Traveling With Your iPhone
4.2 (3 ratings)
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Traveling With Your iPhone

A comprehensive guide to help you use your iPhone as your personal digital assistant while traveling and on vacation.
4.2 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
99 students enrolled
Created by Chet Davis
Last updated 6/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will learn, in plain english the options for using your iPhone internationally without having to worry what fees and charges you'll face when returning home.
  • Chet provides you with three specific options for telephone and data services while traveling internationally.
  • You'll learn suggested apps and practices for using your iPhone while both planning your trip/s and enjoying them while traveling.
  • Chet provides first-hand experiences to keep your trip going smoothly with utility apps, keeping track of budget, and documenting your travels. Chet also shares a great app for managing your itinerary and staying on top of travel changes.
  • You'll learn clear and easy suggestions for staying in touch with friends and family back home.
  • And Chet will provide you with both a method and tips to find the iPhone Apps that will serve you best for your specifict travel destination/s
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  • This class is specific to the Apple iPhone - and while most any of the latter versions will be compatible, some of the features & functions are specific to iOS 6. Folks with an iPod Touch or the Apple iPad will find most lessons compatible with their device.

 Your iPhone can become one of the most valuable items you bring with you on your next vacation! 

In this class, expert technology teacher (and avid traveler) Chet Davis provides you with a series of short video lessons so you can turn your iPhone into your digital travel assistant. 

Having traveled domestically and internationally with his iPhone - Chet provides you with first-hand tips and ideas to help you plan and enjoy your upcoming vacation or business trips with the assistance of your trusty iPhone.

From settings to apps, suggested applications and just enough tech info to help you make sense of it all... this class will help prepare you for traveling with your iPhone.

Learn from an experienced expert who not only knows his technology, but has used it while traveling.

Who is the target audience?
  • The lessons in this class are appropriate to anyone who has an iPhone, but some basic operation of the iPhone is helpful (Chet has an additional class on Udemy titled 'Mastering Your iPhone' if you need comprehensive instruction in basic apps and settings.
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Curriculum For This Course
43 Lectures
Welcome and Orientation to this class
5 Lectures 14:09
Course Introduction

You may choose to download this 2-page PDF document that provides a list of the lessons in this classroom. You can use this list and check off the lessons as you make progress in the class, or highlight those of particular interest to you.
Traveling With Your iPhone Course Checklist
2 pages

This 4-page PDF document provides you with a listing of all iPhone Apps presented in this classroom, along with a link to the iTunes website for each App.  Also provided are a few additional website/articles for additional Travel App Reviews.
List of all iPhone Apps Presented in this class
4 pages

In this 4-minute video Chet Davis introduces you to some of the special features of the Udemy platform to help ensure your learning progress - like the Questions, Notes options and how to contact Udemy Tech Support.  NOTE: There is brief reference to one of my other Udemy Courses (iPhone Photography Secrets) but know that the information pertains to this course as well as any other on Udemy.
Preview 02:03

If you have or use an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) you should download the FREE Udemy App.  This free app allows you to access your Udemy classes at your convenience – and even provides a solution for those who will be away from WiFi, with the ability to download your selected Udemy class lessons before travel, so you can view while in an airplane or overseas without an internet connection! You'll find the free Udemy App here: Udemy App for iOS
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Traveling with Your iPhone
3 Lectures 38:38
In this lesson Chet provides you with an easy to understand introduction to the difference between Cellular and WiFi technologies, how they work with your iPhone and why this matters when you travel internationally.
Difference Between Cellular and WiFi Use

In this lesson Chet shares the three methods for planning to use your iPhone internationally...
  1. Adjusting the Settings to turn-off cellular phone and data and using only WiFi
  2. Subscribing to an International Plan with your phone provider
  3. Unlocking your iPhone and changing the SIM Card
Eliminating Excessive iPhone Charges When Traveling Abroad

In this lesson Chet points out how sharing too much about your impending vacation/travels on social media can expose you to increased theft risk.  Chet shows how to adjust your Facebook settings for increased privacy and suggests what to share and with whom while traveling.
How and Why to Maintain Privacy While Traveling

iPhone and International Charges
4 questions
Getting Ready for Your Trip
2 Lectures 11:56
In this lesson, Chet presents a case for completing the research and planning for your trip on a device other than your iPhone but shows you how and why you should use Mobile Travel Planning Apps.  He shows two Apps you can use to plan for your upcoming trip with complete options for air, hotel, car rental and more, and also shares a cool App to help you find a room or flat to rent from a family in the community where you'll be vacationing.
Planning Apps

Chet provides an introduction to a free Packing App he uses - you can not only use this app to pack for your upcoming trip this year, but you can customize packing lists for different types of trips and use them in the future as well.
Packing Apps
Useful Utility Apps
4 Lectures 20:21
Chet shares a free iPhone App that not only converts currency, but also 18 other common measurements/quantities/sizes that can prove very helpful when traveling in a different country.
Currency and Conversions

In this lesson you will learn to use an iOS app that will translate from one language into another for you... and see that some of the languages even have a speaking voice (dependent on WiFi access).
App for Translating Language

In this lesson Chet shares his thoughts and experiences using the iPhone Clock App to help manage time on trips and vacations - by using the World Clock, Alarm and Timer functions.
Managing Time With Clocks and Alarms

In this lesson Chet shares how to add multiple cities/locations to your iPhone Weather App, and what features he likes on an alternate (free) Weather App.
What's the Weather?
Entertainment for the Journey
4 Lectures 26:03
In this short video Chet shows you how to find, purchase (download) music and audiobooks that you can play from the Music app on your iPhone.  Planning ahead and loading up your iPhone with some good tunes can help while away an otherwise boring time on the boat, train, or airplane.
Music and Books On Tape

In this lesson Chet provides you with an introduction to the iPhone Podcast App, and shows who you can find (free) audio programs to download onto your iPhone for to while away the hours of a long journey (or to simply become more knowledgeable about your destination or other topic of interest).

Podcasts mentioned in the lesson (click on the title to visit the page to listen, download, or subscribe):

In this lesson you'll learn about the Books iPhone App, where to find and purchase/download books, how to use the Books app to read your books and - what Chet finds particularly useful - how you can save and view PDF documents in the Books app.  Chet even shows you how to find and download a PDF from a website (example is the Paris Metro Map) which you will find here: Paris Metro RER Map

In this lesson you'll learn how to find movies (or TV shows) to rent or purhcase, download onto your iPhone to view on your upcoming journey/s.  Chet also shares a quick tip for an accessory that will allow two people to view (and listen) to the same program on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.
Videos to Pass the Time
Keeping Organized on Your Trip
3 Lectures 22:16
In this video Chet shares one of his most favorite (and most useful) Travel Apps that allows you to load in and manage your travel itinerary, from flights and train trips - to lodging. 
Awesome Itinerary App

In this video Chet shares ideas for three different methods for keeping track of your expenses using your iPhone.
Keeping Track of Expenses

In this lesson Chet shares two different suggestions for keeping a record of the highlights of your vacation/travels.  Using both the Notes app, in typing and in dictation mode - as well as two audio recording Apps.  Chet finds these are an easy way to record special moments and places of your trips to rekindle the memories back home.
Travel Notes or Audio: Remember The Highlights
Finding Your Way
3 Lectures 22:19
In this lesson you will learn the value of Vector maps (over Bit-mapped maps) and learn one of the many available travel map programs. Learn how you can actually download maps for your trip before you leave so you're all set when you arrive at your destination.
Maps and Navigation

In this lesson Chet provides a sampling of Apps you can use to help navigate and travel via both subway and trains, domestically as well as overseas.
Apps for Travel by Trains and Subway

In this lesson Chet shares some navigation tips when using your iPhone Maps (either the standard Apple Maps or the Google Maps) and also how to use the 'Search' function to help locate nearby attractions or points of interest.
Apps for Travel by Car
What To Do
4 Lectures 31:32
In this lesson Chet demonstrates a sampling of both country and city/regional travel apps - highlighting the kinds of information to look for in a useful travel app.
City and Country Guides

Chet samples several apps in this video lesson, from two National Parks apps (United States National Parks), two State Parks Apps, and one app that features one specific Park. This is done not so much to suggestion you use these particular Apps but to give you a strong sense of what to seek in an App for the state/country or specific location you'll be traveling to.
National and Regional Parks

In this lesson Chet shares three Apps from Amusement Parks to provide you with a sampling of the types of useful functions you may find in an App for the Resort/Amusement Park you may be visiting on your vacation.
Resorts & Attractions

In this lesson Chet provides a walk-though of how he finds and chooses iPhone Apps for specific vacation spots. 
Finding Your Own Apps for Travel Destinations
iPhoneography: Document Your Great Vacation
7 Lectures 53:57
In this lesson Chet provides you with an introduction/overview to the iPhone Camera App to capture photos while you are traveling. 
In the video, Chet mentioned one of his other Udemy classes 'iPhone Photography Secrets' which has more than 8-hours of instruction on iPhone-Photography.  As a registered student in this classroom - you are entitled to also register for this other course at a special 50% discount ($19 for a $39 class).  Click this link to view the agenda and register with your discount:
iPhone Camera Basics

In this lesson you will learn what the Camera Roll is - how to perform simple edits on your iPhone Photos, how to share them.  You'll also learn what an iPhone photo album is - how to create them and what the newer iPhone Photo Stream is. 
iPhone Camera Roll, Albums, and Photo Stream

In this video lesson Chet demonstrates what you must adjust in the Settings App to geo-tag your photos and what this looks like on both your iPhone and on a computer. 
iPhone Camera Places - GeoTagging Your Pics

In this lesson Chet provides a demonstration of one of the many Apps for your iPhone that allow you to create collages of your photos. As Chet shows, this can be a great method of combining and crafting vacation memories... and is a perfect fit for the app in the following lesson!
Creating Cool Photo Travel Collages Using Your iPhone

Chet shows you one of his favorite iPhone photo apps that allows you to select one of your photos (Chet uses the collages created in the previous lesson) and send them right from the App!
Create and Send Your Own Postcards (from your iPhone Photos)

Chet shares a technique he has used, creating your own private, password-protected photo gallery that can be loaded to from a great iPhone Camera app.  Chet walks you through the process of adjusting the Gallery Settings if you wish to create and use this private viewing area of your photos, family and friends can enjoy while you're still 'on the road'.
Camera Awesome & Your Private Gallery

In this introduction to your iPhone Video Camera (Video function in the Camera App) Chet shares a few tips to help you get the best video clips while traveling.
Capturing Videos on Your iPhone
Staying In Touch
2 Lectures 12:33
Phone Home 1: Introduction to VOIP and SKYPE

In this 2nd lesson on using VOIP to make calls while traveling internationally (or domestically) Chet shows some of the specifics of the Skype iPhone App
Phone Home 2: The SKYPE iPhone App
2 More Sections
About the Instructor
Chet Davis
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Chet loves to teach...he loves helping others learn, whether it's an artistic technique in video or photography; or a software application or technology tool. Whether you join Chet for a live hands-on workshop or an on-line lesson on Udemy you clearly experience his enthusiasm, his expertise, and his passion for teaching.

Chet 'cut' his teacher teeth with 17 years in the classroom as teacher of a high school Video Technology program in California. He's made presentations at National and Regional Conferences and led hands-on workshops for in 41 US States, 3 Canadian provinces and in Europe (European Schools Program). Chet is listed in two volumes of Who’s Who in American Education and has testified before a Congressional Sub-Committee on the importance of Technology in Education.

When he's not teaching, he enjoys traveling - and producing travel video and photography. He likes playing tennis, snowboarding and mountain biking... and he loves to cook (he makes a mean Chimichanga from scratch).