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English [Auto] So why system why three step grant system let's put this short video it is about I'm going to briefly show you what system is actually more important than our goal was take a look so that you system goes in your life before. But I also bet these are not recent of those goals but why why do we not always reach the goals we set. Well if you've not reached a goal for I can almost guarantee the reason why you didn't reach it is because you didn't have a system in place mess because a goal is about the way the system is about how if you don't have a system you will hit your goal as guaranteed. And so give me a brief example of why that's true. I can say this is my goal to go to them but I'm not an astronaut. I'm not a scientist. Not good at math. So a likelihood of me just going to the moon because I made it my goal is not very likely what changes things is when you set up a system so I can say Mungo's to go to the moon that it's not going to give me their super system to get there. So I went to astronaut school and I studied and became great at math actually became an astronaut. We set up a system using a rocket to get there. I could actually make them and I know that's kind of farfetched there. I hope you get the point. Just for a short example. And so you can use this same concept for writing a book for publishing online for just publishing every week on your blog. You can use the same concept because you have to have a system to succeed. You have to have a system to secede. So from this moment forward I want you to look at your blogging look at your writing and I want you to look at it through the lens of how how are you going to accomplish it. That's what this course is about. It's about helping you solve your How problem. You probably have a goal. There's probably some things you want to accomplish but this system this three step writing system is going to show you how to do it. I can't wait for you to get started in the next section.