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Step 1 Setting a Goal

When we want to achieve a goal, we first need to know exactly what goal we want to achieve. This goal can be a "micro goal" – a milestone on the way to achieve the greater goal – or a "dream".

Like in sports, we need to set a goal that is quantifiable and manageable (e.g. running 5 miles). We need to pick a goal that is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely).

That way, we ensure we can reach it, and maximize our chances of achieving it! 

Your Business Diary Task:

Question 1 *Define and write down your vision.

Question 2 *Write down your S.M.A.R.T long, mid and short term goals that are related to your vision.

Fill out the assignment form and let us follow up with your business diary!


Take our quiz before and after completing steps 1,2,3 and see what you've learned / improved:



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English [Auto] Step one setting your goal is to assessing this situation. Step Three. Setting a suitable target. Step by step. So that child is still a first step. Step Nine crisis management and step 10 status control staff and self control step. Well success. Not what I am extraordinary. I'm completely ordinary. I just choose to do big things. I choose to do extraordinary things and nothing can stop anyone if they are determined enough and want it badly enough and are aware of the price of their choices and they are responsible for everything they choose to do. There are two types of calls. The first is it called derived from social requirements because other people expect us to achieve. And then there are gods that are your own Goran's BQ shows in January. The more we learn how to set ourselves cause I mean from our inner selves because we believe in and want when we realize does cause he does us good. So I think you should adopt this approach the moment we make a decision. We are already half way there. In other words the moment they sign off for a race at least half the work is being done because the moment we set ourselves a target we start moving forward towards a target. Force me to be reached rich to take me for a. Mark Kloser of course polar by point to them find them and move forward from one cause buy another hotbed of training. This is a test. It increases the heart rate and is particularly taxing on the masses. Every out here and down and I take advantage of it for it was eating up and arresting for taking a break in their alterum makes no difference how far I run or how fast or how strong they run. What matters is completing the distance that I said I would Hello everyone and welcome to step number 1 of the already either method. 12 steps to our business performance of course. Step Number 1 is goal setting. We begin the process of following our business performance by deciding on how you measure of gauze with specific time. Before we discuss the types of cause you want to set for your business we need to figure out Fijian mission or the dream that you have for your business. Now when I talk about vision I mean leadership. Why is this so of change or impact that you want to make. Stop being your business works for us. We feel you drives you to become an entrepreneur and to go after this business idea. Knowing the answer to this question is essential for your business survive. When the road becomes hard or challenging as it often dies you may start to think about waiting and realizing what great purpose your business serves in that war and whether that purpose is to you personally or to Otter's even society. This resolution will help you succeed in the long run. Our Of course it is very important to be passionate about your business and Diaz but successful business requires more than just passion. It requires good management skills diverse management. Q We will discuss is goal setting. So there are three types of cause we've been discussing the program. The first type is you're all trial. This is your long term core. Why did you want to achieve in three to five years from now. The second type of goal is your main term goal is your timeframe for days is about one year from now. The third type is your short term goal. This is a goal you can successfully complete in about three months from now. NE all these gods should directly relate to each other. Your share down goal should lead you to achieve your mid term and their major goal is a milestone to achieving your goals. It's extremely important to distinguish between a dream as we discussed before and they got it wrong. Golf should follow this smart Mada meaning it shouldn't be asked for a specific goal should be detail and precise with a specific ending. My measure about you should be able to quantify your own it in measurable terms a attain but your goal should be physically achievable wielding your skill set. Our reality stake your goal should be practical and you believe you can probably achieve it. Tee time. You have a fair understanding of when you want to achieve your goal. To summarize settings smiles and effective quas we increase our ability to monitor our progress and to better manage our goal is a two minute process as we successfully complete milestones step 1 goal set Earth Care and number of statements that may or may not apply to you. There are no right or wanting answers. So just answer honestly according to your self-assessment. Why I often come up with new ideas and goals that I want to change too. I tend to write down my dreams ideas and goals. I do not setting a goal until I succeed in my original goal. For I do not have difficulties maintaining focus on those that take more than a few weeks or months to achieve. 5 I usually send my stones according to my larger goal so I can monitor my progress. 6. I tend to send clothes that are very specific and measurable. Salmon I usually said that I am I of when I want to achieve my goal is by 8. I focus on goals that are meaningful for me. I understand what motivates me. So my goal is this. I tried to find mentors now in order to become more successful in achieving my cause. Step one equates to one. What is the difference between a goal and a dream a dream is because the end goal is a specific targets and in dreamings generala vision see it none of say about. What are the values of an effective core a specific quantity for to be realistic an idea see time. Why does a smart modest for a short term manageable attainable truth be specific modest attainable realistic tangible see specific measurable attainable realistic timely for what is the timeframe of a short term. Got a two weeks be six months six three months five. What is the timeframe of a mid term call say to me or is this one year. See eight months six what a timeframe of overon terrible Goss a three to five year and be five to 10 years see 10 to 15 Arendt's. 7 What is the correct order. Of course adding a short may long be so long Gmina short medium long shorts. Or.