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Most people are always busy for the sake of being busy. This mechanism is very simple: you feel too uncomfortable (or too lazy) to get important things done so you end up engaging in all the minutia that doesn't really matter. Have you ever had a situation when you finished a long day of work just to realize that didn't even accomplish anything substantial? It happens to all of us. However, it's important to clearly distinguish between being busy for the sake of being busy and being PRODUCTIVE. In this video I will explain how you can do it in order to get more important things done and save time.

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English [Auto] All right so you've just performed the 80:20 analysis of your life. Now I'm really curious about your results. Did you learn anything. Did you have any aha moments. Well if this is the case please go ahead post a discussion and let me know because I'm really really curious now. And this video I'd like to talk to you about. One of the biggest challenges people face when it comes to prioritizing right. And this is something I faced you know for many many years. It's something that's really tough to pinpoint but once you get it it's much easier to manage. All right. So for a moment I want you to think about some of the most important tasks you should be performing in your life. And the question is are they comfortable Ardit easy. Are they simple. Well probably the answer is No. Right. I mean usually when you think about life tasks that are uncomfortable that make you a little bit scared. Right. These are the ones that bring you the most results and it could be something as simple as making a phone call or setting up an interview or maybe something a little bit more complex like for example shooting a video for your website or building a website or go into that business meeting and negotiating a new deal or Devar it is but part is that very often there are certain tasks we should be performing because they can give us the most results because they are scary and uncomfortable. In our case we rationalize why we don't have to perform them straight away. So the question for you. Did you ever have a moment a situation where you know you went for the day and you felt very busy right. You were running around shuffling papers making calls and you felt that you were really productive. You felt like you are you are doing something. And then by the end of the day you look in the mirror and you realize wait a second what have I accomplished today have I accomplished anything. And then you realized that you actually haven't created any results. But for some reason you felt busy. What most people fail to realize is that there is a massive difference between being busy and being productive. And you see you can be running around feeling busy but it doesn't mean that you are productive. Ok so it's very important to know that this is just the self deception and most of us have it right. Most of us have the self-deception where you know we feel that we are accomplishing something but actually we are procrastinating on the most important tasks by doing things that don't really matter. By handling all the minutiae and by the way it happened to me so many times and it still happens to me all right. I know that I should be doing certain things that are really important but at the same time they are a little bit uncomfortable and maybe I'm in my comfort zone now and I feel good in it. And I don't want to really get out of it so I focus on doing stuff that you know seems important and urgent but it really isn't like for example scheduling my Instagram posts right or reading a book or learning about marketing or their is. It's very easy to rationalize that certain tasks are more important than others. But really what we should be doing is analyzing everything in the context of 80:20 and then basically pushing yourself to perform that most important task Okay that should be your priority. All right so what are the strategies to stay on the right track to really you know make sure that you perform the tasks that are most important or uncased of learning that you learn things that are crucial for you instead of just trying to learn everything and and kind of sleep walking through the process. Well there are many different strategies but I don't want to bombard you with them. I want to give you something that actually works and something that's very simple. So Myself I like to use daily reminders and I know that it sounds really simple but it really works. Now I'd like to give a credit to Tim Ferriss because I learned from him. But essentially what I like to do every single day and I always schedule them in advance so I don't need to do it every day but I have those reminders that pop up in my phone a few times a day that basically say things like Are you inventing things to do in order to avoid the important are you being lazy handling all the minutia in order to avoid the scary task. You know I mean you can use your own words. This is just an example. But the point is that you said those reminders to essentially trigger yourself back into that zone. Right. So you remind yourself that you shouldn't be focusing on everything but you should always go back to that most important task. OK it's a very simple strategy but it really works and sometimes what happens is that the Sam sitting down on my laptop and I'm reading about I don't know Facebook marketing and it's been one hour and I'm still reading about it and maybe I have my youtube open then I'm changing tags and one of the videos and then I get the reminder. And then I look at it and then I realize wait a second what am I doing now. Why am I doing Facebook ads now. I shouldn't be doing this. The most important task for today is actually preparing content for making those videos. I have a deadline. I want to publish a new course. I got to handle those videos. So look ads are important learning marketing is important but at the same time I need to make those videos. Now I have a deadline. I know that they want to publish a course and I can handle other things later. At the moment I get that reminder I basically snap myself back into that zone. You know I literally mentally slapped myself in the face. Come on Jimmy what the hell are you doing. You've got to focus on that one important thing and then I sit down and get back into my zone. And hey guess what. I'm just a human being. Right. We all are. So we make mistakes. And you know we fall into those traps quite often just as humans. So then the next thing you know I'm focused on working on the videos and maybe four or five hours later I find myself you know reading a book and doing this and that and maybe chatting to someone or scrapping with someone and then I get another reminder. Right. If for example says are you avoiding important things because you are scared of them. And I'm like wait a second. Am I doing it. And then I think about it for a moment and I go back to what I should be doing right. It's a very powerful strategy but it really works. So make sure that you know instead of watching the next video and then the next one and the next one take a moment just take a minute and set up a bunch of reminders on your phone for the next few days. Test drive it see how you feel. But I can guarantee you that your learning experience and your productivity will definitely increase. On the final note I'd like to mention something really really important. You have to accept that if you want to achieve greater success in certain area you know you've got to accept that small. But things may happen. All right. If you want to please everyone and if you want to do everything then you end up doing nothing. I mean that's the reality. And if you want to be really good in certain area you've got to focus on those more important tasks. And because of that you may end up missing some of those smaller tasks. And guess what. Some people may get pissed off some bad things may happen but you know you always have to think about the big picture right. That's the most important thing. Always have to think about getting closer to that perfect vision you have for your life. So to give an example I mean as you probably know I travel all the time I've been to 66 countries now and I just keep moving around. So I do many different things I try to learn as much as possible. Everywhere I go I do public speaking. I ride I do videos. I do many different things now every single day. I get bombarded with messages from many different people on my Facebook. You know here on you demi on YouTube everywhere. Now I always do my best to respond to those messages but very often people want to jump on Skype with me. They want to chat. They want to do is they want to do that and to be totally honest with you. Very often I missed those messages. Right. I mean that's the first thing. There are just too many of them sometimes even if I see them I would respond in a very concise way and I can jump on all of those calls. I can't accept all of the offers Hey call me scared for 30 minutes because if I did that then I'd have to spend probably ten hours a day handling calls. And then I wouldn't be able to you know create content to learn to travel to learn new skills to to do all of those things I want to do in my life. Right. So I have to say no sometimes I can say yes to everyone. And guess what. Some people get pissed off some people say oh you're so boozy. How are you so successful you can't even talk to me. They don't realize that hundred different people wrote the same message to me in the last seven days. But I accept that some people may not like me for that. I accept that some people may get pissed off because I know what my grand vision. I know what I want to accomplish and what are the crucial tasks I want to perform. I want to put it out there because way too many people try to make everything perfect. They never want bad things to happen. Right. They want to please everyone. You can't please everyone so please remember about it. And when you define what you will be doing today when you have that list of tasks and you are deciding between them then I assume that some small bad things may happen but it's always about your grand vision right.