Triple Your Confidence with Women in 9 Easy & Unique Steps

Learn the tools you need to Meet & Connect with the woman of your dreams - on the street
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About This Course

Published 4/2016 English

Course Description

Have you ever been out, you see a woman across the bar and you think wow she’s HOT… but instead of going up to say hello, you stand there and talk yourself out of it (she probably has a boyfriend, I’m not good looking enough, she’s busy with her friends, I don’t know what to say to her…)

Or you’re walking in your city and you come across a beautiful woman but instead of approaching her you just look… and daydream…

What if you became the guy that takes action? The guy that instead of pointing out the hot girl becomes the guy that sees a hot girl and jumps at the chance to talk to her?


Having confidence with women is a matter of practice. (Practice leads to competence and competence builds confidence.)

And that my friend, is exactly what you will learn in this course, the tools that you need to practice in order to become your most confident self.

Often times people say things like “just go up there and talk to her, say anything…” but that’s easy to say for someone that's used to taking that action, but for someone who tends to sit on the sidelines the thought of going up to a woman can be daunting and downright debilitating.


Where most guys often fail is that they don’t know themselves enough, they haven’t taken the steps necessary to learn about their roadblocks and how to break them.


This course is laid out so you start to pay attention to how you respond to stressors, learn about why you think the way you do, how to break fears and how to change your mindset.

This isn’t a classroom or a deep dive into psychology and the evolution of mankind; This is a workout of your confidence muscle.  We’ll create a foundation of what confidence is and how to improve upon it but the focus is on you taking action.


The course is broken down into 9 breakthrough exercises for you to practice. They are spread out from the most easiest possible baby step and work yourself all the way up to walking up to women on the street without worrying about rejection or being embarrassed.

At the end of this course you will have learned how to:

-       Break through your roadblocks

-       Become an action taker

-       Break through fears (Rejection, embarrassment, failure)

-       Remove the need for approval from others

-       Improve your mindset organically

-       Triple your confidence with women as well as your peers, your friends, in all aspects of your life

-       Get what you want out of life.


Life is too short to be missing out on great experiences when all you need is to improve your confidence so you can take action.

I’ve worked with 100s of clients hands on and this is the exact system that I take them through. They pay me over $800 for a “BootCamp” style night out, where we spend the afternoon and into the evening going through each one of these breakthrough exercises. And the results are incredible.

I’ve seen guys go from being paralyzed at the thought of going up to a woman to say hello, to being absolutely comfortable in themselves and not worried about what anyone might think of them simply by learning and practicing the tools to change their mindset. This is exactly what you will learn.


If you are tired of settling, if you’re tired of being alone, if you’re tired of your brain blocking you from taking action because of fears, then you need to take action, Today!

Dating Coach Alejandro.

PS: Triple your confidence with women has a full 30 days money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied in any way you will get a full refund. It is a total of 2 hours of content broken down into 41 simple and short lectures.

What are the requirements?

  • Students will need an open mind and focus to take on this challenge - they will also HAVE TO engage with the exercises
  • Be willing to try something new and step outside their confort zones
  • Worksheets & self assessment included

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Speak and connect to the opposite sex with confidence away from their computers and being 100% real and true to yourself
  • Choose what you're looking for in a partner and take action in the direction of your dreams
  • Go up to any woman and start a conversation during the day, night, at the grocery store, at the park, Anywhere & Anytime

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for man that have a difficult time speaking to women. they are nervous and self conscious and would like to gain the skills to speak confidently and share exactly what they think
  • This course is for man that want to gain the skills to become their best version
  • This course is not for those looking for specific techniques on picking up girls, ways to “Game” the opposite sex or recommendations on online dating processes

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction - Start Here

Welcome! Thank you for joining us in this ride! This course is a great opportunity for growth. one thing that is not is a detailed class on why you feel the way you do and the psychology behind it, but instead actionable steps to get over it.

in this lecture we'll go over how the course will be broken down and how you should take action on each one of the exercises.


Who is your perfect women? do you want to just date for short term? are you looking for your future wife?

Knowing what you want is most important and keeping that perspective fresh in mind will keep you motivated.

In this lesson we'll go over the traits and what to look for when describing your ideal woman.


Start w/ a goal. Why are you taking this course? what's your motivation? Lets keep that fresh in mind.

Life is about time - a small effort of your time with this course is going to lead you to a lifetime of value.

Section 2: Confidence - What is it, how it helps and how it blocks you from action.

What is confidence, how it works, how it helps you take action and how the lack of it can keep you in your head pondering instead of being out in the real world taking action.

Key Point - Your brain is a software that has been programmed by your past, your environments and the way your parents respond to your actions - But your software can be updated through a shift in your identity. And you can shift your identity by responding differently to stressors and gaining experience in the environments where you feel insecure. Confidence comes from taking action.

Section 3: Breakthrough 1 - Focusing outside yourself
We’re always stuck in our head, worrying how we look to others, its time to look outside ourselves and see how many people actually care.

Exercise description to practice focusing outside ourselves

Final thoughts on this breakthrough + Other exercises to practice focusing outside yourself
Section 4: Breakthrough 2 - Mindset

The way you think about yourself is everything, If you speak poorly to yourself about yourself then that becomes your programming and will also become the same way others will feel about you.


How to cognitively practice positive self talk and affirmations + an exercise for you to practice

Final thoughts on this breakthrough + Other exercises/ways to practice confidence lines
Section 5: Breakthrough 3 - Sound confident

Sounding confident is a practice, if you practice speaking confidently you’ll become more confident.

How to cognitively practice speaking confidently with others + an exercise for you to practice for the next 4 days
Other exercises/ways to practice speaking confidently
Section 6: Breakthrough 4 - Managing Fear

Fear is the biggest block in taking action. if you can manage fear you will get much further in life, and managing fear is also a practice. what's the worse that could happen?

Practice managing the feeling of embarrassment so you’re no longer afraid of it + an exercise for you to practice for the next 4 days

Other exercises/ways to practice dealing with fear

Section 7: Breakthrough 5 - Asking Difficult Questions

Asking for her number, asking her to go on a date, these are difficult questions, there are a lot of mental blocks before this happens, we’ll go over how to break that negative self talk and take action


Practice asking difficult questions + an exercise for you to practice for the next 4 days

Other exercises/ways to practice asking difficult questions
Section 8: Breakthrough 6 - Initiating Contact
What do I say? will she hate me? will her friends laugh? all these questions block us from taking action, this practice is focused on getting you to take that action
Practice Initiating contact with women on the street + an exercise for you to practice for the next 4 days
Other exercises/ways to practice initiating contact w/ women
Section 9: Breakthrough 7 - Managing Rejection
The fear of rejection often times stops us from taking action. but if we learn to manage that feeling it will no longer stop us
Practice feeling rejection so you know how to manage it + an exercise for you to practice rejection management for the next 4 da
Other exercises/ways to practice dealing with rejection
Section 10: Breakthrough 8 - Flirting Confidently
Flirting is letting someone know that you’re interested in them in a playful way. so how do you do that confidently??? (Hint: its all practice)
Practice flirting with women on the street + an Exercise for flirting with women for the next 4 days

Other exercises/ways to practice flirting

Section 11: Breakthrough 9 - Starting a conversation
We’ve broken the ice, we’ve flirted a little its time to engage in a chat so you can exchange some energy and see if there is chemistry to go to the next level. the date!
Practice conversation starters + an exercise for you to practice for the next 4 days
Other exercises/ways to practice starting a conversation
Section 12: Bringing it all together

Confidence is not an end result, is a constant practice and the more you practice the more confident you become. Insecurities are just lack of experience, once you know and feel that feeling, then you’re ok

The goal is to be you confidently so you can align with your ideal mate. so practice being you often and follow the guidelines set for you in this conclusion.

Section 13: Bonus Tips
You’re in the game!! here is a couple of other pointers to help you along your dating/social life
Body language tips for feeling powerful
Practice discomfort - do new things often!! Travel - Do something crazy - BOLD! - people forget, everyone is too self-centered

Stop overthinking! Just have fun. Create conversations - be curious. touch matters, where you sit matters, find common ground, keep it light and playful. ask questions related to your current environment.

Morning habits to take charge with the day. affirmations
Fuck Tinder - Mostly

Avoid the friend zone - be direct with your intentions.


Be vulnerable, it creates connection. just keep it real be honest and focus on her, get out of your head.

Section 14: Thank you
where to find more info

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Instructor Biography

Mr Alejandro Arce, Canada's leading relationship expert

The road here hasn't been easy.

I spent the beginning of my life as an immigrant into Canada feeling like an outsider, and as a grown up trying to prove myself to others so I could receive validation that I was good enough.

The tough part was becoming aware that this was my reality, that I was just walking around with a basic action reaction flow based on what I'd learn through my past.


Through serendipitous moments I became aware of this reality and became engrossed in finding the people and tools to learn and break the blocks.

I find it fascinating that our past and our environments shape the way we feel and think. in fact, my favourite conversations are related to how our brain is like a software that helps you feel like a superstar or a failure and it has been programmed in either direction and that program can be switched.

Thats amazing.

Finding the tools to switch that mentality has been and exciting ride and helping hundreds do the same has also been very rewarding.


I'm not a pick up artist nor trying to teach anyone to become one. the bottom line when you work with me is to help you gain clarity on what you're looking for, learn whats holding you back from achieving it and build the confidence to take action in the direction of your goals. 

At the end of the day we all have the same "powers" its just our thinking that gets in the way and thats where I come in, to help reshape that thinking.


I have taken, and continue to take, the steps required to create a relationship and life that I feel excited to wake up to every morning. My goal is to help as many people as possible find the same joy and fulfillment in their own lives


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