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Step 2 - Assessing the Situation

After we’ve decided on our goal, the next step is to understand exactly where to begin. Figuring out the location of the "starting line" is just as important as knowing where the "finish line" is.

In sports, we need to assess the shape we’re in before we sign up for a race.

We can conduct a test and assess the situation by using the SWOT model (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat).

By doing this, we make sure we are IDEAL and REALISTIC, as well as prepared.

Your Business Diary Task:

Question 1 *Write down your current S.M.A.R.T assessment

Question 2 *Explain what is your S.W.O.T assessment

Fill out the assignment form and let us follow up with your business diary!

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English [Auto] Step one setting your goal is to assess the situation. Step Three. Setting a suitable target. Step by step self-awareness challenges step a first step. 9 crisis management. Staff Status control staff and self control staff. Success or the leadership method. Adapt to power performance. I want Michelle joining us this morning on Good Day New York great to have you with our film like my 120. How do you push through to 125 miles and you doing it through a course of a day and a half. Not. And I'm waiting I don't downgrade and fake my I want to quit. But you did it then. And then I realized I had a bad moment I have a choice either to Iraq or to continue in life. That's true to and so later in the moment of crisis. It was like wow what am I doing here. Why do you take food to myself and do a thing. And then many moments of weakness those moments of happiness to my friends joined in support. It's really amazing that you're thinking the first ultramarathon I understood how much marathon is relatively Sotos for you. Oh we want wanna work up to step number two of the over leadership method. Twelve Steps to power business performance course. Step number two is situation assessment. In this step we continue following our business performance by recognizing and assessing our current condition. In step 1 we determine the winner where we want to go to and what our finish line is. But now we need to figure out where we make it. Think about these two step process like a man. You need to know where you're going and where you are starting from. When do you plan your destination into Google Maps. For example you also need to include your starting point before you can get going. Let's demonstrate our first step to success in that county road map there are a few ways to assess your current position. The first way which you already know from step one is to find the firing components of smart time meet specific and measurable. As you recall did is smart stands for me. You already know that time. If you want to be in Don't wait any longer. Start today. Next you need to understand your specific and measurable components. Now it's important to assess your current situation in the same terms of your go. You need to compare apples to apples in order to develop a fair assessment of your situation. For instance let's say you have chosen a monetary course of revenues in dollars. This means that you should assess your current revenue in dollars as well. This may be obvious for some of you but it's important to be cognizant of not mixing your goals and achievement processes with different variables. Does the second assessment. Are we to briefly discuss today. Is this what model this model is a common type of business assessment of use for organisations before strategic decision making. It stands for s strength w weakness. 0 opportunity t in instead 6 ability awareness. We will dive into more details regarding your strengths and weaknesses. But keep in mind that earlier in step 4 we will develop an action plan and a business plan. So it is important that you have your strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats in mind. So that you can take them into consideration while creating your strategy. No that is why tomatoes should be applied to your business situation and not on the person I live and to you as a business founder. Moreover it's extremely important to consider the components that actually you have direct or indirect effects on your goals. Always be focused on the goals that you are trying to achieve and what can make them an option or not. So in summary assessing your and start points are the first and most basic steps we need to do as their next steps will be determined based on these Foundation. So make sure you know exactly where you want to go do and where you are starting from fill an hour after we got a better picture or Google map I want you to be aware change of activity. If you found out that your gap might be too extreme to fall away you might want to think about your goal and adaptive condition and your ambition. Remember it doesn't matter where you're fighting for any of it because what matters is the journey to where we are going to go with us. Step two self-assessments. Here are a number of statements that may or may not apply to you. There are no right or wrong answers so just answer honestly according to your self-assessment what I of self-assessment to assess my current situation is to make sure my Gaudi's released this is the way I usually assess and monitor my shape to make sure that I'm on the right track. For I do not have difficulty maintaining focus on my goals even though they are far away. I am not afraid of a gap between my current situation and my dream. It's 6 to remind myself of my old team because it's my main competition with myself and that there is a. I do not compare my performance to other people's achievements. 9 11 changed by choice. Setting goals according to my person I am today. It's 10. I tend to assess my abilities and the external factors that can influence my success. It's take a step.