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05:54:35 of on-demand video • Updated September 2019

  • To cut off a subject from it's background.
  • Cut the images to the desired size
  • Create posters, flyers, and online banners
  • Combine images to create a collage
  • Add text over images
English [Auto] Welcome back. I stole that I want to talk to you about these calls. KROFT How is used to cut a portion of the image or to resize the page. That could be for crop please see. OK. First of all this image which is called cheap and by holding by pressing C on the keyboard we can hopital. OK. First of all let's say that we want to cut some portion of the meat I want to this area here. I want to race away I want to hold and the only area that I want to preserve is this form right here. Some sort of square image. So there are many ways to do that with Kluft too. First of all you see Square a margin that surrounds the image. You don't need to worry about that for now. With scrupled if you want to maintain to preserve a part of the of of the image you have to do it just click and drag like a regular summation all around the area that you want to preserve. After this the most often you'll see that the area is now all grayed out will be your rates will be deleted. And this is the only area that will be available in other shop so to confirm this this transformation may just want to press enter and the image will be cuts. OK. I'm going to use a little Z to come back to the original image. Either way or another way is to kill not just get another way to cut parts of the image as if you know you're not Shamar. We have some reassurance that the image will be cuts to let's say I want the image to be for my history. And now I can drive the corners and to see in the image what I want to preserve that ratio for my 3 or maybe 1 and 16 per night. OK. Again I want I can scale the image and the final ratio the will be for to my mind. OK. OK. Enough so that I can hit enter and just confirm. OK. So these are two ways that I want that I can capture an image and to resize an image. For now I have a sense for you. So you can test this function and then we'll talk about more about it. OK. So let's go to the exercise.