Adding videos and video backgrounds in PowerPoint

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Adding video backgrounds or videos in PowerPoint

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Advanced Animations in PowerPoint

Learn how to make great looking videos with PowerPoint quickly and easily

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  • Reduce, at least in half, the time to make amazing animations and transitions for your videos
  • Build your own intros, outros and amazing motion graphics from scratch
  • Set the timings of the animations, transitions, sounds and background music in a precisely manner
  • Create wonderful backgrounds for your presentations and videos
English [Auto] Pay in this lecture you'll see how to add videos or video backgrounds through a PowerPoint presentation. These backgrounds make your presentation or video. If you've transformed the bar pointing to a video make it look really neat and stylish and you win points for its visual aspect. So you can see I've used three different short videos for background and the slides come one after the other with some transitions in between. And I've also added some text or a logo and the bottom with animations and if I click on these and weekly redirects me to the page I've linked. In this case maybe Google obviously works for you so it doesn't work if you turn the ball point into a video. OK. Let's start. I get out from the slide show mode and I'm going to delete these three slides to start from scratch. So please open a new blank presentation and need that this feels. And let's add the video background. I go to insert then video and don't click here on live video as it doesn't work well in PowerPoint 2013. Maybe they've solved this problem with PowerPoint 2016. But for now just download the video on your PC and open it from there. So I click here and choose the first video. You also have these videos in the resources file to do this exercise. So I click on the first video then insert. And if some other video is a different size it can go here to crop it and adjust its length or height. But in this case I won't do it as this video has the right size for the whole slide so I'll arrange it as it was before. Then I go to playback and I choose automatically so it starts directly with the first slide and if it's a very short video I can even check loop until stopped. Good. Now let's go to the animation pane. I'll make this animation start with previous and I'll delete this trigger as I don't need it. Let's verify if it's well-set. I click on the slide show button and you see that the video started immediately. And now I look at the text. I go to insert text and I write for example for more informal visits than I sent or the text make it white change its shape to uppercase then change the form too late. All right. And the size to 36. I then go to format to centroid to the slide. I'll give this text for the floating animation the sart with previous 0.75 delay with a float up effect. Then I select the text copied by pressing the control key. I change the text with my sight dot com. So it has the animation already done and I'm going to change just the effect way slow down and leave the start and the delay the save. I didn't drag the text so it was higher. And I go to home to decrease its size and I arranged the text with the down arrow key. Now we can also add the logo. I don't have one but I go to insert and choose this starlike shape to make a logo out of it. I prefer the shift key to draw a symmetrical star. I then double click on it and right logo. OK now I go to shade feel and take out its color and I make white it's outline. I then decrease the logo size and also the font so it can fit it in. Then I also add that button. I go to insert shapes and choose the rounded the rectangle. I place it here by double click on it and write the text. Learn more. I can leave this bottom like it is but I'll take out its color make white its outline and make it smaller. And from this yellow point you can drag and make its corners more rounded. I'll drag it all way up so it can take this elegant appearance. And if you want to add a link to a website you can select it. Then go to insert hyperlink and shift to the address. You can write the u r l of the site you want. I write for example double double w Google dot com and if I click OK this link becomes valid. But I own this I can't so and the. OK let's see how it looks. I click on the slideshow button and here's the video backgrounds and if you want you can also add animations to the logo and the button. OK here this lecture ends. You'll learn how to make video backgrounds in PowerPoint and we will meet in the next video.