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Adobe Illustrator Advanced Vector Artwork

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English [Auto] We can say that the Pentel is the court of vector editing, it is not wrong to say that if you do not know how to use the Pentel correctly, then you know nothing about the vector editing. OK, so it is that important. Now the Pentel can be found not only in Illustrator, but also in Photoshop, in Flash or now called Adobe Animate in after effects, even software outside Adobe such as in 3D, Cmax and CorelDraw, etc. although the names may be different, but the core concept and a shortcut key mostly are the same. OK, let's click on the Pentel. You can use B for shortcut. And then click and click and click like this on the canvas, as we can see, we are creating a series of corner points. Now notice when we do click drag like this, the anchor points that are being generated are bezier anchor points. We can click and drag again. And again, and we can see the resulting path are smooth, not sharp as before, to finish up a shape creation with the Bantul, you can click the escape key or the enter key, OK. Now let's use the alky modifier when creating a shape. First click in here, then click and drag in here. Now don't release the mouse yet. Hold the key in the keyboard and again not we just made the best. You handle non symmetrical. The position of our dragging. Define the position of these handles to give you a more clear view of what is going on when creating shapes with the Bantul. Let's take a look at this image. If we have shaped like this, basically to create it, we can click release in here. Next, we have a Maizière type point. To do this, we must first click in this anchor point position first and then hold, then dreg release at this position where the handles are OK. Now, the trickiest part is the basic unappointed as we need to add alky, modifier into the mix, start, click and hold in its position and drag so that the handle of the other side is at that position. Then without releasing the mouse hole, the Olcay, and then move your mouse so that it's located on top of the second hand position, then release the mouse, then you can release the alky. It is a bit daunting for beginners, but trust me, if you do this several times, you'll get the hang of it eventually. And again, this skill will not benefit you only when working in Adobe Illustrator, but also in other computer graphics software I mentioned before. Let's do some exercise using the Bantul first. We're going to create a heart shape again, click release in here, then move to the left of it and up a bit and then in here click drag and make about thirty degrees angle like so then move down and click release again next click drag indisposition. Try to make it almost symmetrical with the left one. Now if you are still not satisfied, we can always use the direct selection tool to move the anchor point early handoffs until you get the shape that you like. If you are still very far from the ideal hardship with this method, please try and try again until you can get the feel of it and have better understanding of how Pentel actually works.