Eliminating Distractions

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In this lecture, you will learn how to create a good environment devoid of distractions. We will also discuss what are the some common distractions and learn the best strategies to get rid of them.

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English [Auto] This house and the city are graded exactly what it should be. Sean Parker he's wired. That's what I'm talking about. This is one of my favorite scenes from the acclaimed movie The Social Network. And one of the dialogues Maseko book sees oh he's wired in when it means that programming is literally wired to his computer. Even the slightest distraction would not be entertained. In today's information overload world distractions are everywhere. Our mind is under constant siege. The key to success today is not to tolerate any distraction. You have to be wired in distractions are the greatest cause for slow learning. You have to create your learning time with great respect. Every distraction means you must spend energy focusing which leads to making mistakes identify and destroy or distractions identify. In the previous lectures we have discussed about bigging up one skill at a time guarding door Dogget performance level and visualizing obstacles. Once you have completed all these three steps. Start digging deeper into the obstacles. Make a comprehensive list of everything your business and business life you feel resistance and get ready to break through it. Most distractions these days are either from external sources digital and human factors or internal sources. When something is guiding you or your mind wanders from one goal to another. Destroy Once you have identified the distractions you need to destroy them. Let's discuss few strategies that can help you. Remove electronic distractions shut off your phone email and any electronic distraction for the dying junk you located on water. Take the discus in the previous lecture and make you habitual to be in the zone for short and manageable chunks of time if possible get social media. Social networks are massively addictive by design which makes it hard for users to brigge their online habits. For my Facebook employees have called out the company for doing more damage to people's brain and perhaps even damaging how society works. Even Facebook itself has acknowledged that using its services in a certain way maybe detrimental to one's longterm health. A study of boundaries requests from your colleagues boss friends spouses can sometimes be difficult to refuse but be firm. Explain to them you are trying hard to focus on a task they really respected. And if it's important and can be avoided then make a mental note to come back to it. Once you're done. This mental note will help you avoid a similar situation. Next time embrace more them in his deep work gameboard has given this gem of advice other mind is always juggling with new things. Sometimes when tasks start become challenging and require intense concentration. Or of a subconscious mind start thinking about easy and fun things to do. Stop fighting that boredom and recognize it as proof of your focus. You can make focus concentration a habit something you can do regularly to be mindful that one second Drood one rule that I learned from the book one second ahead has a significant impact on me eliminating distractions. The secret to dealing with life's interruptions is incredibly simple give each distraction just one second staying use one second Judy as an automatic response to any stimulus. Be an email or voice message or text during this one second mental gap. Make a conscious decision about where to focus your attention. This one second makes the difference between merely walking and working brilliantly. You have three options. One decide to ignore the distraction to inform that distraction. For example your boss that you look forward to meeting at a specified later time to discuss whatever it is on his or her mind. 3 decide it work and shift get attention to the distraction after you handle it. Don't do your work eliminating distractions is not easy at least not at first. We humans Danto respond automatically to visitors emails what Ismail's text messages etc.. Strive to be Stonn with yourself. No one size fits all method looks because everyone deals with distractions differently. But once you have mastered limiting distractions you will be able to quickly get into the zone of the highest productivity. This ain't what I didn't on.