Travel Photography - Amazing Tips and Techniques

UPDATED 2015! Improve your travel images with any digital camera using simple camera settings & creative techniques
  • Lectures 55
  • Video 6 Hours
  • Skill level all level
  • Languages English
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Course Description

All about travel photography tips and techniques. This 3 hour course comprises 7 video segments with  comprehensive downloadable reference handouts of all presentation slides from pro world travel photographer David Smith of Interface Images in informative, entertaining and inspirational Style. Published in magazines, books, newspapers, and online, David lectures and teaches how to become a travel photographer worldwide at photo conferences, art galleries and on cruise ships. Most of this course was recorded in front of a live audience so useful Q&A activity is included. Humor and multimedia slide shows will keep your interest high and the easy to understand and amazing travel photography tips will amaze you.

There is also a course review in the form of a two page workshop. Follow these steps on how to become a travel photographer to practice changing your SLR or Point & Shoot camera settings and see the results.

Your instructor will answer all questions, give guidance to students on request and is available for private tutoring on a personal or Skype basis.  From time to time, David's travel photography assignments may cause some delay in responding but he promises to reply to all when he returns.


What are the requirements?

  • interest in digital photography
  • interest in travel
  • Have any type of digital camera.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 55 lectures and 5 hours of content!
  • improve travel photography
  • learn better camera techniques
  • learn easy camera tips and sharing technqiues
  • Capture local people & culture with your camera
  • Dramatically improve your travel photos
  • Be proud to share your travel images, videos and share your travels with friends, family and social networks
  • Learn how to manage depth of field, shutter speed, flash and composition to capture travel images in a creative way.
  • How to capture local people and culture as you travel

What is the target audience?

  • beginner photographers
  • enthusiast photographers
  • travelers
  • armchair travelers
  • Photographers of all levels with any type of digital camera
  • cruise ship passengers
  • travel writers
  • travel agents
  • tour operators


Section 1: NEW:Top 10 Travel Photo Tips, Instructor Background & How to take this course
David's Top 10 Travel Photography Tips
David Smith briefly introduces this course, his background and a portfolio multimedia slide show `Life - Over the Rainbow``, a collection of images and video clips from his world travel adventures. Welcome to this course Travel Photography - Amazing Tips and Techniques.`
Introduction: How to take this Course
Section 2: NEW - Travel Photography For Beginners
Holding Your Camera
Using Your Camera's Spot Focus
Camera Scene Modes and Vibration Reduction
Using Depth of Field
Using Shutter Sppeed
Composition Techniques
Using Your Camera's Exposure Value (EV) Settings
Using ISO Settings
Using Your Camera's Flash
Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around
Managing Digital Camera Sensor Dust
Photography from a Moving Tour Bus
Photography Tips for Traveling on Cruise Ships
Camera Security while Traveling
Section 3: NEW - Creative Travel Photography
Creative Camera Settings
Dynamic Range Explained
Review: Using Your Exposure Value
Lens and Filters for Travel Photographers
Using Light: Types of Light
Using Light: Ambient and Artificial Light
Using Light: White Balance
Section 4: NEW: Capturing Local People and Culture with Your Camera
Capturing Local People and Culture - Part 1 of 3
Capturing Local People and Culture - Part 2 of 3
Capturing Local People and Culture - Part 3 of 3
Section 5: UPDATED: Course Review and More Info on Specific Tips & Techniques
2 pages
To review the important camera setting tips covered in this course, Follow the steps in the handout and you will learn how to set digital camera settings for SLR cameras and point and shoot cameras.
Photography Tips for Tours and Excursions
2 pages
Capturing Dramatic Sunsets
2 pages
4 pages
Capturing local people and culture often means photographing people you don't know. David reviews his tips and techniques of quickly and easily capturing the people he encounters around the world and how he interacts and photographs people he doesn't know.  His life lessons from a camera is an inspiring and fun process!
4 pages
Travelers can encounter unique and colorful fresh markets across the world. David reviews some photography and startegy tips and sample photographs of his visits to fresh markets.
Ridding Your Camera Sensor of Dust while Traveling
3 pages
Dave's Dynamo Effect - A Simple to Use Flash Technique - WOW!
3 pages
Musings and the Love of Travel Photography
3 pages
3 pages
An ad hoc encounter with local people in a small Nubian village off the Nile River reveals why we love Travel Photography in this inspiring photo essay
3 pages
A review of how to capture a multiple series of panorama images with any point and shoot or SLR camera
3 pages
Easy software techniques and software sources for stitching your camera's panoramic image series.
2 pages
Techniques for adjusting Exposure Value (EV), zooming in and spot focusing are covered in this story on capturing a fabulous portrait of a fisherman in Hoi An Vietnam under harsh noon light conditions.  Voila!  A perfect portrait in a few seconds.
2 pages

David Smith outlines how to capture market vendors and their wares in a picturesque fresh market in Kusadsi, Turkey. Use of light, interaction with people you don't know and photography style are described

3 pages

Several of your instructors favorite travel photography teaching blogs are summarized. These Blogs are are great source of inspireation and ideas for impopving your travel photography

13 pages

This powerpoint presentation given in January 2014 outlines what's new in digital photography - in cameras, smartphones, apps, software and editing techniques.

Selfies & Photobomb Techniques for Travel Photographers
6 pages
Section 6: Photo Apps, Selfies & Photobombs for Travel Photographers
Smart Phone and Camera Market Changes
Up Your Selfie Game
Cool Photography Apps for Travel Photographers
The First Selfie? Dave's Group Smile Circle Technique
Section 7: OLD CONTENT Travel Photography Tips & Techniques as 7 video Lectures
An introduction to travel photography tips and techniques. A 24 minute video.

Simple camera settings for managing depth of field, blur and motion effects and composition techniques to improve your travel photography. A 16 minute video.
Hints on traveling with your camera, using storage devices and safety and security at airports, while traveling and in hotels. A 20 minute video.

This section covers easy to use camera and flash techniques to capture amazingly creative images. A 25 minute video
More travel photography tips and NEW ways of sharing your travel images using digital photo books, production of multimedia slide shows and online sharing and social networks. A 35 minute video.
Section 8: OLD CONTENT Course Handout - Power Point slides of Section 1 Lectures
Old Content: Course Handout - Power Point slides of Lectures 3 - 7
Section 9: OLD CONTENT: Bonus- Capturing Local People & Culture
David discusses travel photography tips and techniques of how to photography people you don’t know. Local people add color and excitement to travel pictures so photograph them…an intimidating idea to many of us. Flowers, animals and mountain lakes don’t talk back to you but it is people who make the world colorful, friendly and more interesting. Learn how to capture local people and culture in this fun and inspirational class with amazing people images from around the world. This is Part 1 of 2 classes
David discusses travel photography tips and techniques of how to photography people you don’t know. Local people add color and excitement to travel pictures so photograph them…an intimidating idea to many of us. Flowers, animals and mountain lakes don’t talk back to you but it is people who make the world colorful, friendly and more interesting. Learn how to capture local people and culture in this fun and inspirational class with amazing people images from around the world. This is Part 2 of 2 classes

Instructor Biography

David Smith , World Travel Photographer, Lecturer and Keynote Speaker

David Smith is a professional photographer, travel writer and keynote speaker based in Vancouver, BC.  He has traveled to over 80 countries with his cameras and is published worldwide and recently in USA Today Travel Online, The Wall Street Journal, Geo Saison, Budget Travel Magazine and Frommers Travel Guides. 

 He has over 10,000 images of world travel, ethnic life, lifestyle and cruise ship adventures in his Interface Images online gallery  

His passions are the photography of ethnic people and culture around the world and sharing his photography passion with everyone. In the last few years he has traveled to 6 continents on photography and guest lecturing assignments and willingly shares photography tips, travels and photo stories in talks, multimedia presentations, blogs, articles and social networking sites. 

David frequently lectures on digital and travel photography; travel adventures and world culture topics. He also tutors and teaches local digital photography classes and camera workshops for photographers at all levels at home between trips. He is represented internationally by stock photo agencies and his travel writings have been published internationally in magazines, books, websites, and newspapers.

He is a professional member of the Editorial Photographers Association and past President of the North Shore Photographic Society. His presentations are known to inform, entertain and inspire his audiences. He has published a Digital & Travel Photography Tutorial CD and a Travel Photography – Tips & Techniques video DVD  oth ideal for all travelers and photographers at all levels. Visit his online collection of world fine art images  and follow his Blog “Images – Connecting the World”


Average Rating
  1. 5 Stars
  2. 4 Stars
  3. 3 Stars
  4. 2 Stars
  5. 1 Stars
    • Photographer David Coutts

    Course Mainly for Beginning Digital Photographers

    I felt the information presented was very basic and intended for audiences that knew nothing about photography. There were several key points that were presented and re-presented from one lecture to the next. The video quality was marginal as it appeared we were watching a video of a slide show at the time the talk was given (presumably on a cruise ship). There was one video where there was an annoying flare (from the video camera's light) across the screen so you couldn't really see what was being displayed all that well. David Smith did try to adjust this several times, but each time the video white balance auto-adjusted and the flare came back. The overall production quality was amateurish and the course was a "mishmash" of ideas that while useful, seemed not to follow a particular order. Some of the ideas about securing your photographic equipment were useful and the Visible Dust product for sensor cleaning was also helpful. David Smith is an excellent speaker, but he needs to completely re-vamp his presentation to one that is shot properly and touches on each subject as a separate lesson rather than a bunch of lessons repeating the same things. Please shoot in a studio and not in a cruise ship ball room. These videos reminded me of videos shot by parents at their kid's theatrical presentations at school. If you are interested in traveling via cruise ship and know nothing about your digital camera, you'll take away some useful information. If you're a bit more advanced, you'll find the presentation to be less informative.

    • Anne Eagle

    Well Presented easy to Follow

    I would recommend this course. David Smith's instructional style is engaging, easy to follow and very professional--while remaining very cognizant of his audience's needs. His ability to instruct is well honed. He makes the material very easy to follow and has completely taken me from someone who thought photography was too understanding how to become more professional. I am now shopping for a new camera. I have been truly inspired. This is a great hobby for me and I can't wait to get started. I have not traveled that much, but do love to photo nature, pets, etc. It is great that the course is provided in various formats including video, and PDF resources, making it easy to follow and easy to review. It is an asset to have access to the course, to refer to as I increase my skill level. Thanks for making this so good. When I started the course, I wondered how taking an online course could ever work on a topic like this but I have no regrets.

    • Brian Schmidt

    Video freezes

    The video freezes. Some material is repeated. Poor quality.

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