Train Your True Personal Masculine Leadership
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Train Your True Personal Masculine Leadership

Move on after life turmoil, reclaim your true masculinity and get back on track.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
500 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • At the end of this course the men will be able to take valuable decisions and act properly on them and this will strengthen their self-respect and their true masculine personal leadership. They will be empowered and able to move on in their lives on their own terms.
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  • All you need to know before you take on this course is if you are fed up of being stuck in your life. It requires no prior training, just a calendar. And an open mind, an open heart and an open will.

When you go through crisis and having a hard time, you get stuck in emotions and habits who are slowing you down.

Learn our proven system and the "easy to use" tools you need to move on in your life after being stuck due to different crisis.

You reclaim your self-respect and get your power back.

By the end of this 5-week challenge, if not before, you get back in control, you take charge, you feel great.

You get back in mental and physical balance and you renew your mindset and create a successful future.

When you learn the foundation of the 4 masculine archetypes. King, Warrior, Magician and Lover, and you handle your procrastination habits with the effective tool of EFT. You achieve the perfect balance between your mind and body.

You prioritize your thinking processes and you eliminate your procrastinations. You take valuable decisions and you get things done according to your plans and goals.

You are present and balanced in your mind and body and you feel unstoppable.

You respect yourself and others respect you too.

That is true masculine leadership.

Content and Overview

The course is structured in 5 weeks.

The first week you will learn the course concepts and tools - the 4 masculine archetypes and clear out your archetype core values and you learn about Emotional freedom technique (EFT). This will give you the strong foundation to guarantee your success.

The second week, we start with activating the King archetype in you, to establish your personal leadership. The purpose of this week is to put your attention on your subconscious procrastination habits, learn how to handle them and prioritize your tasks.

During the third week you will access your inner magician Search deep inside and connect the dots. Check up on your motives for your procrastinations and clear out fear of change. You will learn our easy to use procrastination elimination formula.

The fourth week is about accessing your warrior archetype.

You learn how to reclaim your personal discipline and how to get in shape.

Increase your testosterone level and get in shape. Feed your body and use your body.

Your body need to be fit and ready to act swiftly without hesitation with both dedication and concentration. You need energy, vitality and stamina to get your results. In this week you will be challenged with physical exercises and you get valuable nutritional advices to boost your testosterone levels. On the mental part you will be given EFT tool to eliminate laziness.

The 5 week. Open your lover archetype.

Learn the art of receiving without feeling compelled to give something in return.

Learn the art of compassion and gratitude

You will learn how to substitute your lack-of-something attitude and complaining with compassion and gratitude.

You will complete each week of the course by evaluating and celebrate your achievements.

And you get directions on how to apply the tools that you have learned and how to carry on with your new positive habits. You will find your own unique way to use them successfully on your own.

This is your four step to your true masculine personal leadership.

Thank you for being brave and disciplined enough to take on this curse.

Anelia and Karl-Otto

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for men who want to get back in control and move on with their life. They may suffer from stressful turmoil's like divorce, breakup, been fired or other stressful life changing events. They got stuck in unhealthy habits and don't know how to move on. This course is for you if you are serious about your future as a man and you are tired of being stuck.
  • This course is for you if you are serious about your future and you are tired of being stuck.
  • This course is not for you if believe that complaining and spending time on your sofa, will get you back in mental, physical and emotional shape. This course is not for you if you cannot handle some easy but powerful challenges and grow as a man.
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Curriculum For This Course
31 Lectures
Introduction to the Course
4 Lectures 14:27

After completing this lecture you will know how training your true masculine will help you improve your personal leadership skills.

Preview 06:45

We welcome you to this brand new course!

Preview 00:54

Following the rules and the instructions we give you for how to follow this course will guarantee you achieving highest possible impact.

How to Take This Course
The Main Course Concepts and Tools - Week 1
8 Lectures 20:35

By the end of this lecture you will know about the four psychological fundamental structures found in all human beings all over the world that are the framework for your personal developement. Youl will get understanding about žKING-WARRIOR-MAGICIAN and LOVER.

Introduction to The Archetypes

Only when your 4 archetypes get in balance with each other, can you achieve your full potential. Also your strong and weak personal characteristics will reinforce each other and you will claim your true masculinity.

Archetypes Integration and Balance

You might be surprised how important role our negative feelings and limiting beliefs have to personal growth, happiness and well-being. Learn how the new research in epigenetics can help you shift your viewpoint.

The Importance of Clearing Your Negative Feelings

After completing this lecture you will know how to apply the basic tapping sequence - a simple and powerful EFT personal transformational tool.

Introduction to EFT

The Life Wheel with the four archetypes will help you to see the whole picture at this point of your life. There are eight aspects of the different archetypes on the life wheel and you will be evaluating your level of satisfaction for each of these eight aspects. You will establish the baseline for your true masculinity.

Preview 1 page

This exercise will show you how to identify your personal core values for each archetype.

Identify Your Core Values Now
2 pages

Core values are your direction-givers and your explanations ( your why`s) are your new guidelines. Use this exercise to get clear of what to do and why it is important to you.

Establish Your Inner GPS
1 page

Conclusion to Section 2
2 pages
Access your inner king - Week 2 challenge
4 Lectures 16:12

Learn how to be aware of your backseat driver, who will get you to hold on to the old habits. žTime management is one of the most important tools you can use to get more in control and in charge of your life. You will follow easy to do exercises to guide you to map your goals and manage your time.

Learn How to Lead Yourself

The purpose of this exercise is to formulate you main purpose your goals and your deadlines.

Map Your Goals and Manage Your Time - Exercises
1 page

Deep inside, each of us have a number of personal reasons to procrastinate. But one common is the fear of making a mistake if we take specific action. With this powerful tapping sequence you will clear your fear of making a mistake and will be able to do the task or the project you were postponing all the time.

Let Go of Your Procrastination

Conclusion to Section 3
2 pages
Access Your Inner Magician - Week 3 Challenge
4 Lectures 18:08

You will learn how to get more presence in your daily life. žHow to install your "inner witness" and face your procrastinations.

Check Up on Your Real Motives

Use this Procrastination Elimination Formula to go deep and identify your motives for your procrastinations.
Then use the EFT tool to eliminate them.

Procrastination Trigger Elimination Formula
2 pages

When we get stuck in life after turmoil´s we kind of regroup and then we really want to move on.

But deep down in our subconscious mind, we have certain fear of change and fear of leaving our comfort zone.
Tap on these fears, clear your doubts and move a step closer to your true masculinity.

Eliminate Fear of Change with EFT

Conclusion to Section 4
2 pages
Access Your Inner Warrior - Week 4 Challenge
4 Lectures 10:03
Reclaim Your Discipline

2 pages

This EFT tapping sequence will help you find motivation to do your daily exercise routine.

Clear Your Lazyness and Internal Resistance To Exercise with EFT

Conclusion to Section 5
3 pages
Access Your Lover Archetype - Week 5 Challenge
4 Lectures 14:56
The Importance of Pleasure, Joy and Gratitude

Open Your Heart to Pleasure, Joy and Gratitude - Exercise
1 page

Eliminate Inner Blocks and Resistance to Receive Pleasure and Beauty with EFT

Conclusion to Section 6
2 pages
How to proceed after finishing this course
3 Lectures 00:00

Make final evaluation on your life wheel and appreciate your development and celebrate your victories in overcoming the 5 week challenge course. Se what have changed and celebrate your results :)

Evaluation for Your Life Situation After Completing this Course
1 page

This lecture gives you directions about how to integrate the EFT skills you learnt from the course in your daily routine. It suggests also Plan B for hectic days.

Practice the EFT Skills You Leant So Far On Daily Basis
6 pages

Congratulations! You have completed this course. You have successfully carried out the FIRST four steps to reclaim your true masculinity. Celebrate your results!

Course Wrap-Up and Goodbye!
2 pages
About the Instructor
Karl-Otto Sandvik
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500 Students
1 Course
NLP Master coach and mentor for men.

My name is Karl-Otto Sandvik.
NLP Master coach and mentor for men.
Specialist in the 4 mature masculine archetypes.

I am 52 year old and was born in Norway.
I live together with my 20 year old son in Aalborg Denmark.
I love sailing, trekking in the Norwegian mountains and of course riding my motorcycle.

I have been working with men in recovery from different life changing crisis, like divorce, addiction, stress and depression for the past 6 years. My clients contact me when they are tired of being stuck and feel drained of their masculine energy. They need tools and advices to move on in their life.
I am empowering them to access their 4 masculine archetypes.
I help them to clear out their core values and coach them in getting rid of procrastination habits and be more present and successful in their life's.
Actually they use their turmoil's and problems as motivational factors to move on in life.

Since my divorce 15 years ago I have been working on my own personal leadership.
I had lost sight of my integrity my core values and my marriage went south.
Then I got fired from my job, I got stressed and depressed and I finally battled my addiction and sobered up after many years of drinking.

I learned that without my solid personal leadership i loose contact with my integrity and I become miserable an unhappy.
I cleared out my core values and integrated them in my 4 archetype.
This gave me a solid inner GPS which i use on a daily basis in my actions and desicions.
I love to pass on the useful knowledge and experiences I have learned.

I find great inspiration in using the mythology and theories about of the 4 masculine archetypes.
King. Warrior. Magician and the Lover. Together with the amazing NLP transformational tools they makes a solid structure and creates a strong process to awake men into their own true masculinity.
It creates real life changing results.

Now I work full time as a coach and men's group facilitator for men.
I also facilitate initiation sweat-lodge ceremonies and outdoor group coaching.

My vision and my calling is to work and serve to make the world a better place.

My best regards

Karl-Otto Sandvik.
NLP Master coach and mentor for men.
Specialist in the 4 mature masculine archetypes.

Anelia Mitseva
0.0 Average rating
0 Reviews
589 Students
2 Courses
Certified EFT Therapist, Public Speaker, Udemy Instructor

Anelia's work is incredibly practical and has helped many private clients suffering years from fear, anxiety and panic attacks, totally turn their life around in positive direction . It will do the same for the students taking her courses. Anelia is most known for her ON-LINE 4-week intensive program for overcoming fear, anxiety and panic attacks.

Anelia, certified in energy psychology therapies, has a private clinical practice in Aalborg, Denmark. Coming originally from Bulgaria, and living in Denmark for the past 15 years gives her wonderful opportunity to help clients from Denmark, Bulgaria and abroad in their native languages.

With her engineering and research background, she has been teaching at university and college level. This has given her opportunity to show young people that, by using advanced energy psychology techniques such as EFT, eliminating limiting beliefs and boosting self-esteem is possible even for those who has little time for personal development.

Anelia had also successful carrier as technical project manager of big international innovation projects but the cost was chronicle stress, anxiety and overwhelm from which she successfully recovered using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Convinced in the incredible power of EFT backed up by recent research, Anelia's passion now is to help hard-working individuals achieve their goals and live a balanced life.