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3D Modeling and Texturing Interior Office in Autodesk Maya

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  • Model in-organic 3D objects such as Table, chair etc.,
  • Texture in-organic 3D objects such as Table, chair etc.,
  • Create simple lighting and render a interior office scene.
English [Auto] In this video we will create the tables for our interior. And before we start to model it's important to set the units because we will be creating different types of models and they all needs to fit into the same scale. Otherwise our table might be too small for the chair or for the rest of the models. So we can go to window and choose settings and preferences and go to preferences and then we can navigate to settings there we will find working units. So inside working units you will find linear and there is our unit. So by default my Has centimeters as its unit. So you can assume that one grid space here is one centimeter something to change that foot so you can see that our grid has become huge now. So its safe and zoom out a bit by using alt and right mouse button. Great. So now we can assume that one good space is one feet. So lets begin creating our models. I'm going to start with the cylinder because I want to make a circular table. So go to Polygon primitives and cylinder so we got a cylinder going to make the radius to be bigger so that we make it approximately five feet. So little if five here is the radius. OK. And at the height of the table I wanted to be something like 3 feet tall make it three loci that looks nice. I want to lift it up. I can use my front view or the side view by pressing SPACE but I get the other views. It is too small I mean just make it bigger. Now when we do this we will also notice that sometimes we might have this small problem. Now some part of the object is looking black. Thats because the front can the side view camera they are actually too close to the object so theyre not actually able to see the entire thing. So what I can do is just click on this button to select this camera as you can see that the camera is here so that is why it's actually cutting off part of it. I can just pull this out. Now this happens only if you have changed this units to dramatically different value. Once you make those changes then you don't have to worry about it after that. I'll also do the same thing here. Select this camera and you can see that they're all pulled back. OK. A side view camera and from view cameras fixed that we might have to do the same thing for the top few. We don't see any difference right now because the camera lies about the object anyway. When we lift it up we'll end up with trouble. So I'll just pull this up all the way right. So now I can just look at my side view. I'll make the site bigger. I can lift this up. OK. Done. So now I can see that this is three grid space that is three feet OK fine. Now I'm going to make some modifications here. I don't want this inside divisions so I can go to college cylinder and I can just reduce this division caps to see row. I can even enter Matal value of 0 if I want. And I don't want to have any high divisions also because we will do some divisions by ourselves. OK. So I think that looks good. Now I'll make some modifications here. I want to create some model. I want to tweak this table slightly. So select the top area I'll press shift key. Right click and choose extrude face. This will give us the extra tool I'm going to pull it up slightly so very slight. OK. And I want to extrude once again. So I've just taken it inside. Now I will do another extrude and this time I can push this inside because this is a big round table. I want to have some space inside just to keep some things that they intend to. I'm doing one more extrude. Scaling it. I'll do one more extrude and pull it down. This can actually go down to the ground or I can leave it somewhere in the middle. Let's check where it is. I can press for to see the wireframe OK. So I'll leave it there. No problem I'm just going to add one more loop here that I'll do and it's trued to pull these things closer. Go ahead and select right click and select. Now shift to right click and choose insert edge loop tool and with add an edge loop somewhere here. OK. And now I'm going to select all these inside face or select this first one and I'll shift double click on the next one so that you can see that it selects all these faces. Now I can hold shift key right click and choose extrude. Now this extrude I'm going to make it small first so scale it only in y axis. And now I want to push this in side you see that's nice. Great. So this looks like it gives some space here for the people who are sitting here to keep their feet and we can also do some more extrusions shift right click extrude face or make it smaller great. I'll do one more extrude pull it closer. This time I can actually push this out. Now keep in mind the axes that you pick here is very important. If you pick on this x axis if you want it goes weird and if you pick y Axel's it goes up and down. And if you pick the z axis that's what we want. So make sure that which axis you're picking which would decide how the model is going to be. OK. So I think that looks good if you want you can also make this bottom area to be a bit more smaller. It can. I'm going to choose a scale Tulo a press are all I can click here. Take the scale to me scale up all of them. So this is basically a personal preference. Whichever way you like you can keep it if you want to make it smaller you can make it smaller if you want to keep it in larger size itself you can keep it in the larger size you want to make it even smaller like that you can. So it's basically a personal preference. Whichever way you like you can keep it. I want to keep it somewhere like that. Not exactly till the end but just a little bit OK. Now if you want to make more divisions you can so I can also select this extra once again make it smaller and do another extrude. This time I can push it closer. I'll push this thing here. So the more you extrude the more divisions it will get much better if you look. I can also turn on my wireframe on top of the shaded mode which actually shows us more detail of the object OK. So this completes this video on creating the table for our interior.