What is google go and why would you want to learn it?

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So what is Google Go / Golang?  In this lecture I'll:

  • Explore the idea by first creating our first Google Go program in 30 seconds (or less).  Start your timers folks, because this example is real.  

  • Explore the facets of google go and how it started.  How it's system based, young and efficient.  How it's easy to learn, open source and portable... and how it has an amazing mascot!  

  • Explore why you'd want to learn google go (golang) in the first place! 

  • Why was google go (Golang) developed?  

  • Who developed google go (Golang)?

  • Why is it exciting!  

  • Is google go (Golang) a hot market skill?

  • What companies are using google go (Golang)?

  • What projects are based on google go (Golang)?

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A gentle introduction to Google Go (Golang) for Beginners

Break into programming with a gentle introduction to Google Go (Golang) for beginners!

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  • Learn the basics of programming in one of the hottest new languages - without loosing your mind!
  • Compile and run Google Go (Golang) Programs
  • How to learn programming for the first time!
  • How to install visual studio code, golang and git on Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems.
  • Really understand how computers work, what programming is and how to develop programs. The foundations of computer science.
  • Use the Visual Studio Code, to edit, compile, debug and run our yown fully featured programs in Google Go (Golang).
  • Be an effective beginner Google Go (Golang) Ninja! At the end of this course you will have a competent foundation in all the essential concepts of Google Go (Golang).
English [Auto] What is Google go. And why would you like to warn it. So Google go is also called going and it is a programming language that has been developed by Google. And what a programming language does is it takes a recipe in a human readable format that tells the computer what to do and it translates it or compiles it into a machine language version that a computer is able to run. And ultimately that's what a programming language does. It gives us a way to express instructions to a computer in order to get it to run. Now before I go further I want to challenge myself as well as you to create our first Google go program in 30 seconds or less. And we're going to do this very easily in real time here. You can fall along with me no matter what computer you've got. Fire up your favorite Web browser and then we're going to start the timer here. So let's see if we can do this in 30 seconds or less creating our first Google go program just to get a little more hands on as I'm illustrating the concepts we're going to start. I'm going to go to tour going. Dot org. Twenty five seconds here. I have got. Hello. Our first Google go program ad run and there we have it. Our first Go go go program completed with 12 seconds remaining on the clock. Now what happened here. Again what I've done is I've gone to tour Doug go line dot org where I have this Web site. It's present and in fact there's several different programs that are available as part of the tour and I invite you to check out to it. I go on dot org. But I've basically just gone here and I've used their system which has a going environment just to type in and modify it in existing going program that I can show you you know and run it. So here these are simple instructions human readable instructions you can see this is obviously some kind of print statement I can say our second going program and I hit run and I have it right there and it's actually run on going dot org server right there. But basically we've been successful in creating our first Google go program. So that's really what a programming language is and that's what Google Co is now continuing on really to talk about what is Google go we're going and what makes it special. The first thing is that Google was sorry Go was created by Google in 2007 and it was announced in November of 2009 and Google is first and foremost a software engineering company. In this day and age when I'm recording this lecture Google already process is one point two trillion searches per year worldwide. And the legend says that while waiting for a C++ program to compile the step when a computer takes a program and it makes it into something the computer can run it was sort of dreamt up by several Google engineers. And so we have results result is is going line or Google go. It is backed by an absolutely massive corporation and Google go isn't going anywhere. Pun intended. Also it's an incredibly young language right. It was developed and released in November of 2009 and comparing it to other languages you have see which was developed in 1972 which was over 40 years ago now. You've got C++ which brought about or object orientation and it was developed over 30 years ago now. You've got Python developed in 1991 which is 20 years ago as well as Java and Ruby which were developed in 1995. And again those are over 20 years old now as well. Now when I say it's incredibly young it doesn't mean that it's bad. What I mean is it's thoughtful going is the first computer language the first programming language that is really designed from the ground up with thought and consideration towards concurrency and multicore CPSU. So it's a really a standard language and a fantastic one to work on. It is systems based. And that means that it is fast and efficient. It is a system level language that became a general purpose language which means it has roots in being fast is efficient and compiles fast and it runs fast. Keep in mind these are Google engineers that we're considering and thinking about you know how do we make a better programming language. It is also open source and cross platform you can take your code anywhere. OSX Linda Linux Windows BSD and various other types of star Unix systems for lack of a better term you can bring it to Android and I Os and you can compile your code in and had developed in one platform and bring it everywhere. It has guaranteed backwards compatibility and a huge community that is behind it. And that's one of the reasons why this course has video instructions in order to help you run on Linux Windows and OS X or Macintosh operating systems. And additionally it is easy to learn it has a really clean and powerful syntax. It's a really sensible syntax and simple has never been so powerful. And finally it has a sweet mascot that was developed by Rene French so why weren't Google go. I mean didn't you just see the mascot. But seriously it's a great career skill. In fact in full world in May of 2016 published this headline article saying want to boost your scarf salary. We're in scalp go or python. But here's the real kicker in the 2016 workforce skills prepared this report as published by PayScale dot com Google go was listed as the number one job skill that you could do in order to get your salary above the average how much above the average twenty two point four percent. So people compared to their peers if they know Google go they're able to command a salary difference of twenty two point four percent. I don't know about you but I would love to have that twenty two point four percent job salary increase and Google Co is a great way to achieve a differentiating skill in your resumé in your capability in order to market your skills better in today's digital world. It's simple yet powerful. In fact Caleb docs he writes go is a general purpose language programming language with advanced features and a clean syntax because of its wide availability on a variety of platforms. Its robust well documented common library and its focus on good song drainage and hearing principles go is an ideal language to learn as your first programming language and Google go is made by some world class intellects. As we mentioned to solve some real problems that Google was experiencing in fact these three gentlemen are the principal or the original founders of Google. Go you've got Robert Krasner Rob Pike whose wife ran a French created that adorable Google go mascot. And Ken Thompson and these three gentlemen are like rock stars in the tech community. So to have them creating Google go or going is like having some of the most world class or is having some of the most world class individuals creating a language from the ground up. Really exciting stuff and it's been used in some amazing new applications. In fact here is some of the companies that are using Google go you have Dr. Docker and Google Cuban natives projects and these are similar technology products that are using or creating application container ization and virtualization for applications. Now I know that's a bit of a mouthful but as an enterprise architect let me tell you that these are some of the most exciting technologies to come out in recent times. Containers are going to revolutionize the way that applications get deployed and used in large enterprise server farms. So the enterprise computing world is really being shaken up and revolutionized by these technologies. And Google go is the foundational language that is being used for these technologies. Dropbox is also using Google go. And in fact Jamie Turner tweeted our entire infrastructure service layer has been rewritten in go Lang with tens of thousands of servers running millions of hits per second Twitter has a number of applications that are processing Twitter streams and using Google go. And if you want to have your mind blown. Check out this site here. It's on github and it will list all kinds of applications using Google go in fact check out this web page. That's the URL. I can see that is used all over the world. You've got all of these applications using it. And this is like a who's who of applications you've got eBay the Economist You've got Flipboard you've got you know a huge number of applications that are using Google go. And this is just in the States Australia Austria Brazil Belgium Canada all over the world India Indonesia Iran. I mean you can see all over the world people are using Google go to make some really amazing applications. So in the end and this is really the point there's never been a better time to learn Google go.