Travel Tips: Travel Free without ruining yourself
3.7 (37 ratings)
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Travel Tips: Travel Free without ruining yourself

Free Travel Tips: Learn How to Travel & Enrich your Life. Discover, wonder, use Travel creative energy!
3.7 (37 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
4,479 students enrolled
Last updated 12/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • know why to travel
  • find destinations you dream about
  • choose the best traveling period
  • find cheap flight tickets
  • find accomodation at a reasonable price
  • move once at destination
  • save money
  • apply useful tips and tricks
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  • No material or software needed (excepted a computer and a decent internet connection). You should only be curious, patient and perseverant in order to complete this step-by-step course successfully.

Wanna have a smart, cheap & inspiring travel experience?

Welcome to this free course, it will help you travel and make your dream come true!

  • Do you think that travel is not for you: too expensive or over-complicated?
  • Make no mistake: this is possible!
  • This free course will definitely change your mind.
  • Discover simple and easy tips to make you travel and energize your life :-)

Hi, we are Cristina & Olivier, a couple of life adventurers and entrepreneurs. We have thousands of students and readers all around the world enjoying our english, french & spanish ebooks and courses. Join our community :-)

We have been traveling all around the world since our studenthood and have visited more than 45 countries so far. We love to find convenient and affordable travel solutions in order to maximize our touristic budget and discover hidden treasures during the journey, just like you!

We have published a "Travel eGuide" collection that you may want to read for free with Kindle Premium and we are happy to offer you this FREE COURSE with our tips & tricks to travel free without ruining yourself.

Prepare and live your holidays... differently!

In this course, we will explain to you our tips that helped us travel, and catch creative energy to launch our companies and a useful Travel eGuide collection. Each of this eGuide is a vitaminized additive to other tourist books: we will share with you our passion for travel and our discoveries made on the road.

With this responsive Travel eGuide, use your smartphone or tablet without internet connection and browse throughout all the data, choosing one of the 3 intuitive methods available:

  1. By location: use a “classical” geographical display with high-resolution maps
  2. By photograph: pick-up one of the hundreds of photos and jump to the corresponding section
  3. By affinity or passion: tap on one of the colored icons illustrating your interests during a trip and get a list of the matching locations!

What is the used terminology?

In this course, we will cover: traveling tips, plan, save money, pass / coupon, plane, accommodation, insurance, vaccination, luggages

What are you going to get from this free course?

  • high-quality videos including "talking heads"
  • presentations and commented slideshows, photographs
  • Link to the course syllabus containing all resources
  • Link to a zipped html bookmarks file easily usable on your preferred internet browser
  • Links to useful and free resources to prepare your next travel experience
  • special for tight budget
  • tested and validated methods & trips

What other people say about this free course (2000+ students):

  • "I felt like the course was a fantastic refresher! Even though I've traveled before, usually within the US, and some of the tips and lectures seemed common sense to me, it has inspired me to begin my research again and reinvigorate me to experience the world. Thank you." - James Stewart
  • "The course is very helpful & beneficial for new travelers who are interested in visiting new places in the world. I've enjoyed the organized sections & the detailed information." - Kamel Halabi
  • "very informative and knowledgeable on travel" - Rudra Toulon
  • "This was an informative course with actionable information." - Sheryl M Malzkuhn

So, are you ready for ALL OF THIS?! Yes?

Buckle up and Bon voyage!

Cristina & Olivier Rebiere

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for people who dream to travel and think - wrong - that it is a unreachable luxury.
  • This course is for people who are afraid of ruining themselves by traveling but are eager to discover the world, other cultures, but also to better know themselves.
  • This course is NOT for people completely allergic to internet and computers.
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Curriculum For This Course
2 Lectures 05:19

Let us get acquainted and see together the benefits this course can have for you :-) A list of the skills you will gain before buckling up ! Do not forget that traveling is investing in yourself.

About your course

Please download the course syllabus to have all resources of this course right at hand :-) You will find useful links and a zipped file with handy bookmarks.

The course syllabus: download it now!

Course objectives
5 questions
Traveling changes your life
4 Lectures 19:01

Traveling enriches your life in every point of view. You will see it! We will cover what you need to do in order to reach the proper mindset in order to travel.

Traveling changes your life

Why will traveling change your life?
4 questions

Let us show you the experience we accumulated during a life of travels. Some photos and a list of the countries we had the privilege to visit.

Our experience & our journeys

Let us explore the reasons which could make you decide to travel and discover! We offer some powerful quotes which will inspire you and help you find your own reasons to travel.

Why should you travel?

Why should you travel?
5 questions

Tips & tricks to improve your traveling conditions. We will talk about preparation, planning, and making choices.

Tips to be a happy traveler and make your dreams come true
Plan, calculate, book (reservation)
6 Lectures 21:06

Explore your potential dream destinations. You have to dream, make lists, do some research, and calculate.

Find dream destinations

You have to take into account several parameters in order to prepare your journey: celebrations, weather, risks, budget, in order to make your decision.

Select the travel period and the country

Ideas and techniques to find flight tickets at a fair price and save on your budget. We will cover useful websites to use for your search and offer you a simple and efficient method to keep your gathered data safe.

Find cheap flight tickets

Let us tackle with the accommodation on travel. We will cover different types of accommodation: hotels, rental vacations and other possibilities.

Find accommodation at a reasonable price

You have to choose between several transportation methods once on site. But how? We will show you where to look at, according to the type of journey you want: staying in one city or hitting the road.

Transportation (on site)

Take safety measures in order to avoid health trouble abroad. Here we will talk about vaccinations, health insurance and how to minimize risks.

Insurance and vaccination

How to save money before traveling?
2 questions
Save on expenses
4 Lectures 10:23

Choose payment methods abroad. We will analyze some payment methods such as cash, travelers cheques, credit cards and share our own experience with you.

Money and curencies

A good way to save money on your entry tickets to cultural and sport activities! The "coupon" is a good way to minimize your expenses: learn how to search and find these amazing opportunities.

Pass(es) and coupons

Useful tips & tricks for your luggage before taking off: what to do, what to take with you in the plane cabin in order to save your day if your luggage is not there when you arrive.

Useful tips - luggage

Other ways to save money during your journey
4 questions

Go further with us!

BONUS lecture
About the Instructor
Olivier Rebiere
4.0 Average rating
201 Reviews
6,615 Students
11 Courses
Facilitateur Créateur digital / Facilitator, digital Creator

Short Bio: (french version below / version française infra)

Olivier Rebiere is an experienced manager, entrepreneur and facilitator. Since 2013, Olivier has been launching a large number of digital e-books in several languages and is now developing courses aimed to help online educators, authors & learners.

Origin Story:

After doing his military service as a teacher in Germany, Rebiere packed up for Brussels to handle contractual agreements and give legal advice in the pharmaceutical industry. Appointed by the french Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he served seven years as general secretary in cultural institutions abroad. Rebiere and his wife then decided to invest in Romania and founded a succesful team-building company and the first adventure park ever created in this country - built by their own hands - attracting thousands of people, schools, and companies into practicing sport and bonding activities in nature. Rebiere's pedagogy is based on lived-experience and humanism.

Domains of expertise:

project management, training, team building, teaching, legal advice, budgeting, planning, productivity & strategy, web presence & web design, coaching, writing techniques, self-learning, media, travel, audio & video production, gamification

_____________________ FRANÇAIS _____________________

Courte biographie:

Olivier Rebière est un manager, entrepreneur et facilitateur expérimenté. Depuis 2013, Olivier a publié un grand nombre de livres numériques traduits dans plusieurs langues et développe actuellement des cours spécialement adaptés aux formateurs, auteurs & apprenants numériques en ligne.

Ses origines:

Après avoir effectué son service militaire comme enseignant en Allemagne, Rebière part pour Bruxelles traiter d'accords contractuels dans l'industrie pharmaceutique. Nommé par le Ministère français des Affaires Étrangères, il sert pendant sept ans en tant que secrétaire général d'institutions culturelles à l'étranger. Avec son épouse, ils décident alors d'investir en Roumanie et fondent une entreprise de team-building qui rencontre le succès puis le premier parc d'aventures jamais créé dans ce pays - construit de leurs mains - qui attirera des milliers de personnes, écoles et entreprises dans la pratique du sport et d'activités de cohésion en pleine nature. La pédagogie d'Olivier Rebière est basée sur l'expérience vécue et l'humanisme.

Domaines de compétence:

management de projet, team building, formation initiale et continue, enseignement, conseil juridique, budgétisation, planification, productivité et stratégie, présence web & web design, coaching, techniques d'écriture, auto-apprentissage, médias, voyage, production vidéo & audio, ludification

Cristina Rebiere
3.6 Average rating
140 Reviews
5,783 Students
9 Courses
Auteure, Formatrice, Experte en montage de projets européens

Courte biographie:

Cristina Rebière est auteure de nombreux guides et livres. Elle a dirigé une maison d'édition, un parc d'aventures et mené à bien de nombreuses missions dans la fonction publique européenne. Elle est aussi spécialisée dans la formation continue.

Ses origines:

Après la Révolution roumaine, Cristina interrompt de brillantes études pour entrer à l'université en France où elle suit tout le cursus en faculté de droit et obtient une Maîtrise en Administration Économique et Sociale. D'abord chargée de communication dans un Institut Français en Allemagne, elle devient statisticienne à Bruxelles pour un bureau d'assistance de la Commission Européenne. De retour à Bucarest elle est successivement contrôleuse de gestion, directrice de maison d'édition, experte européenne puis professeure de français. En Roumanie elle fonde avec son mari une entreprise de team building puis le premier parc d'aventures jamais créé dans ce pays - construit de leurs mains - qui attirera des milliers de personnes, écoles et entreprises dans la pratique du sport et d'activités de cohésion en pleine nature. Avec son équipe, elle conçoit et construit des parcours d'escalade dans les arbres pour d'autres clients.

Au rectorat de l'Académie de la Martinique, Cristina prend en charge la coordination de la Cellule Académique des Fonds Européens et de Coopération où elle accompagne les porteurs de projet dans le montage des dossiers, assure la formation en ingénierie de projet, gère un réseau de plus d'une soixantaine d'enseignants référents à l'ouverture internationale. Elle assure la gestion opérationnelle de plusieurs projets de coopération. Elle assure l'actualisation du site internet de la Délégation Académique aux Relations Internationales et à la Coopération.

La pédagogie de Cristina Rebière est basée sur le pragmatisme et l'efficacité.

Domaines de compétence:

management de projet, voyage, marketing social de contenu, team building, formation initiale et continue, expertise en fonds européens, budgétisation, planification, productivité et stratégie, coaching, ingénierie financière, webmestre, statistiques, procédures, web intégration, conception graphique, communication, conception et construction de parcs d'aventure