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Trading Stocks, Futures, Or Forex Best By Backtesting Trading Strategy First
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What Will I Learn?
Define backtesting
Distinguish the two types of backtesting
Appreciate the six benefits derived from manual backtesting
Measure the seven main considerations in backtesting
Perform the seven primary steps in backtesting
Backtest stocks, futures, Forex pairs and other financial instruments without any special or expensive software
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  • A cursory knowledge of financial markets is sufficient.
  • An understanding that financial trading involves buying and selling in order to make money.
  • Know how a simple price chart / graph works. The type you see on websites and in the newspaper.

November 21, 2016 update: A new comprehensive high performancetrader trader training is being released in January 2017.  Students enrolled in this course before the new course launch will be entitled to the biggest discounts.  There's never been a better time start. ENROLL NOW!

June 26, 2015 update: New sections, lectures and resources have been posted including an audio question and answer section based on student questions. 

May 31, 2015 update: The price of the course is going to be increased in 2 weeks and will go up to $297 on June 14, 2015. This reflects updated content, additional lectures, and bonus resources. Sign up now to get the upgrades at a lower price.


Learn the right approach to profitable trading in only 3 hours!

By the end of this course, you will be able to backtest any stocks/futures/Forex trading or investing idea with no money! Avoid claims of overnight riches and holy grail strategies. Find out what works without exposing your hard earned cash to danger.

TRADING TACTICS: Get Proof of Trading Profits With No Risk

Aimlessly buying and selling in the markets with hope and fear is useless and downright dangerous. Learn to be strategic. Understand the probabilities. Test your trading systems... and only then start trading your valuable money. This course shows you how.

Hundreds of students have already felt the benefits of the must-know material in this course. Are you going to be next? Don't get left behind.

Nothing is held back in this course. I share my wisdom from decades of trading and the little-known tips of other successful traders. As an added bonus, this course will continue to grow as new sections are added - at no extra cost to you!

In addition to the Udemy 30-day guarantee, you have my personal assurance that the only regret that you will have is that you'll wish you had found it earlier.

"Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime"

This is the fishing lesson of a lifetime!

You need to get this course right now. If you already trade, invest or own any stocks, you might already be at risk.

Every minute you delay exposes you to unnecessary and unwanted risk...

Sign up now!

Who is the target audience?
  • Those looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, or a prepackaged trading system made to blindly follow along should look elsewhere.
  • This course is for anyone wanting to learn about probability based trading in stocks, futures, Forex and other trading products.
  • Anyone who is willing to be open minded and work hard on the path to financial freedom through financial trading should take this course.
  • The content is aimed at traders with cursory knowledge of buying and selling and what is displayed on a price chart.
  • Traders with advanced knowledge in systems testing or those looking for something extra to sharpen their edge may find this course to be repetitive.
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 62 Lectures Collapse All 62 Lectures 05:51:37
Introduction to the Course
6 Lectures 19:51

This lecture sets solid expectations of all the benefits successful completion of this course offers.

Preview 01:06

Trading Tactics - a welcome to the course and an introduction to Troy Taylor.

Preview 06:01

Backtesting defined.


"Trading" encompasses a lot of different activities. Even in backtesting there are different types. Differentiating manual and automated backtesting and understanding the benefits of each one is a key step.

Differentiating Manual and Automated Backtesting

Just a quick check to make sure that you are on the right track.

Section 1 Quiz
3 questions

Trading article highlights the multiple benefits of backtesting.

Preview 05:00

Three simple clicks / taps can make a huge difference. Four if you want to go the extra mile.

Three Simple Yet Powerful Clicks
The Six Benefits of Backtesting
8 Lectures 19:25

Trading isn't always sunshine and profits. This is an introduction to how the six benefits of backtesting can help.

Section 2: Introduction

The very activity of doing the backtest familiarizes a trader with the movement of a given market or trading product.

Benefit 1 of 6: Price Action Discovery

Trading battles are won and lost by managing risk. This idea of matching timeframe and risk is incredibly important. Learn the reason why.

Benefit 2 of 6: Appropriate Intervals

Trading product familiarity breeds confidence and competence. Backtesting familiarizes traders with the setup being tested.

Benefit 3 of 6: Setup Familiarization

Trading a rules based system is about a statistical advantage. Backtesting allows a trader to develop documented statistics on the market performance of the strategy. This is the very core of backtesting.

Benefit 4 of 6: Evidence Compilation

Trading confidence is a key component of trading success. This is the equivalent of getting better because a trader knows he has done it before and it's just another proverbial day at the office.

Benefit 5 of 6: Confidence Building

Trading aimlessly is scary and can be very harmful to a trader's account. Backtesting creates a strategy to be disciplined about. There are many things that a trader can be disciplined about. This is the most important.

Benefit 6 of 6: Target of Discipline

Trading can be difficult but it doesn't have to be. A wrap up of the six benefits of backtesting.

Section 2: Conclusion

Section 2 Quiz
2 questions
The Seven Key Considerations in Backtesting
9 Lectures 17:06

Trading without a tested plan can get tricky (bad tricky). Here's an introduction to the seven key considerations of backtesting and how they can help.

Section 3: Introduction

Discover the way to analyze trading strategies for live trading suitability.

Key Consideration 1 of 7: Live Trading Suitability

Average win size and understanding its trading implication is important because it helps a trader to know what to expect.

Key Consideration 2 of 7: Average Win Size

Average loss size is important because it helps a trader to know what to expect when trades don't make money and is a benefit to identifying issues before they become larger problems.

Key Consideration 3 of 7: Average Loss Size

Trading can often have long periods of ups and downs. Find out the significance of how winning streaks can affect your trading.

Key Consideration 4 of 7: Winning Streaks

Trading can often have long periods of ups and downs. Find out the significance of how losing streaks can affect your trading.

Key Consideration 5 of 7: Losing Streaks

Trading drawdowns or drawdowns in the account equity are inevitable in trading. Here's how to address it before it becomes troublesome.

Key Consideration 6 of 7: Drawdowns

Trading is full of surprises and unexpected situations. Here's how to use the little known "circuit breaker" to improve your performance.

Key Consideration 7 of 7: Circuit Breakers

Wrap up of the seven key considerations in backtesting.

Section 3: Conclusion

Section 3 Quiz
2 questions
Setting Things Up
9 Lectures 17:41

This lecture is an overview of the seven primary steps in manual backtesting.

Section 4: Introduction

Trading products are numerous, versatile and offer traders many different options. Here's how to make it work for your trading operations.

Step 1: Product Selection

Trading risks aren't always what they seem. Learn how to identify and quantify trading risks before you take them.

Step 2: Risk Identification

Trading excellence is about quantifying and managing risk. Here is a way to use time frame / interval choice to manage your risk.

Step 3: Timeframe Matching

Managing trading risk is about predictability and the ability to act (buy or sell). Price continuity in trading activity is a very serious consideration for the prudent risk manager.

Step 4: Search for Continuity

Trading out of boredom can lead to devastating results. Learn how to measure your trade occurrences and plan your "inactive" times effectively.

Step 5: Trades in a Day

Trading triumphs are a result of methodically producing much-needed evidence. Here's how to get it in the most timely fashion.

Step 6: 100 Closed Trades

Trading success happens when a trader does does more of what works and less of what doesn't. Learn how to measure and compare.

Step 7: Expand on Success

A wrap up of the seven primary steps in manual backtesting.

Section 4: Conclusion

Section 4 Quiz
3 questions
Best Practices - Backtest for Success
7 Lectures 14:03

Backtesting for trading success - An introduction to the 5 hallmarks.

Section 5: Introduction

Trading rules and sticking to trading rules produces performance. The more precise the rules, the less questions when it comes time to execute.

Hallmark 1: Precision for Performance

Backtesting can take up a lot of a trader's important time. Here's how to make things as efficient as possible.

Hallmark 2: Hacking with Hindsight

The important tools that a trader must use to become effective are discussed in this section.

Hallmark 3: Spreadsheets Vs. Simulators

Trading involves being active at the hard right edge in real time. Here's how to get that important experience in without risking money.

Hallmark 4: Followup with Forward Testing

Trading with real money on the line should only happen after all the other critical steps.

Hallmark 5: The Real Money Plunge

A wrap up of the best practices for backtesting.

Section 5: Conclusion

Section 5 Quiz
3 questions
Bactesting Record Keeper - Excel sheet demonstration
6 Lectures 20:58

2015/11/19 update: Google has made strides to improve Google Sheets since this course was created and the original spreadsheet created in Microsoft Excel is no longer compatible. Please download the Google Sheets version of the Backtesting Record Keeper if you are going to be using Google Sheets software.

Section 6: Introduction

Area 1 - Strategy Information

Area 2 - Trader Inputs

Area 3 - Trade Analysis

Area 4 - Strategy Summary

Section 6: Conclusion
Conclusion and Next Steps
5 Lectures 08:12

A little bit of review, some encouragement and a quick reminder.

In Preparation For The Final Stretch

Section 7: Introduction

Learning Summary


July 24, 2015 - Updated and enhanced Backtesting Record Keeper + FAQ
4 Lectures 27:10
Introduction to July 24 Trading Tactics Updates

Updated and enhanced Backtesting Record Keeper

Update: New Backtesting Record Keeper spreadsheet enhancements

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions + Answers
Slides and Presentation Information
8 Lectures 00:12
Resources Section

(OPTIONAL) This section contains the slides and presentation information from Section 1 of this course. You can download them here.

Section 1 Information and Slides
20 pages

(OPTIONAL) This section contains the slides and presentation information from Section 2 of this course. You can download them here.

Section 2 Information and Slides
36 pages

(OPTIONAL) This section contains the slides and presentation information from Section 3 of this course. You can download them here.

Section 3 Information and Slides
36 pages

(OPTIONAL) This section contains the slides and presentation information from Section 3 of this course. You can download them here.

Section 4 Information and Slides
35 pages

(OPTIONAL) This section contains the slides and presentation information from Section 5 of this course. You can download them here.

Section 5 Information and Slides
28 pages

(OPTIONAL) This section contains the slides and presentation information from Section 6 of this course. You can download them here.

Section 6 Information and Slides
38 pages

(OPTIONAL) This section contains the slides and presentation information from Section 7 of this course. You can download them here.

Section 7 Information and Slides
14 pages
About the Instructor
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Trading Education, Training and Coaching for Traders

Triumph At Trading specializes in enabling stock, futures and Forex traders to increase their performance by focusing on an effective plan. The company can help you get your strategy, tactics, psychology, and money management on the right track. Traders who are just starting as well as experienced traders join us to get to the next level of success.

Triumph At Trading is a trader performance company offering coaching, training and education. Trader competency and awareness is raised through a focus on strategy, psychology and technology. Live room real-time market training, webinars, recordings, a trader messaging service and one-on-one coaching are all offered as part of a structured curriculum.

Clients benefit from the company's strategic partnerships with market leaders such as eSignal, NinjaTrader and TAS Market Profile where it has earned the seal of preferred authorized educator.

The firm was founded by retail independent 20-year veteran Troy Taylor who trades stock, futures and Forex markets for a living. Triumph At Trading's mission is to shave years off a trader's path to profitability and to ensure longevity through proper planning. This mission is served by coaching services, proprietary indicator technology and training products that suit novice and experienced traders alike.

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