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Wall Street trader reveals all. Information most professional traders only wish they knew about trading & investing
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About This Course

Published 7/2015 English

Course Description

Welcome to the most comprehensive and insightful stock market trading and investing course you'll find.

Students who wish to gain a full and complete understanding of how the market works, how to identify the best trade setups available and how to maximize profit will be rewarded with knowledge the comes direct from a long time 20 year Wall Street trader.

This course provides everything from the basics to the most profitable chart patterns you'll ever see, including examples using the same charts I use to trade every day.

Included are 28 complete video lessons

This learning experience will prove to enhance your market knowledge, trading abilities and most importantly, your profits.

What are the requirements?

  • Students should have access to basic charting software
  • Students should posses the willingness to learn many trading and investing techniques that are used by professional Wall Street traders
  • Students should have a basic understanding of the stock market.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn the inner workings of the stock market and how to apply this knowledge to trade and invest with confidence
  • Learn exactly why markets move in one direction or another
  • Identify the best and highest probability trade setups most people don't know about
  • Identify exactly when to buy or sell stocks for maximum profit
  • Learn how to put the probabilities in your favor before deciding to take a trade
  • Implement sound money managment strategies that will allow you to maximize profits and minimize losses

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is designed for all levels of investors and traders
  • Beginners will be able to gain a complete understanding of how the stock market works
  • Experienced traders will be able to learn strategies enabling them to further their trading education and enhance profitability

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

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Section 1: Introduction

The introduction will explain why this course was created and how students should approach the lessons. There is also an emphasis on interaction. My goal to not only to have you learn from each lesson in the course, but to interact with me so I can answer questions and clear up any uncertainty you might have. The goal is your success.

Section 2: The foundation for success - First understand what you're looking at

This less will teach the the basics of what a Japanese Candlestick is and how we are going to utilize them throughout this course.


You are going to learn the basics of moving averages and which ones have provided success throughout my my trading career. There are only three you'll need to know and they are covered in this lesson. These moving averages will be utilized throughout this course.


Volume is an important component in reading charts. This lesson will review the basics of what you need to know about volume. Throughout the course we will refer back to volume for various reasons during examples on many different charts.

Section 3: What causes markets and stocks to move up and down

You will find out there is only one reason a market or stocks move up or down. In this lesson we discuss the flow of money and how it impacts all price movements of all markets on all charts.


This lesson will provide the basis for an understanding of why stocks and markets move up and down and what the main reasons are. Hint: It's not what most people think.


This will be the first "ah ha" moment you will experience throughout this course. When you gain an understanding of the importance of the most important numbers found not only in the markets, but the entire universe. You will find out that everything in the markets is based on math, and this lesson will open your eyes to the importance of two of the most important numbers you will ever realize. These numbers will be the foundation for most of your profits from this point forward.


Knowing when a stock will change direction will put you far ahead of the majority of traders and investors competing for profits. This is another area that will help to simplify a seemingly complex business.

Section 4: The trend is your friend

This lesson will provide another simple way to understand trends. Once you have a grasp of identifying trends, you will be able to eliminate the bad trades and be able to take many more trades and investments that will put the probabilities significantly in your favor.


Moving averages may seem simple to most, but following this lesson you will be able to use the only moving averages that matter to put the odds in your favor, while increasing your probability for profits.


This lesson will enable you to use the bigger picture to determine why certain stocks are better investments or trades than others by understanding how they currently relate to how the broader markets is behaving. Sometimes we are able to find investments based on how other stocks we're not even aware of are behaving. These are some of the hidden gems that most people would never think of or be aware of.

Section 5: Chart patterns that produce profits

Once you gain an understanding of what a double top pattern is, you will be able to use this information to either maximize profit in an existing investment, or even profit from the fact you will know before anyone else that this pattern will produce a negative reaction in a stock or market - long before anyone else has the ability to realize it's coming.


Once students learn this chart pattern, they will be able to identify the most profitable and low risk chart set up found on any stock or market. This pattern has been the single best money making discovery of professional traders. You will learn how to identify it, how to trade and invest using it, and you'll gain an understanding why it happens to be a very low risk, high reward chart pattern.


Students will be able to identify this chart pattern that repeats on my stocks and markets. Identifying is only half the story, you will also be able to calculate price targets which give you the knowledge to exit a trade before anyone else even realizes the pattern is complete.


This lesson will provide students with the highest probability chart set up ever discovered. You will realize when this pattern presents itself, you will have the highest probability of success in making a profitable trade.


Identifying a reversal is at hand in the markets will arm you with the ability understand when a stock or market is ready to change direction. With this knowledge you will be able to enter and exit trades and investments allowing you to maximize profits long before anyone else even realizes they are on the wrong side of a trade.


This lesson will explain in detail why numbers and mathematics are so important within the markets. You will learn how to use Fibonacci retracements techniques to enter and exit trades and investments with complete confidence. The information in this lesson will help to to understand exactly when the large institutional traders would be supporting a stock, which means you're able to follow the "smart money" right into an investment.


After learning about topping and bottoming tails, you will again be able to identify tops and bottoms without the guess work most investors use when buying and selling. In addition, you will learn exactly where you might be wrong on a trade which give you the ability to keep any potential losses to a minimum, while maximizing gains.


Identifying gaps on charts will enable you to recognize trade and investments set ups with a very high probability of success. You will understand why gaps on charts are important and why they present wonderful profit opportunities. Understanding gaps on charts provides both long and short term, quick profit opportunities.


As a follow up to the previous lesson, gap trading can be one of the most profitable chart patterns you'll find on any chart in the markets. You will learn everything necessary to become proficient in making low risk, high reward investment decisions.

Section 6: The basics of selling stocks short

This lesson will take away some of the mystery of shorting stocks. After learning about shorting stocks, you will gain a comfort level in why we short stocks, how to do it, the risks that are involved, most importantly, how to minimize those risks to put the odds and probabilities in your favor.


Once you have a complete understanding about shorting stocks, this lesson will provide you will the best way to identify which stocks or markets to short and why. You are provided the exact reasons why we short certain stocks and not others. You will be able to again put the odds in your favor just like the professional traders do.

Section 7: Everything you need to know about trading with proper money management

Possibly the most important aspect of trading and investing is how to properly manage your money in the process. You will learn ways to minimize any potential losses and best of all maximize profits. You will learn how to reduce your risk to zero and guarantee profits once a trade or investment is in a profit position.


This lesson will provide students with the reasons why holding or trading stocks before an earnings announcements can be more risky than most people realize. You will learn why the odds are not in your favor and how one earnings announcement can negatively impact your profits on other trades and investments that have been profitable for you.


Students will learn all about risk management. You will learn how to identify extremely quickly when a trade set up is not going to work in your favor and why to exit a trade before it goes against you. This will teach you how to preserve your capital which is your inventory as as trader and investor. Without your inventory, you're out of business. This lesson will teach you how to stay in business for the long term.


Students will gain in understanding of the differences between trading and investing. They are not the same and following this lesson you will understand why and how to approach each one depending on your individual goals.


You will learn how the professional traders and investors decide how much money to allocate to an investment or a trade. This will help to further your education of risk management, and will also show you how over time your investment and trading accounts will compound. This will enable you over time to grow you capital exponentially better than most anyone you know.


You will learn the importance of why to be in a trade or investment. Students will realize that sometimes not being in a trade can be more profitable. As with the rest of this course, you will learn that only taking the highest probability trades and investments will propel you into the future enabling you to treat this as a business and not a hobby.


Following this lesson you will understand that it is completely possible to be in a trade or investment with zero risk which not only puts your mind at ease by allows you to take the emotional part of this business out the picture. Once you understand this simple money management technique, you will be able to fully maximize profits on all trades.

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Instructor Biography

David Frost, Udemy Instructor - Stock Market Technical Analyst

David spent over 20 years on Wall Street working for some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Experience ranging from wealth management, equity and proprietary trading operations and many other rolls that enabled him to learn exactly how markets work, where to find the inefficiencies and most importantly, how to profit from them.

David is the founder of MyStrategicForecast which provides members a complete video analysis of the stock market, gold, crude oil, currencies and much more on a daily basis.

David has consulted for and worked with several hedge funds, family offices and other institutional money managers on the technical nature of markets, how they work and why anyone is able to find success if they understand the basic foundation of what makes a market or a stock move and how to identify those movements in advance.

Now the goal is to educate as many individual investors as possible, giving them the same edge on the markets the large financial firms and traders have, and most importantly, help them to fulfill all their financial goals.

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