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Play the workout video and follow-along as best you can. If you need a break, go into child's pose (as instructed in the video).

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English [Auto] Come to an easy seat position. Means your side's ankles are crossed. If half Lotus or Lotus are in your practice, you can come to that position. Constrict the back of your throat and start MUJAO, you breathing? Hands can be palm down on your knees or palms facing up or prayer at heart center. Markets flat, chin is slightly tucked. The theme for today's class is classic poses. So this is a great class for beginners. If you're newer to yoga. There is no true set of classic poses that is open to interpretation, but these are the more beginner oriented poses. Set an intention for today's class. Try to make the length of your inhales match the length of your exhales. Flutter your eyes open. You're going to roll over your knees forward and come to a tabletop position. If that doesn't work, you can take your heels to the sides and come up. Risks are directly under your shoulders, knees are directly under your hips. We're going to do some cat cows. So as you inhale, you look up, drop your belly. Raise your hip up. Carl. And as you exhale, bring your back up to cat position gazes at your navel and your hollowing out your belly. And now take each movement with your own breath. So as you inhale, you come back to cow. Exhale to cat pushing up and stretching your back, working your spine. Come to a neutral spine. Gazes down at your Matt. Make sure your fingers are splayed out your point or fingers are facing straight out in front of you. Kick your legs back into a plank position. Your shoulders are directly over your wrists and you're fighting your heels back behind you. Your hips are not too high up or too far down. You're making a straight line from shoulders to heels. Twister tailbone back and down, activating your core. And if you need to anytime we're in a plank position, you can come down onto your knees. We're gonna slowly lower down onto our stomachs with our elbows hugging at our sides. Cheka Runga. Come down onto your mat and rest on one cheek, on tuck your toes and lay your arms down by your sides. You can also have your head resting on your chin, three or four head. You can bring your arms up towards your head and rest on your forearms. If you are resting on one cheek, turn the other cheek. Bring your hands underneath your shoulders. Free tuck your toes. We're gonna go through options for a backbend, so if you slightly straighten your arms, they're still bent. You're in mini cobra. Gays can be forward or up. If you straighten your arms fully and lift lifts the top of your hips off the mat, you're in full Cobra again gazes forward or up. And if you lift your knees off the mat, you're resting on the tops of your feet. Your shoulders are back. And down away from your ears. Your chest is open. Your gaze is up. Up or Doug. You're not collapsing into your shoulders. Lift up out of your shoulders, nice and strong. From here, you can roll over your toes back into downward dog. The most important thing in dog is to have your seat high in the air, so if you need to bend your knees slightly and get more height, bring your seat closer to the sky. You can take that variation. But most of the weight that's in your hands, in your thumbs, in first finger. Activating your triceps, make sure the eyes of your elbows are facing each other. So that's the opposite side of your elbow. Fight your heel towards the mat behind you, stretching out your hamstring. You can lower one knee slightly towards the mat, which stretches out the hamstring and the calf of the other leg. Go ahead and switch stretching out the other caffe. Great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great. You can alternate a little quicker pedalling out your dog. Bring your knees down to the edges of the mat and connect your toes behind you, lowering your hips towards your heels. Then bring your four head to the mat and extend your arms out in front of your child's pose. You can make this pose as active or as restful as you want. So for an active pose, you push against your palms, bringing your hips closer to your heels, feeling a stretch in your upper back and shoulders. Or you can drop your elbows to the mat. Releasing every muscle. Resting in child's pose. You can come to this pose at anytime during class. To take a break and reconnect with your breath. Push up into a tabletop position, retouch your toes and lift up into a downward dog. On an exhale, you're gonna bend your knees and bring your feet to your hands by either walking or hopping. And you're going to inhale up to a flat back. So you've got a 90 degree bend at the waist. Back is flat. Their shoulders are back and down, away from your ears and your hands are on your shin or your knees. We're going to exhale down to a forward fold. The most important thing here is to get your belly onto your thighs. So if you need to, you can bend your knees as much as possible and have your hands flat on the mat. If your knees are bent, you're pushing your hips up, stretching your hamstrings. If you've got long limbs, long arms, you can rest your palms on the back. Of your cats. Your neck is loose here. There's no strain in your neck. You can shake your head yes and no. We're going at left and right. We're going to inhale with a back, our arms all the way up overhead. Gays following the fingertips up to the sky. Our shoulders are not lifted here, so make sure your shoulders are away from the ear. Bring your hands to prayer and draw a line down with your prayer hands. Until they meet in the center of your chest. A modification of mountain pose. So we're twisting our tailbone back and down, activating our core and our glutes. Pushing our palms together. Shoulders are back and down, away from the ears, chin slightly tucked. You can lower your hands down, palms facing forward. Classic mountain pose. Necas, Flach tucked. Rooted in the FT. Standing tall. Bring your hands back to prayer. And from here, inhale your arms up, gazes up. Exhale down with a flat back swan diving forward forward Folt. Inhale up to a flat back. We're going to exhale down. Palms flat on the mat and step or hop back into a plank position. We're going to exhale down chaturanga elbows at our sides. Lift up to the back bend of choice, mini cobra, cobra or up dog. And then roll over the toes into downward facing dog. Connects with your breath here. On the next exhale, bring your feet, your hands and inhale up to a flatback. Exhale down, forward fold. Inhale up, arms overhead. Prayer at Heart Center. Inhale, arms up again. Exhale down, flatback, forward fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, hands down. Step or hop back to plank and lower down elbows at your sides. Chaturanga! Inhale to a flatback. Backbend. Exhale downward dog. Exhale, feet, hands. Flatback. Forward fold. Inhale arms up overhead. Prayer. Arms up. Forward fold. Halfway lift. Plank in shelter under in one exhale. Inhale here to your back bend. Exhale down where, Doug? One more time, bring your feet, your hands. Halfway lift. Forward fold. Arms up overhead. Prayer. Arms up. Forward, full. Halfway lift. Plank and shoulder on the down of backbend. Downward dog. Breathe here. Bring your knees to the edges of the mat. Connect your toes in the back and come to child's pose. Lift up into tabletop read, tuck your toes and lift back to a downward dog. You're going to inhale your right leg up behind you. Toes are facing the mat. We're not twisting our hips open here. We're using our hamstring strength to lift our, like, back up behind us as high as it can go. We're going to exhale and bring our feet to the hands. If you can't bring your foot up to your hand, that's fine. Bring it as far up as you can, lower your other knee and then use your hand to bring that right foot up to meet your hands. Lower that back knee down to the mat. Keep your toes tucked. Lift up. A modification of crescent lunge. We have a nice 90 degree bend in the front knee. This is a challenging balance posture. Having that knee down helps us acclimate to the pose. Arms are up, shoulders are down away from the years, biceps are hugging the years and palms are facing each other. It's coming to classic crescent pose. Just lift off of that back knee so that your back leg, a straight and strong your back heel is pushing back behind you. Your front leg is strong at that 90 degree bend. And don't let your knees collapse inward. Towards your left. Bring it close to your big toe. Bring your arms down onto the mat in front of you. Framing your front foot and then kick your front like back into downward dog. Reconnect with your breath here. Knowing you can always come to child's pose. Inhale your left leg up. Exhale, kick it through to meet your hands. Lower that back, knee down to the mat and raise up to Crescent Lunge. If you want to, you can come off of that back knee to classic crescent or keep that knee down. Working on your balance. All right. Bring your hands to the mat, framing your foot, then kick it back to downward dog and breathe. Breath is important in your practice. And you're in the challenging poses. Breeze through. Holding your breath makes it harder. Exhale your feet to your hands. Halfway lift. Forward fold. Inhale arms up overhead. Prayer. I was backup. Swan dive forward fold. Halfway lift. Plank and Shadowrun good down. Backbend. And downward facing dog. Inhale that right leg up. Exhale, kick it through to your hands. Spin your back, heel down so that your foot is at a 45 degree angle on the mat. There's a bend in your right knee, injuries up to Warrior One. So. Both hips are facing forward here. So twist. So that your hips are square to the front of the mat. Your back leg is straight and strong and you're putting a lot of weight in the back edge of that back foot. Arms are up. Shoulders are down away from years, biceps hugging your ears. Palms facing each other. And into that front, me a little more. Bring your hands to the mat. And kick that front, like back to downward dog, reconnect with your breath, your. Inhale your left leg up. Exhale, kick it through to your hands, spin your back, heel down so your back foot is at a 45 degree angle and raise up to Warrior One on the other side. Making micro adjustments to your posture, squaring off your hips. Coming into full expression of the Warrior One pose. Bring your hands to the mat. Kick that front, Mike, back down, we're facing dog. Breathe here. Your next exhale, bring your feet to the hands. Halfway lift. Forward fold. Arms up overhead. Arms back up. Forward fold. Halfway lift. Plank and Shadow Runga. Backbend. And downward facing dog. On an inhale, right, like a. Kick it through. Spin your back, heel down so that your foot is perpendicular to the mat. So it's parallel now with the back edge of the mat. And you're going to win M. your hands up, starting with the left into a Warrior two. So there's a 90 degree bend in your front leg, your back like a straight and strong. You're making sure you're not collapsing your knee inward. The weight in your back leg is on the back edge of your back foot. The torso is up and straight. Your hips are open. Your chest is open. Your shoulders are square and open. Your arms are at a T. So you can look back at your back arm and make sure it's not too high up or too too low. A perfect t your gaze is over your front fingers. Bend into that front knee a little more. Windmilling arms down to the mat, kick that front back into downward facing dog. Inhale your left leg up. Exhale, kick it through your hands, spin your back, heel down and come up to Warrior two on the other side. Adjusting your posture. Strong legs, strong arms. Breathing. When millirems down to the mat kick your front, like back to downward facing dog. Freeth here. When your next exhale, bring your feet to your hands, you come up to a flatback. Lower down, forward fold. Inhale your arms up overhead. Bring your hands to prayer at heart center. Arms back up. Fold forward with a flat back down. Halfway lift. Plank and Shadowrun Unger down. Inhaling up to a backbend. Exhaling back into a downward dog. Kick your right leg up. Kick it through. When Mel up to a warrior, two again on the right side. When you've connected with the POWs. You're gonna flip that front. Hand up and then bring your palm up to the sky. Your left hand is resting gently on your back leg. And your right hand is up and you're feeling a stretch in your right side body. So you're leaning back as far as you need to, to feel a stretch, find your edge and breathe. Bring your arms back to Warrior two. Then come forward, so bring your torso forward and follow your fingers and then hook your right elbow onto your front knee and raise your left hand to the sky. Your gaze follows your fingertips up side, angle pose. Opening your chest, stacking your shoulders on top. Come back to a warrior to. And then when militar hands down to the mat and kick, you're like back to downward facing dog. Catch your breath here. Oh. Bring your feet, their hands. Come up to a flatback. Bexhill down. Come up. Arms overhead. Prayer at Heart Center. Inhale, arms up. Exhale down, forward fold. Halfway lift. Kick it back to Plank and Shadow Runga back then and downward facing dog. Inhale your left leg up. Kick it through, spin your back heel and windmill your arms into Warrior two on the other side. Flip your front palm and bring it back. Feeling a stretch now on your left side, buddy. Find your edge and breathe here. Come back to Warrior two. And then bring your torso forward following your front fingertips. Left elbow to your front knee. You're not putting too much weight on that elbow. Your right arm now raises up to the sky and your gaze follows your fingertips up. Open chest here. Open shoulders. And back up to a warrior to connect with the POWs for a second. And then when Milia hands back to the mat, kicking it back to downward dog. Bring your knees to the wide edges of the mat. Toes come back together behind you. Bring your seat down toward your heels, child's pose. Rustier. Modification for child support is you can bring your needs together. And your arms can lay back with the backs of your hands near your heels. Take the child's pose that's most comfortable. Come up to a table top position. Re tuck your toes in, lift up and back into a downward facing dog. We're going to set up for a playful sequence here. So we'll teach you a sequence on your right foot. A few poses together. Taking one pose for each breath. So lift your right leg up. Exhale. Kick it through. Spin your back, heel down to a 45 degree angle. Come up to a warrior one. When you've connected with the pose. Transition to warrior to flip that front palm. Coming back to a reverse warrior. Then bring your elbow forward onto the knee side, angle pose. Back to Warrior two. Swing your back arm forward, coming back to a warrior one. Then bring your hands to the mat, kick it back to downward dog. We'll do the same thing on the other line. Now. So inhale that left leg up. Exhale, kick it through. Spin your back, heel down, 45 degree angle. Inhale up to Warrior One. Transition to. Reverse warrior. Side, angle, pose. Warrior two. Swing your hand through to Warrior One. Come back down to the mat. Kicking, you're like back to downward dog. So go through that sequence again. One movement per breath. At your own time. So that's Warrior one. Or you're too. Reverse. Side angle. Warrior to. Warrior One. Hands down. Downward dog. Pause for a breath or two. And switch sides. Wherever you are, complete the sequence and then meet me in child's pose. Kick up and forward into a table top position. And then bring your feet to your hands, slowly come up to a standing position at the tops of your mats. You'll tell your feet together. So your toes are touching, your ankles and heels are almost touching. We're going to sit back into a chair pose. So bring your seat back behind you. Bending at the knees, arms come up, hugging your ears, palms facing each other, and you're twisting your tailbone back and down and you're hollowing out. Your stomach gazes about three feet in front of your mat. All of the weight is in your heel. So you can lift all 10 toes. No problem. You're. Sit a little lower in your seat. Tempo's. Breathing here. Bring your hands to prayer at heart center. Thumbs touching your chest. Then bring your arms down. Touching the mat. He'll tell your feet back to hips with distance apart. And then let your arms get heavy here, and you're gonna rag doll up to stack one vertebrae after another as you come up slowly blasting up your shoulders. They're rolling back and down. Head comes up, chin slightly tucked. We'll do a balanced posture here, tree pose, so spill the weight into your left leg, nice and strong, and bring the flat part of your right foot to your calf or your upper thigh. Make sure you're not pushing against your knee joint. Hands come to prayer at heart center. And when you feel stable. Raise your arms up overhead. Sway your branches. Left and right. For more of a challenge, stop swaying your branches and slowly bring your gaze up. First with your eyes and then slowly lifting your chin up to the sky. Your gaze is up, bring it back down, bring your hands back to prayer at heart center, slowly, lower your light to the ground, shaking it out. When ready, we're gonna spill the weight into our other leg. So our left foot raises and comes to our thigh or our calf. Hands come to prayer at heart center. Slowly raise. Open your hands. Troupers. Sway your branches. For a challenge, you can stop swaying. Slowly bring your gaze up. If your gaze is up, bring it back in front of you. Hands come to prayer. Slowly, lower back down and shake it out. Standing in mountain at the top of our mat, we then inhale, arms up, gazes up. Exhale forward, fold. Have we left? Foaled. Step back to a plank position. And slowly lower down elbows at our sides. Chaturanga, just come on to your mat. Saron our stomachs. You can untuck your toes here. Just let it all go. Bring your hands and arms to the sides and rest on one cheek. On whatever position is comfortable for your head and your neck. You are on one cheek switch sides. Bring your arms in front of you. Coming onto your forearms, fingers are spread. Put a lot of weight into your hips so your hips are digging into the ground and lift up. Elbows are directly under shoulders. And you're lifting out of your shoulders. Gazes forward sphinx posts. A backbend targeting Morfe, the middle of the back, rather than the upper or the lower. From here. Come back down under the mat, resting. Bring your heels to your seat. Keep your knees magnetize together. So you're reaching back and grabbing the tops of your feet with your hands. Your gaze is down, your neck is flat, and you're gonna kick back with your legs lifting, opening your chest, stretching your shoulders back behind you, using your quadriceps muscles. And as you breathe, you'll come off the mat. Both those. Come out of the pose, lowering down onto the mat. Resting here. If you're on one cheek, switch to the other. Bring your hands underneath your shoulders re tuck your toes. And lift up to a plank position. Holding here for a few breaths. Slowly, lower your knees down to the mat. In swing your heels to one side, we're on our seats. Now. Left leg extends forward. A foot is flexed, our right leg comes over our left. Inhale your right arm up and back behind you. Then inhale your left arm up and twist to your right looking your left elbow over your right knee. And you inhale, your spine gets straighter and taller. And as you exhale, you're twisting, initiating from the belly button. To your right. Breathing in twisting. Come back to center. And then twist your left counter twist just for a second. And come back to center and switch legs. Now your right leg extends out in front of you. Foot is flexed. Your left leg comes over your right leg. Left arm raises up, goes behind you, and you inhale your right hand up to the sky, twists your left hook in your right elbow onto your left knee. Each inhale straightens their spine up, each exhale, twists you further to the left from your belly button. Reeve untwist. Come back to center. Counter twist. Back to center, releasing your legs. Coming onto our seats here, we're going to lift our legs up to Bobo's. So bring your calves parallel to the ground. Feet or flexed. Chest is open. Shoulders are back and down. Arms are parallel with our thighs. Our poems are facing each other. Neck is flat. Chin is slightly tucked, feeling this in our core. So if you need a little more of a challenge here in boat. Extend your legs straight and point your feet. The goal here is to make you shake. Come out of the POWs feet to the mat. We're slowly going lower down onto our backs. Bring your knees up to the sky. And bring your heels close to your seat. You should be able to brush your heels with your fingertips, feet or hips with distance apart. We're going to come into bridge pose. Inhale, hips up. When your hips are up, you can bring your shoulder blades together back behind you, so you're coming on to your shoulders here. Your fingers interlaced underneath your seat, palms pressed together. And bring that fist down towards the mat and back towards your heels. Raise your hips up, activating your quads. Perhaps feeling this in your glutes as well. But certainly your quads. That's your front thigh. Necas Flett. Slowly lower down. Extend your left leg flat on the mat and bring your right knee to your chest. With your left hand, grab your right knee and bring that right knee to your left side. Bring it down using your arm to hold it, your right hand is at a T.. And your gaze is to the right past your fingertips. Supine twist. Both shoulders should be making contact with the ground here. Make sure you use that left hand on your right knee to add some weight, to bring it closer to the ground. Come back to center. Switch sides. So right leg comes down in front of you. Left knee comes up towards your chest. Your right hand grabs your left knee and brings it to the right. Your left hand extends out to a T.. Your gaze is to the left. Past your fingertips. Come back to center. Hug both knees into your chest, squeezing and rocking left to right, massaging your back and your sacrum. From here, come into Happy Baby Pose. By bringing your knees, touch your elbows. Grabbing the edges of your feet, rocking left or right? As you rock left, bring your left knee in toward your left armpit, feeling a slight opening, a slight stretch in the hip. And as you rocked to the right, bring the right knee in twitcher right armpit, opening up that right hip. Alternating sides. Opening the hips, massaging the back. Bring your feedback down to the mat, letting them splay open to the sides, shoulders are back and down, away from the ears. Arms, you're at your sides. Palms up. Neck is flat, chin is slightly tucked. You don't have to concentrate on your breath here. Just let every muscle go. Feeling a wave of relaxation wash over you. Shavasana. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. Henry David Thoreau. Come back to your physical bodies by introducing some slight movements. Bring arms overhead, stretching from fingertips to toes. Bend your knees to your chest, hugging them in and rocking gently from side to side. Come into fetal position. Laying on your right side cheek, resting on bicep. With eyes still closed. Push off with your left hand up into a seated position at the top of your mat. Hands can be palm up, palms down on your knees. A prayer at heart center. Spine, a straight chin slightly tucked. Thank yourselves for coming to the mat today. Being kind, your mind and your body. The light in me shines in the light in you. Now, Mustang.