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This training video will show you the many different brushes you can use in Illustrator.

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Adobe Illustrator: Mastering the Fundamentals

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01:43:35 of on-demand video • Updated November 2018

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English [Auto] Now let's take a look at the brush tool that's very easy to create brushstrokes here on your art Borden's very similar to the shapes that we created in the last video. So we'll just go over to the brush tool and click on that. You can also hit the keyboard shortcut be to access that. And then we can click and drag here to create a stroke if we click and drag again. Obviously create another stroke and if we go back to our select tool we can grab these individual strokes and adjust them and move them if needed. So we can delete them by simply selecting and hitting delete. And let's go ahead and create one more stroke on our surface. Now just as you saw with the shapes you can actually edit each one of these strokes. So up here in our option panel we can take the stroke value and turn that up so we'll select the specific brushstroke that we created and we'll turn it stroke up and you can see we can change its size. And the stroke value you can also change the brush stroke or the style of the brush on the fly as well by simply selecting it. So let's take our stroke value down a little bit and see here we're on my option panel that says fifteen point round it might say something different but it's this option right here. You can actually choose a different brush style so you can choose something that looks maybe more like a natural paint brush. And then again if we adjust the stroke size you can see that that stroke is increasing in size. So I'll select this again. And if when you click on this brush panel here you only see a few brushes you may notice that down here at the bottom we have a little stack of books which is our brush library that we can then go ahead and select some other interesting brushes. And again with this brush selected you can pretty much click on any one of these brushes and change it to whatever you're looking for. So take a moment to create a few different strokes. Change the stroke value for that brush and then change the brush itself. Something also to point out as if I were to grab the brush tool again and then paint and then grab the select tool and select all of these brushstrokes together we can of course change their stroke value and we can of course change the brush type with everything selected. So even if you had a dozen different strokes here inside your art board you could select all of them and change them all together or individually give them a unique look. So take a moment to practice creating different brush strokes.