What Is a Typical Coding Interview Like?

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English [Auto] So what's a typical coding interview like in a typical coding interview you walk into a meeting room with a whiteboard like this one. Usually it's a little bit bigger than this one actually much bigger than this one. And they're the interviewer gives you a problem to solve. Usually it's fairly simple. For example you might be given this problem given an array of integers. Write a function that takes this array and finds two integers that multiply to 20 together. So for example if you're given this array you should be able to find 4 and 5 which together multiply to 20. When you're given a problem like this usually you're allowed to use any language you like to use whether it's C++ Java or Python. I would just in case ask if it's OK to use the language you'd like to use for example by saying Can I use Python or can I use Java. And then you're supposed to solve the problem right there and start writing some code right there. Another very common format of accordion to be is a phone interview on the phone interview you might be given a shared document online like this one as you can see this is a Google doc with some texts and you can think of it sort of like a virtual whiteboard just like in an in-person interview the interviewer might ask this question write a function that takes this array of integers and finds two integers that multiply to 20. Again in this example it's four and five right here. The phone interview is really not that different from an in-person interview but just keep in mind that the interviewer can usually see you. So it's extreme porn to let the interviewer know what you're thinking as you've solved the problem either on the phone or in person when you're given a problem. Make sure to ask some clarifying questions to make sure you have the right assumptions. For example with this problem you might ask is it possible to have negative numbers in disarray. And does the array contain any duplicates. So that's what a typical coding interview looks like. And either on the phone or in person there are a few different techniques you can use to effectively use your time in interview and increase the task that you solve the problem quickly. That's exactly what I'm going to cover in the next few videos.