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Excel offers an incredible range of formulas that enable dynamic analysis of data. In this section I will introduce you to the top 10 Excel functions I believe every user who deals with Excel on a frequent basis should know. With these functions you are well equipped with the knowledge you need to handle pretty much any situation that requires you to analyse data or grab a piece or pieces of information from a large table.

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English [Auto] In this section I will introduce you to the top 10 Excel functions. I believe every user who works with Excel on a frequent basis should know because only when you're aware of what Excel can do in terms of dynamic formulas will you be able to create solid spreadsheets and be fast and confident in your analysis. Well a friend of mine who works in the I.T. Department and uses Excel quite often came to me with the following question. He said that he needs to analyze which day of the week has the most users logging into their system. What he had done is that he'd imported into Excel the date the user name of the person logging in and some additional information. Now this was a lot of dates a lot of users going back many months while he was trying to do was to find from that date which day of the week it corresponds to. So for example is this a Monday or Tuesday. And from this he wanted to make a pivot chart and be able to select for example Monday and then he'll see the system utilization. Now the way he had started to go about this was that he looked at the dates and then he took out his calendar looked which day of the week it was then he typed it in in a separate column in Excel. Let me tell you this Google is one of his best friends but it didn't occur to him to ask google about this and I ask myself why. Why didn't you think about this. Because he didn't think Excel was capable of doing this. And this is the reason for my Top 10 formulas. I don't want you to learn all of these by heart although you're more than welcome to do so. If you want I just really want you to understand them. Be aware of their existence and use them whenever the situation comes. Here is the top 10 for this section again and this is a list compiled based on my experience training other users. It's so easy and then gets more complicated. Some of the functions that are purposely omitted from here because we cover them in other courses for example rank choose and interact because they fit better in the context of dashboards and charts. On the other hand functions that include in online advanced trainings that you just can't run away from because they do want you to know these by heart are offset and index match. I want you to understand them and really use them and the only way to make sure that you pay attention to these is to try to use them in all my classes in different ways to solve different problems. And believe me I'm not doing this to torture you but it's for your own good. Now having said this if you know these two functions quite well. Feel free to skip these lectures and just move on to the other functions with these functions you're well equipped with the knowledge you need to handle pretty much any situation that requires you to analyze data or grab pieces of information from a large table. Now let's get started with formula. Number one.