Trading Inside Bars - Master 1 Easy Pattern To Be Successful

A Comprehensive Tutorial On Trading One Of The Most Powerful Chart Patterns Consistently
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Instructed by Frank Bunn Business / Finance
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  • Lectures 23
  • Length 2 hours
  • Skill Level Intermediate Level
  • Languages English
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About This Course

Published 3/2015 English

Course Description

Have You Ever Wished Trading Could Be As Simple As Finding A Setup Today That Makes Money Tomorrow?


Learn Exactly HOW To Trade And Manage One Of The Most POWERFUL And Misunderstood Chart Patterns.

Here Is What You Get With TRADING INSIDE BARS:

  • 12 Value-Packed Lectures + 4 On-Screen Tutorials
  • 100% HOW-TO Instruction
  • A Focused, Tactical, COMPLETE TRADING SYSTEM
  • The Ability To Trade Markets That Are Moving And Profitable
  • The Same System Used By A Former Student To Average $600 Per Day
  • Your Instructor Promptly Responds To ALL Questions And Forum Posts
  • PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: You will acquire a trading skill which will enable you to locate low-risk, high-probability trades and make consistent profits trading any market that can be charted.

TRADING INSIDE BARS is brought to you by Stock Trading NINJA - voted one of the "Best Of Udemy".

If you are serious about making money trading, you are about to take a journey that will change your life.

Trading is a skill with life-long benefits including financial independence and self-mastery.

This is a definitive guide to trading the INSIDE BAR pattern.

This course will enable you to master timeless market mechanics and pull money from the financial markets over and over again.

  • No guesswork
  • No stress
  • No "hope and dream"

Your instructor has spent two (2) decades, over 25,000 hours of screen analysis and trading experience, to uncover the secret to trading this simple, recurring and completely misunderstood chart pattern - the INSIDE BAR.

The secret to cracking the INSIDE BAR code lies in the fact that different inside bar patterns signify DIFFERENT technical characteristics in terms of price action and fundamental market dynamics.

I will guide you step-by-step through the learning curve, saving you hundreds of hours of trial-and-error and wasted time. You will learn everything you need to know:

  • The four (4) KEY attributes to a winning INSIDE BAR trade
  • Proper chart tools and how to use them effectively
  • Technical requirements that produce consistency
  • How to determine trends like a seasoned professional
  • Setup, risk-control and trade management strategies and tactics

Plus you get four (4) ON-SCREEN TUTORIALS. Look over my shoulder as I guide you through the process every step of the way:

  • Configuring system chart tools
  • Configuring chart layouts for maximum efficiency
  • How to properly analyze the INSIDE BAR pattern
  • Intensive training on trade setup and management
  • How to know when to scalp quick profits and when to sit for big gains

The ideal student has basic price-chart experience, is an existing stock, FOREX or options trader - OR an entrepreneur with a willingness to learn and a drive to succeed in the trading business.

You will also receive a TRADING INSIDE BARS BONUS: Detailed logic and script definitions for use with the TC2000 software platform. This logic can be easily configured to work for:

  • Broker Scanning Platforms
  • Third-Party Software Tools
  • Custom Algorithm Programming

This means you will be able to find new trading opportunities FAST. I am able to scan thousands of stocks and dozens of liquid Forex pairs in minutes to find the best trade candidates quickly and easily. Now you can, too.

TRADING INSIDE BARS comes with a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Test it out, see how well it works for you. And enjoy all the benefits and profits that come from mastering the INSIDE BAR chart pattern.

I designed this course to turn amateurs into PROFESSIONALS and make struggling traders consistently PROFITABLE.

Stock Trading NINJA students can use this course to improve their systems.

Mastery of the INSIDE BAR pattern is a skill set that every screen trader should possess.

TRADING INSIDE BARS is a must-have for anyone who wants to take their trading game to the next level.

Why try to learn how to trade on your own?

Get a comprehensive system and trade plan you can use IMMEDIATELY to profit.

Let a 20-year veteran of the trading game guide you step-by-step through the process.

Enroll NOW in TRADING INSIDE BARS. Find setups today, make money tomorrow!


Lifetime Access To Course

Video Module Training Center

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Access To 7-Figure Stock Trader

What are the requirements?

  • This course teaches the student how to tactically trade a specific, recurring chart pattern. Basic chart analysis experience is required
  • Proper chart tools are required. The most effective and necessary tools will be discussed in detail in the CHART TOOLS lecture. Instructor available for suggestions
  • Success is achieved the fastest when students are able to quick-scan the market for objective patterns while developing intuitive skills. Students should consider having access to an analysis platform that is capable of scanning a securities database for specific patterns. However, this is not necessary to learn the method. Instructor available for suggestions
  • The course details a specific layout and scanning strategy using the TC2000 analysis platform. This is not necessary to learn the method and master the setup. The course discloses all the logic necessary for configuring a layout on any platform that has the required tools
  • Students should have a basic understanding of technical analysis and technical tools
  • Scan script logic included for TC2000 and THINKORSWIM (TOS) platforms. Logic may be adapted to any analysis platform that has proper tools and a securities database
  • Delayed (15-20 minute) quotes/charts are acceptable for daily (24-hour) and weekly intervals. Real-time quotes/charts are required for shorter (intra-day) intervals. Instructor available for suggestions
  • A brokerage account is not required in order to learn how to trade profitably. A simulator may be used and is suggested to achieve consistency
  • Students who achieve consistency will need a brokerage account to place trades. A minimum 2,500 USD margin account is suggested for equities (a lower balance is acceptable for Forex accounts). Instructor available for recommendations
  • A 25,000 USD minimum account balance (SEC Pattern Day Trader Rule) will be required for U.S. accounts engaged in short-interval (day) trading

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Find Setups Today, Make Money Tomorrow
  • Trade The Inside Bar Pattern For Consistent Profits
  • Profitably Trade Any Liquid Market That Can Be Charted
  • Effectively Control Risk With The Proper Technical Tools
  • Use Included Logic To Program Scanners To Locate Setups
  • Tactically Trade Markets Which Are Moving And Profitable
  • Effectively Manage Trades Using Market Dynamics And Technical Tools

Who is the target audience?

  • This is a 'bread-and-butter' strategy for profiting from low-risk, high-probability technical entries on any chart interval. The ideal student should be interested in technical price-action analysis
  • The ideal student should be willing to commit to creating a simple analysis procedure and testing the system to ensure they are consistently profitable prior to taking real trades
  • This course is not ideal for students who do not have basic chart analysis experience or those unfamiliar with technical analysis
  • Existing traders who are frustrated with mediocre systems who cannot achieve consistency will find this course indispensible for generating consistent profit and honing advanced trading skills
  • Short-term traders, day-traders and scalpers will learn how to achieve immediate profits in the first 1-3 intervals to reduce risk and increase win rates
  • Traders and investors in search of a comprehensive strategy for consistent profit should enroll in this course

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.



Everything You Need To Get Started On The Path To Success

  • The Inside Bar Pattern Reality
  • What You Must Do In Order To Properly Trade Inside Bars
  • Inside Bar Pattern Benefits
  • The Directional Dilemma
  • Information Asymmetry And How To Use It To Your Advantage
  • What You Will Learn And What To Expect After Training
  • Your Instructor's Performance Guarantee
  • How To Trade For Consistent Profit
  • Course Objective

Learn The Importance Of Proper Charting Tools

Having fast, flexible chart tools with accurate data facilitates precise, tactical analysis. Your trading career depends on your ability to trust your intuition and your decisiveness. Proper chart tools are the foundation of your business.

  • Chart Program Capability
  • Required Chart Tools For This Course
  • Instructor Suggestions For Third-Party Software Tools

On-Screen Tutorial guides you step-by-step through the process of creating a customized layout using the TC2000 software platform.

  • Install the tools you need to trade Inside Bars for maximum profitability.

Understand What Really Makes A Profitable Inside Bar Pattern

Precise pattern definitions and how to properly recognize a tradable IB pattern. Understand why the IB setup requires more than just two (2) intervals (conventional definition).

  • Three (3) Bar Pattern Recognition
  • Inside Bar Logic (Multiple Time Frames)
  • Why The Pattern Must Have Three (3) Intervals
  • Eliminating Subjectivity
  • The Importance Of Pattern Specificity

Learn And Integrate The Four (4) Technical Attributes Of A Profitable Inside Bar Trade

  • The Grand Law Of Price
  • A Primer On Divergence
  • Measuring Divergence
  • A Primer On Contraction
  • Measuring Contraction
  • IB Technicals 1, 2, 3, And 4
  • The IB PATTERN KEY - The Gateway To Consistency
12 questions

Test your knowledge of IB pattern logic.


Trading Inside Bars Which Evolve In The Proper Trend Context Is The Key To Success

The IB pattern is a very high-probability trade only if it occurs in a price-action and contextual trend following an impulse move.

  • Trend Determination
  • Determining Impulse
  • The Micro-Contextual Trend
  • How To Determine Momentum
  • Trends And Counter-Trends
  • Properly Reading Trends
  • How To Sort Trend Contexts To Determine The Strongest Trend Environments

The Mechanics Of Setups And Risk Control

Understanding the mechanics of tactical setup and risk control is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. Learn everything you need know to put you in the league of winning traders.

  • Trade Setup Trigger 1
  • Trade Setup Trigger 2
  • Pattern Recognition Skill
  • Risk Analysis - Trigger 1
  • Risk Analysis - Trigger 2
  • STOP 2 Logic
  • Maximum Risk Calculation
  • Long Risk Calculation
  • Short Risk Calculation
  • Position Sizing

Trade Management Can Be Tactical, Efficient And Stress-Free

Learn why effective trade management requires fluidity and flexibility. Learn why the best traders calibrate their actions depending on what happens after entry.

  • Pattern Credentials
  • The Scalper's Rule
  • Counter-Trend Lines
  • Breakout Confirmation
  • The Breakout Phenomenon
  • The Follow-Through Golden Rule
  • The Staircase Pattern
  • Intuitive Confirmation
  • Management Tools
  • Price Action And Trend Divergence
  • When To Sit
  • Risk-Game Mangement
  • Mechanical Management
  • Advanced Targeting
  • The IB Pattern OBJECTIVE
10 questions

Test your knowledge of trends and setups.


Putting It All Together To Create A Comprehensive System

Learn the importance of trade structure and why it is necessary to achieve consistent profitability.

  • The Inside Bar Success Equation
  • High-Momentum Breakouts
  • The Primary IMPULSES
  • IB Setup Follow-Through

On-Screen Tutorial guides you step-by-step through the ANATOMY OF AN INSIDE BAR TRADE using the TC2000 analysis platform. Learn exactly what you need to know in order to be analyzing your charts properly.


Take An Inside Look At A Recent Back-Test Of Historical Setups

  • A Random Back-Test
  • Random Back-Test Results
  • Instructor Suggestions

Proper Market Scanning Is Essential For Your Trading Business

Opportunities in the best trend contexts must be located quickly without sacrificing strict adherence to the trade setup rules and definitions. Learn the requirements for the most efficient scanning techniques.

  • Scanning Objective
  • IB Pattern Scans
  • Scanning For Impulse
  • Efficient IB Scanning

On-Screen Tutorial guides you step-by-step through the process of creating PCF scan conditions and performing EasyScans using the TC2000 software platform.

  • Everything you need to know to make the best use of one of the industry's most powerful analysis tools.

On-Screen Tutorial guides you step-by-step through the process of setting up trades, analyzing risk and determining the best entries using the TC2000 software platform.

Learn the specific process of intuitive, flexible trade management. How to make trade management stress-free by calibrating your actions with the proper technical tools to ensure your success.

10 questions

Test your knowledge of trade management tools and high-probability pattern characteristics.


The 18-EMA Breakout Is A Powerful, Standalone IB Trading System

Learn all the requirements to integrate this system into your trade plan.

  • The 18-EMA Breakout Impulse
  • 18-EMA Breakout Logic
  • Technical Defintions
  • Specific Setup Structure

Tips, Tricks And What To Expect Directly From The System Creator

  • IB Pattern Probability And Benefits
  • What You Need To Do To Ensure Success
  • The Business Of Trading
  • What To Expect After Training
  • So You Want To Trade For Consistent Profits
  • Course Objective Revisted

Detailed Pattern Logic For Use In:

  • Programming the TC2000 platform for fast scanning
  • Programming Broker-Scanners
  • Programming Third-Party Software Tools
  • Building Custom Algorithms

TC2000 Scan And Script Logic (Copy+Paste for quick implementation)


Program The Thinkorswim (TOS) Platform To Scan For INSIDE BAR Setups


Follow This Procedure To Implement The TOS ThinkScript On Your Desktop


Tools For Implementing The Strategy On The MetaTrader 4 Platform

  • MACD Configuration For Exponential Moving Average (EMA) SIGNAL-LINE (2 files)

(Content Courtesy Of FRANCISCO GONZALEZ VELASCO, 2015)

Section 11: Trading Inside Bars BONUS

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Ideal for day-traders, swing-traders and investors.


THANK YOU for being such a valuable student. 

To express my appreciation, use the following coupon codes to get a 50% discount on your next course.

Take your trading game to the next level. Learning as much as you can about Market  Dynamics will enable you to master a new setup.

This leads to the development of your own style. Trading in harmony with your preferences and belief systems will create the consistency you desire.

Good fortune!

My goal is YOUR success,
Frank Bunn

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Instructor Biography

Frank Bunn, Professional Trader

Go to the Stock Trading NINJA YouTube channel to see how I turned $6,000 into $105,000 in 5 trades.

My goal is YOUR success.

If you are like many Udemy students I work with, you have taken numerous courses about trading. And you still might not feel like you are making much progress.

That is because knowledge about trading and strategies does not always result in success; understanding a method or trading system does not necessarily make you a trader.

It may be that you just haven't learned how to trade - how to manage risk and random outcomes.

Most courses teach strategy and little else. Strategy is only useful if you understand the mechanics of price and how to interpret Market Dynamics (expansion and contraction) in a price chart. 

All of my courses not only teach key market dynamics and how to exploit price movement for profit, but they also teach you HOW TO TRADE.

Each one of my courses is a unique, valuable trading system - a tested, proven method you can put to work immediately to make money trading any security that can be charted. Why spend a ton of time learning to do this on your own? Follow the lead from a career 7-figure trader with 20 years of experience.

I work with traders of all skill levels, responding to all curriculum-related questions and forum posts promptly (usually within 24 hours). If you are serious about trading for consistent profit you need to work with me directly.

I am a probabilistic screen trader. In the 1990's I mentored with a former Chicago Mercantile Exchange commodities trader as well as a retired New York options broker.

I began trading in 1996, focusing on mechanical trading systems and software based tools. While training traders for the expansion of my business, I noticed that certain traders exhibit profound intuitive capabilities and inherent pattern recognition skills.

Over the last decade, I have developed a mechanical-intuitive paradigm which forms the basis of my trading models. The trader becomes the 'system', intuitively selecting low-risk, high-probability trades within the framework of the mechanism.

Once mastered, these pattern recognition skills enable the trader to achieve high profit factors and robust reward/risk ratios over moderately-sized trade samples. Whereas intuitive trade management is the best solution for random outcomes, the trader does not require the unrealistic, excessive sample size endemic to most statistical arbitrage models.

I am an empiricist and continue my research and development with emphasis on viable, probabilistic trading models employing the most advanced software tools available.

Each one of my courses is accompanied by my personal Performance Guarantee:

  • "By Then End Of This Training, You Will Have Acquired A Trading Skill Which Will Enable You To Consistently Locate Low-Risk, High-Probability Trades In Any Market That Can Be Charted."

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