thing ... 1000 time in your day? If it doesn't look very pleasant ... to you, What if I tell you that the ... same job of creating these 1000 task can be done by a ... single line of PowerShell. Isn't it impressive. Well. that is a good reason to learn PowerShell. So lets summarize this lecture. The purpose of PowerShell is to improve management of ... systems and when I say system, I am talking about lot of computers and not just few. Next, PowerShell is great tool for ... automation. And it help us in managing in ... real time. And of coarse it help us ... immensely in administering large scale environments with ... multiple applications deployed in it. All right people. Let's meet in the next lecture ... where we will install PowerShell into our machine. See you there.