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English [Auto] Show my and this is going to be printed Shamma all levels vigorous Vinyasa flow. So let's just get started right away. Starting at the front of the mat spread your toes lift your arches drop your shoulders down and back tilt your tailbone down engage your core. Lift your kneecap engage your quadriceps lift the crown of your head to the skies. So just getting really tall and long and stable and rounded into your feet and just take a few breaths just closing your eyes. Set your intention for your practice. When you engage your breath and follow through the Vinyasa I want you to really focus on UJA breathing so as you inhale the sound of the rest comes in through the nose and fills the lungs. And you can hear it as the exhale a good Darth Vader sound and really cold. This kind of really strong the whole time and how exhale inhale exhale so that you can really focus beyond your thought. And that's our primary intention for the practice today is just getting still in the mind and moving through the practice with strength ease and grace as you are ready in her arms we found it not until I see your fingers above you lengthen your spine gently arch by AG fell swan dive forward open the arms wide soar forward with a flat spine all the way to the earth on forehead to the shins. Relax your neck and extend the left leg straight out and back to lengthen the spine and exhale with Grace bending the right knee lower the left toes down to the earth. Slip the back foot over an arm sweep out enough. So really every time we move I want you through this full practice really focus on the transitions so the transitions can be just as or more important than the actual poses themselves. Length lengthen the thigh and gently arch back lift your heart to the sky. The cleansing doesn't help. And remember to keep that UJA breath exhale all the air allowing tension to melt away with the brush and exhale palms all the way to the earth right foot that plank position comes under the shoulders tailbone tilted under lower belly N-Gage told here 5 breaths 1:57 the hot lizard so pomme to the chest will do 10. So five on each hand. So you alternate palm to earth palm to chest palm to earth palm to chest. Keep that lower belly pulling in the still's heat in the core strengthens the shoulders arms chest and core after 10 hot lizards exhale or half way down or all the way to your belly check the wrong guy in a dog or COBRA. Shoulders down and back. Lift your heart. I held our dog. Tuck your toes ground to the heels neck is completely relaxed. Bending your left knee running down to the right he'll pull your navel to your spine. Deep Cleansing the hand switching sides groaning to the left and bend the right knee and then both heels rooted in the right leg lengthen bend the right knee press the right toes down to the floor on the left side of you and then accelerate. Step the right foot forward and to the left of your left hand turn to switch it up just a little bit today so the right foot to the left of your left hand and straight in your right knee. So engage your core as you took the trouble down in back length and from the sacrum to the crown of the head. Grounding into the palms. Deep cleansing breaths. Fold forward you can bend the elbows a little bit. Just breathe in to the TV on on the right leg five deep breaths and after your fifth breath inhale step the right foot back playing position X so lower down halfway up the donga of dog or COBRA shoulders down and my leg so dowered half the sky. So the Earth lengthen the spine elbows nice and straight and how the left leg all the way up to the sky. So the left foot forward to the right of your right hand this time and fold over the left leg. So really working the outer edge of the left hand here lengthening the spine tilting the telephone down and back grounding into the palms strength as in the upper body chest in the core. Beautiful breath you guys five breaths like this just opening up the TV and lengthening the spine and engaging the core. After your fifth breath in her left leg all the way up and back and the knee point the toes to the right side of your foot on the right side and exhale left foot forward between the hands coming into low lunge on this side of the right knee down and how arms sweep out and up interlace your fingers above you lengthen your spine gently arch back five breaths. Here are two radiating the pelvis forward. Bull's hips square to the front of the model lengthen the spine gently arching back. Deep breath. After five rough so palms to the earth shift your weight to the left foot. Remember the transitions important here. Shifting the weight and to the left foot right leg extends back lengthen and exhale feet together fold forward in the reverse one. I rise to stand on top of the inhale gently arch but I tell swan dive forward open the arms wide soar forward you really tilt the tail bone and lengthen the spine as you come down in length and left leg back ground into the right foot and exhale all the way down lower into a high lunge right 90 degrees arm sweep out and up as you inhale. Keep the hips nice and low lengthen the spine as you lift the chest and arch back and exhale twist to the right so left elbow on the outside of the right thigh. Think that hips as you revolve your torso and look up towards the sky over the right shoulder variation. One day here variation to left hand to the floor right arm to the sky and variation variations three left arm under the leg right arm around the back side. Bind your hands together deep cleansing the saw as you revolve your torso to the right draw that right back. Keep lifting that back me up bending into the right knee traction the knee forward here and then slowly release the left hand to the floor and how the right arm up to the sky. Open your heart to the sky and exhale right hand down right foot steps back plank position 10 hot lizards and go opposite hand opposite chest. It has pulled up to this vine. Use it to strengthen your core. Got it. So five on each hand and after 10 lizzard exhale lower down half way up from the elbow stay right on the side grab in hell of dog or COBRA lift your heart arch back exhale downward dog ground into your heels lengthen your spine breathe into this openness into the back of your body and then bending both knees lift your heels press your chest in towards the thighs relax your neck and open up the upper back and shoulders. Yes breathe into the back of your body and then grounding into the right foot in her left leg up an x her left foot forward between the hands coming into Highline and how arms sweep out and up left 90 degrees think the hips nice and low arms reach straight up. Lengthen the spine. Think the hips lower belly N-Gage deep breath and exhale twist to the left right elbow to the outside of the left thigh. Think your hips nice and low so the more you get into this twist you get deeper into potentially spinal adjustment so that your spine can start to align itself properly lengthen the spine and draw the left shoulder back if you want to come into a bind. Pick the right arm under the leg bind the hand around the back side working toward the straight left elbow grease and shear shoulders strong legs strong firm foundation. Slowly release right hand back to the earth and her left arm up to the sky. Open your heart to the sky and exhale. Left hand to the earth left foot grounds into the earth lengthen as you come forward and both feet together at the front of the net. Hug your legs forward bend in reverse one day rise to the top of the arch by an exhale pressure to your arm sweep out and then do your fingers above you gently arch back. Phil swan dive open the arm soar forward like an eagle flying over the valley love and her lengthen left leg back grounding into that right foot and ex-SO lower with grace. Those toes back into your Nightengale back foot flat right palm to the earth and hold the left arm to the sky. So really go deeper every pose. It could be the same pose you've done a thousand times. Make it your priority to go deeper dig deeper into your own experience here. Could come into a bind. You could extend the arm over the ear length and the left side. Reach into your body whenever you're feeling. Breathe into it. If there's something there for you to let go of and slowly release both palms to the earth you're going to pivot your back foot up if you wish you can either keep that back knee lifted or lower the back and come on to your forearms here pivot your right foot out about 45 degrees. Then just rest your forehead down to the earth. Make a soft spinors long breathed into your head and when you're ready after you're fired rest back to the Palms. Lower the back of me reach your right hand back for the left foot and pull the left foot in toward do so really open up the quadriceps on the left side. Pull your navel to your spine re-evolve your torso and look up over the right shoulder. Deep cleansing breath. Slowly release that back foot palms back to the earth and how plank position this time five pushups if you need to do the knees down you can come into a female push up just like that after five anyhow. Up and back upward facing dog or COBRA I killed our dog tuck your toes ground into the heels neck is completely relaxed here. Now left leg all the way up and exhale left foot forward between the hand side angle pillows on the side right foot fly left hand to the earth and hell right arm up to the sky. Sink the hips. And if you want to lengthen the right side or just keep the right arm extended straight up use that left tricep plus press the left knee to the left. And breathe into the inner thigh here. If you want to go into the bind take the right arm around the back side or your left arm underneath clasping the right wrist. Breathe into your left hip and after five rests exhale both palms to the earth pivot that back foot up and hold the left arm to the sky re-evolve your torso. Open your heart to the sky and exhale both hands down drop the back knee. Get your left hand back for the right foot and pull the foot towards you. Open up the hip extensors quadriceps really breathe into any where you're feeling tight and reach for the outer edge of that back foot so you can revolve your torso the left shoulder draws back. Really Look up over the left shoulder to feel the openness and the spine as you revolve your torso deep cleansing breaths. Then when you're ready to release slowly release your back foot. Shift your way to the left foot inhale extend forward so we're going to come into extended forward then grounding it to the left foot right leg extends back looking down and exhale both feet together hug your legs forward bend in reverse one day rise the standing top of the inhale gently arch back and back to the center so we're going to come into a standing side bend. So until I seen the fingers above your head nice long spine grounding into the feet tilt the tailbone down pull the navel to the spine and lengthen and exhale pull the arms over to the right so the left side body growing nice and long left shoulder drawing back. Feel the length of that left side. Breathe into your core strength here. See if you can get some real length and then pull from that length so there's no compression in the spine at all. Beautiful breast. Tilt the tailbone down. Beautiful strong core. Now back to the center. Go to the other side so pull the right arm over the right ear lengthen the right side feel that stretch from the right hip all the way to the right fingertips as you get that nice beautiful lengths just like that. Anyhow back to the center and exhale open the arms wide sore forward into a forward bend palms to the earth. Anyhow look up lengthen exhale full jump step or float your feet back into plank position coming into side plank rolling over onto the left side. Grounding into the left palm legs are extended if you need to use that top leg for support. Bend your top leg. Place the foot in front of your left. Otherwise both legs extended straight feet are stacked right arm straight up or over the right ear lengthen as you lift your hips and the goal is rainbow both because you want to lift your hips really high holding up the right side of your body while you build strength in the left side. And if you want we're going to come into wild things step the right foot behind you open it up as you arch back so a little bit of a back bend and then from here you can either flip over into a full wheel or just come back all the way back into side plank and then back around into place position and lower down half way and her upper dog or COBRA exhaled downward dog nachas soft spinors long we're going to look forward between the hands and the sink the hips a little bit like a pounce for like a little cat jump step or float your feet up and length then exhale fold hug your legs in reverse and I rise to standing on top of the hill are you back. I pray to your heart and how arms sweep out and I pulled forward palms to the earth. And how we're going to jump step or float back again. And then this time axil over to the right side. So the right palm ground. Use the strength on the right side of your body hips stay nice and high left arm over the left ear fill the string come up right side as you lift away from the earth defying gravity if you want to come into a wild thing. Step out left foot back a little arch back here. Open your heart to the sky and then all the way back around coming into side like on the right side and all the way back into playing position palms and the shoulders exhale lower and up Darger Cobra exhale downward. Beautiful guys. And coming from here downward dog into Dolphin Posa lower the forearms grounding into the elbows. If you want to measure you can lower to the knees you can measure yourself if you feel like you need to. Otherwise all balls are shoulder distance and a route into the palms and then cross the chest back towards the thighs crown of the head hanging to the earth lower belly engage Talban tilted up deep cleansing. Here we go. Strain the legs strain the elbows. Jump step or fall forward. Then the next thing that helps volley Boody least we know the name of one thing. I'm down back down. Yeah baby. I think that helps engage the core when we want to turn it up. Yeah baby. She's like yeah break free. Yeah baby. Keep it low key below. Keep it going. Shake it shake it think about the upper body to hear the arms moving not just for the heck of it. It's a real workout here to make me question everything is very loud the below the below if you can engage those glutes not just the legs it's all that and a bag of chips and your body strong core. So that really helps keeping it both up nice and low. We're staying in the in the chair pose here on my chair pose for the love y'all burning and it's burning I mean it's working go home you're like legs do these body legs later on if you're looking back. Man I wish I was doing some of those Molly booty shakers. They'll be doing the home in your room dreaming about you. A guy came in on a big you do this every day 30 days twice a day. You'll probably see results. Yeah. Plus I'll have fun anyway. It's really fun when we see the kitchen ladies doing like they're good. I know. I'm like what's up. They've got strong legs. Got to keep it below. Give her all those Irish. You could do it. Yeah baby I think I've got no clothes on. Don't worry we have the wide leg version next. Yes. I'm not a media OK interlace your fingers the forward man then Dooley's your fingers behind your back take a little neck decompression here decompress the spine then press the chin away from the body and then press the forehead into the shins. Beautiful rescue you guys. That's awesome. Finger of the left leg backs are going to come into our bones sequence so is good for that left leg back and grinding into the right foot and how airplanes that is coming into an airplane to start left leg extends back length then engage the car looking down in front of the front of the mat and then rising up left knee into the valley arms extend right above the head. Beautiful Smile Smile is the most important stretch you can do. Preparing for a big kiss. Back then things were one hour. No laughing though. You could fall over extending legs straight. I've decided to become Indian. Those of you know Indians are going to watch this video. No they will. OK. I love India. Then the leg. And then the said then. Now we're going to bring it out to the side guys. Remember this one arm straight up leg out bend to the side. And how deeply and exhale extend the left leg. If you've got that she breast going and how she didn't know so she was good. And now back to the center. Now this time take your left hand to the right foot and then take the left hand to the left and now see if you can pull your leg up standing rocking maybe rock the baby. Now if it's a little too tough to get your baby up by her chest her baby drill it's OK if your baby is down here. You get the Raggatt. It makes it harder. OK that's good. Just like that. Pull it Ed. And then when you're ready releasing taking like back do right hand to the left foot. See how we do. We kind of con you into thinking we're almost done. We're not holding that back now. Left arm up by the left here. Hold on to your left foot with the right hand. I want to see you guys in the back doing it. Hold on. Hold onto the outer edge of that foot. It's going to be a lot easier if you have the palm on the other side on the outer edge of the foot. And then we're going to press the foot back into the palm and you can come into a little Mundhra here in the front. Beautiful twisted dancer. Beautiful. OK we're going to come back to the center. Don't let the foot down yet bend the left knee high. We're going to do the standing twist left arm extends back. Now first variation knee is bent second variation if you're up for it leg straight good. Just like the beautiful guys a nice long spine. You want to look back towards your left hand and then when you're ready you just slowly release shake it Shake it shake it out. Yes. Might as well go into our wide leg dancing pose. Oh you like that one better. This one. I think this is Black Eyed Peas. This is just a different song. OK. Why legates guys. So why. I think turn it up. You get now you know what this is Jack Johnson. Whatever put it on whatever you want. We're going to dance and see what you can come up with. 1 0 3 8 1 ok. Universe 1 2 3. I'm changing it watch out now. Really. Oh yeah baby. I thought you were sick of this. Hello. Oh man. He wanted to catch catchphrases guys you can yeah you can jump but that's going to be really tiring. I like to see you do that. Later you'll be like I can walk big on it up keep it street. You might the mean guy got me got me questioning get high I get a call probably a Blue Lagoon or maybe a B B B B we got the full open sky. OK. Well anyway keep in mind the ball is the course try to keep it up. That keeps the heart of hearts and minds and you burning here. I should know by now said can you say straight is gone. Fold it and melts. Well for sure but not today. OK. Together he began to do the other side of the standing balance. OK. I always say hey no no not again. But that's next. You want to play the song right now. No come on. OK. Right like summer is watching this video like we were in the open air. People fly into the ground. Dan's right leg back. Of that away from the sacred in hell rise to stand next to the chair. So remember we're going to hold it for one hour. Don't laugh. Standing right leg straight go man. And then one more. Now we come to the side. She breaths in how lengthen execs. Shh and how selfish. How selfish. Back to the middle here. Come into our baby. Rock the baby. Bring the leg up. It's left hand hold on to your right foot right here and you hold on to the knee. If you can get the right foot into your left elbow crease pull it up standing hips structure rocking your baby decide that we're going to really put behind you the left hand of the right foot by the arm by the right ear deep breath rooted into the left foot in how deeply I excel. For just a little is a balance stable in the mind and the body. Now back to the center thing the knee forward no stopping keep the right arm extended You can keep the left or right knee bend or if you're ready for the challenge hold onto the outer edge of that right foot. Lengthen spinal twist right arm extends back see if you can look back towards your right fingertips your palm faces up and coming back to the center. Just lower the foot. Shake it out. Shake it. Good job. You guys could just go into dancing from here. But we have Mario to do. OK. Back to the center. Close your eyes for a moment in your arms reach out and how you arch back. I fell by in length like the left leg back like so with grace Florida's toes down. Down with the new. Down with the forearm. Sorry we're just now into the right hand side pointing out to the side a little bit to see if you want to go into if you feel like I want to know a little crazy today. You take your right arm and her right leg. If you're feeling flexible I mean if you're like that's never up and then don't do it of course. Plus if you're really sweaty you Joe you could flip. But basically what we're going to do a variation one you just chill here with your leg over your shoulder. Variation to you and ground into the palms and see if you can without sliding over with this one the arm might need to widen your stance to keep the arm from slipping. Extend that right leg straight. So the elbow is bent in the right leg and straight and everything. And so you're moving into the next version of this which would be an arm round if I can do that. So you get that image. Basically it's arm belts with a split. So the right leg is over on the left leg is back but this is the first step. Right. This is how you get there. Isn't it simple. You know sometimes the most complicated things start so simply you don't ever have to do that another one. But if you do this one and an arm balance and the splits by themselves you'll be able to do that. Third one will grow up without those three beforehand. Those are like prerequisites in college you can take calculus until you take algebra. This is like algebra. OK we're going to come back. Let's see if we can go from here if you'd like into a split so we'll have take this right leg straight. Now first variation if you're just working towards getting or split as both hips square to the front of the mat and then working on the hip extensors and working on the hamstrings and back and forth and back and forth eventually it can just go down into Cyrilla want to try to get the hips squared to the front of the mat the spine nice and long if you're going or if you want to get your arms up over the available to truly arch barre if you want it you can fall for it ha. If you can fold for weather here in the splits or if you're just in the splits prep fold forward on the right leg and just really open up the hamstring. Then move them to and from there. All riled up and you're going to pivot back. So Ben the balcony pivot so that you're going to sit on the right hip with the left knee bent coming into a hurdle or stretch just like that then open the arms wide revolve your torso to the right and axil fold with crease. So one of the themes of today's practices to move with grace and if you can bring that awareness and intention into your entire life. Many magical things can start to manifest in your life because the energy of grace is also the energy of gratitude gratitude and grace are like sisters and held back. I'll take the left hand to the left ankle and reach your right arm straight up length on the right side and as you arch back you should feel the left inner thigh really opening up feels really nice and then back to the center. We're going to take that left foot all the way forward across the right leg. If you want it you can actually bend this right knee. We'll try this variation. Going to try a couple of new variations here. So hugging that left knee into your chest first just hug the knee should feel your him stronger glutes kind of stretching. And then from here he did this one the other day. So first variation. Hug your legs so we have a rocking baby. Second variation you take the shoulder and the leg over your shoulder just like that and just kind of hang out there for a minute. Third variation your right hand reaches across the front of the left foot and then extend the left leg all the way up. Revolve your torso grounding into that left home and look up to the sky over the right arm. So keep that left hip nice and low and behold the big toe or you can hold the outer edge of the foot beautiful brush. And then if you want to go into the arm balance so either stay there stay in one of those variations whatever you feel calling you to hold and then going into the arm balance the palms around your feet as you exhale come forward with your thighs together then lower your way into the upper body as your elbow bends engage the core. Now back to the center will switch sides so actually we have to actually switch sides all the way back to the beginning of the sequence. So all that back in the plank pressed back and a downward left foot steps forward to the Hynds below the right knee. Both hands to the right side of the foot slide your right knee back both hands to the right side of the foot lower to the forearm just rest your forehead towards the earth or relax the neck and make sure that your left knee is not turning over the left bank. So that left foot up as much as you can. You want to go for those more advanced variations where the left arm is under the left you can see with that left leg is over the left shoulder. Q On and try and for that matter split prent just ground into the palms extend that left leg straight to try the full arms and split spots a little more advanced. But if you want to build up to that you're going to split up. So sink your hips back if you want to stretch the left hand strength strengthen the left flag just isolate your left hamstrings by extending the left knee straight flex your left foot fold over the left flags just like that or slide your right knee back and open up the hip extensors So whichever side of this that you really need to work on just like that. Slide your right knee back and come all the way into the splits if you're ready for it here that's available to you lengthen and he'll reach your arms up. If you want to accelerate folds forward fold over that front leg. Pull the toes back. You can go deeper into the calf muscles here. I think coming back to the center just resting yourself onto the left hand your right knee bent right foot to the left side of the mat. Beautiful just like that will open the arms of all of the torso to the left leg and fold and yourself. And melt down into the earth right shoulder down spine low Bastro And now back to the center right hand to the right ankle and his left arm up to the sky a little arch back here. And I said back to the center and take the right foot forward all the way across bend the left knee. You're right knee into your chest. The Just relax with this hug your leg send a little message of gratitude to your legs like these beautiful magical legs. They work so hard today. Dancing to give respect where respect is due. Right here in the legs. So coming from here we're going to go into the next. So hugging the leg starting with rock the baby does bring the shin up towards the chest spine nice and straight. Breathe into your hip. You want to go so first variations stay there second variation. The leg comes over the shoulder just like that hanging out third variation right hand to the earth under the right leg and then the right leg extends up soulis the third variation. So either stay in the first one with your hip Strach second one where you just cut the shoulder kind of open the hip for you a little third variation. Really open it up so the arm the left arm over your left ear. They should have like a little bit of a bend in the elbow if you can wire the elbow straight. So you draw that left shoulder about create space and then releasing If you want to come in to the arm balance. This is the opportunity. Hook the left foot over the front of the right ankle. See you flex that right foot to create a little bit of a barrier so that the foot doesn't slip off and then crowding into the palms left the hip scissor the leg with the thighs together. Lower the chest a little use the core strength. Back to the center ball come all the way into a nice gentle comfortable seated position rolling the shoulders back a couple of times. Take a deep breath and how lengthen the spine and lower the chin to the chest interlace your fingers behind your head just open up the back of your body your at the lower back to the center. The left ear to the left shoulder the left hand to the top of your head. In hell. Back to the center and exit the right hand of the top of the head right ear to the right shoulder. Now back to the center. So interlace your fingers behind your back squeeze your shoulder blades down and back same as they were to stretch the neck and the shoulder. So pull that left arm down and back up the right ear to the right shoulder. And to the left side of your neck. Now back to the center lower the left here to the left shoulder right arm down and back three then two it. Now back to the center. So we're going to release your hand so right over the left and if you can get the shins parallel to the front of the math and how arms reach out and the length and the spine and Excel twist to the right to the left elbow to the outside of the right thigh prayer twist at the heart center looking up over the right shoulder if you can fold to the right. So this will take you deeper into the hips so you can get your hands sort of a floor on the right side. Just breathe it into anywhere you're feeling tight. Just bring them to. Now back to the center. Third take the right knee and slide it to the right. Stack here shows shin over shin right foot on top of me. If you want to use your left elbow or form if you can to massage your right Arch and just breathe into reflexology here the rolling the elbow on the arch of the left on the right foot and slowly release. Shake it out if you want still a little ab workout in between little little bicycles here. It it's kind of like you guys ever did paddle boats. Paddleboat well call the Sun paddle boat. Keep it going. Don't give up. Go arms up even better. Kibby piling her to switch sides so those time left leg is on top. Coming in to go middle class and I hear the same thing as before so your knees are stacked. If you can't get something under your ankles to make them more comfortable then her arms race track link and exhale twist to the left so the right elbow to the outside on the left side falls her torso. Look up over the left shoulder deep breath nice long spine keep the crown of the head traction away from say Krumm and if you are you can twist to the left so lower the forearm lower of the palms whatever you can get to the floor. Go deeper into the hips the healing back to the center. Just slide the left knee to the left. You can get your shins stuck shins in one straight line pulled forward and see if you can use the right elbow or forearm and the side of the arch on the left foot. So these are all reflexology points and you should feel. Actually there is a correlation between your arch and your digestive system so it's all the organs in the stomach and then the soft tissue part of the belly and then the outer edge of the foot is more like the spine failed. Breathe into it slowly release back into our paddleboat paddleboat poser's paddleboat pull your navel to your spine. Bring the knees in like you do on a paddle boat out on the lake you're out on the Blue Lagoon. What a beautiful night to paddleboat. Keep the core strong keep the spine low keep the heart lifted you want to reach the arms up increased intensity you can do it. Keep it guy. I love to see smiling paddle boaters as I paddle along on the wide open ocean. Now she is taking ecstasy in her pavlova. We want a lap boat so wild ride over her ocean. Don't give up just because she knows you're going to die. OK. You can relax. And like I'm going to get faster in the race. Fiona. OK we're going to come into our incline plane here. So extend the legs straight nice legs straight palms behind you. So for those of you remember we talked about this if your wrists are hurting then come to the fore and do this you could do this low or you could do this high but her leg is extended. If you can lift the chest lay the head back beautiful hold the lower part and then the knees just like that you're going to bend the knees and you're going to lift up into a table. So this time hips are high knees press away from the shoulders and head back. Take a few breaths then fell lower. Now this time little bit gentler. Slide the hips to the heels chin to the chest bend the elbows a little three then to your shoulders slowly here and here goes into these I will just roll your spine down one vertebrae at a time all the way down to coming onto your back along the left leg down and in the right leg all the way up. Hug your leg and tear chests do any final little twist or extensions just straighten the leg bend the knee relax into it. Your body needs anything just go there for yourself. Spinal twist shoulder stand Plow's whatever it is that you need here so you can feel complete in your practice. The end of the practice where you get to go winding down to bring this to completion. Then when you feel complete find yourself all the way down into Chavous the palms facing shoulders away from the ears spine long neck a soft or body like starting with the feet relax your feet. Relax your toes relax your arches and your heels are like the ankles and knees and thighs. Blocks all the muscles along your spine your shoulders your arms hands and fingers relax your neck your face and your head relax your eyes the muscles behind and surrounding your eyes relax sir jaw that your jaw drop open a little relax your tongue for your mouth and let go go inside. Relax your mind. For relax your brain a let go of any thought and just begin to bring your awareness to your brand. A gentle way that it travels in through the nose filling the lungs and access is all there. Heart expanding with how I tension releasing Oh slowly drive awareness back to your body wiggle your fingers and toes stretch your arms behind you stretch your feet in the opposite direction like you're waking up in the morning feel the length of your body opening up this one hand to the heart when hand to your belly. Take a moment to reconnect with yourself with that energy of gratitude within fuels your passion for living. Thankful for every breath in your body for your heart for your soul for the people around you for this beautiful life. Recognize here exactly where you are supposed to be. You have everything you need within you. You truly need nothing more when you're ready to roll to one side. Come all the way up to see that position. Just close the session with one beautiful owing from your heart. Take a deep bath all beautiful job. Thank you for your energy today and your enthusiasm your smiles and your joy. Mr..