Creating More Paths with the Pencil Tool

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Learn a few more ways to create paths with the Pencil Tool

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  • Effectively and easily use all of the Illustrator's tools
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  • How to use the pen tool and the pencil tool
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English [Auto] With a pencil tool in Illustrator you can draw close to paths not just freehand open paths in order to create the last path with the pencil tool. First we have to select it. Of course now as great a shape that would look like a very freehand circle. As soon as I'm close in on the first and Arrowpoint Illustrator is this plane this little hollow circle to indicate that we are about to close the path by the way notice that we don't have to be spot on on the first anchor point for ELO's for to close the path. This is a functionality of the tool that we will talk about. I explored the options of the pencil tool but for now let's just remember that we can let ELO's field to close the path for us even if we are not extremely precise. So this is how you can create closed paths with the pencil tool. We can also add another path to an existing path with the pencil tool. When we hover over an endpoint we'll see this slash indicator appearing next to our cursor. If you know just click and create path with the intention of closing it using another endpoint illustrator will show the same hollow circle just as a viewer create and close closed path. We can also reshape paths with the pencil tool. Let's just select the path we want to change. Let's position the pencil tool on or near the path to redraw. And now you can drag the tool onto the path looks the way we want it. Notice though that depending on where you begin to redraw the path and which direction you drag you may get unexpected results. For example you may unintentionally change a close path to an open path change an open path to a closed path or lose a portion of a shape. What's important to understand is that as soon as we draw a line illustrator will drop anchor points automatically and we don't get to choose where they are positioned. The number of anchor points is determined by the length and complexity of the path and we can change the overall looks of the pass by its just in the Peninsula towards global settings. So let's move on to the next video where we will do just that.