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  • Animation, Polygon Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Lighting, Digital Sculpting, Rendering
  • Master Maya, 3DSMax, Mudbox, and techniques you can use in any 3D application!
  • Create professional quality assets for your portfolios, games, and animations. Create your own 3D prints or VR worlds
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English [Auto] So now that we have a rig we have some fun with our character. Next we take them and we compose them and animate them and we'll start off with a pose. So let's put some basic shapes and here's something that we can use to counter poser character on between maybe some crates he has and so I've seen maybe a little drops a little piping in and just changing over to a local. And we're just going to keep it simple. Let's go ahead and assign a necessary material to it. All right. When we're doing the posing the posing going to back our motion time we want to make sure that we're not in your mode figure mode needs to be the mode where your mesh is at rest where the meshes are actually the original position of it. So that makes your out to figure mode figure mode and we'll go ahead and do this but we're going to do it with some auto king because we actually want to keyframe and oppose I'm going to click on the biffo one. This is the main boot of our bypass am in this sign of keyframe. And when I click on the keyframe you'll notice that nothing happens over here with the bypass. There is a disconnect between the setting and a keyframe and the actual setting of keyframe. So when I go into my bypass into the motion tab and into my key framing tools and let's see our D info and we're going to most of our work through these. So here we have our set key. If I click on this one then it actually sets the key. So just to keep in mind when you work at and let's see oh we're looking to do is have some fun we're just going to use character in some kind of interesting and I would it advise one of the best things to do is like working on a character Your Move tool you use in a view or a Worldspace for your for your space on the probably on rotation and scaling. If you do the more squealing but definitely rotation make sure that you're with your local arm ups we could probably shift our play over a little bit make him look like he's stretching a lot but to get up there and announce them trancelike on the bone we get the mash. Again it's a great chance to remember when you were starting to pose and you're really focusing just on bones go ahead and just make that transition set that filter that you're just working on the bones. We'll put something on an eighth his foot. He's standing on there nice and heroic but he can rotate his foot around like even kick out. Me just a little bit these things rotate really nice right around see me we can just kick this arm all the way out just for the fun of it. We have our friendly yet mildly confident Romont and let's drop and find that the little box is foot and you'll find that as you start modeling and feeling comfortable with the tools the fun part about this is that you can just start telling a story. As you work within the module my autokey off you can just start to create objects in the scene and then just gradually tell a story while you're doing it. Is probably in some kind of warehouse or junkyard area. He's looking for spare parts to yeah that's the good fun. But just like that you can take what you have modeled and then baked and skinned and then you can start to pose and put in some playful positions and has fun rendering it out. Making maybe a new wallpaper for your desktop. Right so we're you know leave this guy right in here. We like the basic pose that suggest different takes some time play with posing in a lot of different ways. Most of all just have some fun with it. All right. Next up we'll do a basic animation in an idle pose. We'll do that next.