Trading for Beginners - Entry Level
4.0 (376 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
7,212 students enrolled
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Trading for Beginners - Entry Level

Learn to trade and analyze the stock, forex, and futures markets. Trading for Beginners teaches you the fundamentals!
4.0 (376 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
7,212 students enrolled
Last updated 12/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Describe why trades happen
  • Understand market mechanics
  • Use the language of the markets
  • Understand ways to analyze the markets
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  • No prior knowledge of the markets, trading, or financial analysis is required. We start with the basics and build on them.
  • We do recommend keeping a pen and some paper handy in case you want to jot down some notes, but it is not required.
  • All you need is an open mind to new concepts and to thinking of the ways the market works!

Welcome to Trading for Beginners - Entry Level.  The Entry Level is our Tier 1 course and as with all of our Tier 1 courses, they are free to you.  Their purpose is to allow you to explore the material that will be expanded upon in our higher Tier courses without any obligation.

Here's a few of our recent 5-star reviews:

  • Its a great way to learn a complicated subject. Don't be fooled by the friendly presentation -this is some real information and it gently introduces you to real world tools, definitions, and concepts all through a couple of cute cartoon twins - Bill and Phil! Good job and thank you! - Frank Silvestrini
  • This course is an excellent introduction to markets and trading. It offers clear and concise explanations of the basic concepts that underlie how markets operate, and how trading is conducted. This is done through the use of informative, and engaging graphics employed throughout the lectures, which augment the winsome manner in which the instructor presents the material. - Michael Banka
  • This was an Excellent beginner introduction to the topic. I'm not entirely new, but still a novice and still got information out of this that I didn't realize and it helped make a few connections for me. Thank you. - Jacob Herrera
  • The content was well thought out and easy to understand for a beginner like me. Tyler was engaging and the animations keeps you interested. A++ - Ron Arayata
  • Amazing instructor explaining in simple terms a confusing topic like Trading. For the first time, I was comfortable with the industry language terminology often used by trade professionals. Looking forward to more courses. - Foster Smith
  • A very good beginner´s course! - Anand Prahlad
  • Clearly explained. Can really be understand by a newbie trader. Thank you. - Florie Thiong

In Trading for Beginners, we take the student through establishing a solid foundation of market fundamentals, teaching you what the market really is and why trades really happen.  We develop a lexicon of market terminology, an understanding of Risk, and an ability to analyze the markets using both Fundamental and Technical analysis.  We conclude the course with live trading examples.  The material is presented to you through lectures, video, and cartoons to help make the more complex topics approachable.

Please keep in mind our Tier 1 level course is a sampling of our higher Tier courses.  Because of this, it includes only part of what the higher level courses offer.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students desiring an overview of market dynamics and market analysis
  • Students advanced beyond the basics should not take this course
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Curriculum For This Course
16 Lectures
1 Lecture 02:20

Here's our Risk Disclosure statement and our Disclaimer.  Please take the time to view them and read them.  They really are important.

Course Overview
1 Lecture 00:40

Here we give a brief overview of the course.  You may remember seeing this before - it's a short version of our promo video, but it does a great job of sharing what we'll cover.

Course Overview
Market Basics
2 Lectures 11:05

The marketplace can be a mysterious place.  In this lesson, we take the mystery out of the market and give you the tools to understand what the basis of every market transaction really is.

What is the marketplace?

Well, just who are the market participants that you'll be seeing every time you engage with the markets?  Believe it or not, we can break market activity in to several groups.  In this lesson, we develop an understanding of who's in the market, why they're there, and we go in to some depth on the different types of speculators.

What type of participant will you be?

Who are the market participants?
Market Data and Terminology
3 Lectures 16:40

We've learned the basics of the marketplace, now let's get you speaking the language of the markets.  We cover the fundamentals in this lesson on the Bid price, the Ask price, and the Spread.  Phil and Bill are back for another instructional lesson and we get to look at a live market trading window.

Bid and Ask Prices

We start to dig in to orders beginning here with one of the two most basic of orders - the Market Order.  While a basic order type, it underpins nearly all other advanced order types, so understanding its importance, its mechanics, and its risks is vitally important to establishing a sound foundation in the fundamentals.

Market Order

Next up is the most basic of orders - the Limit Order.  Between Limit Orders and Market Orders, nearly all others are some combination or repackaging of these two.  Without a solid grasp of Limit Orders, you'll struggle in later lessons.  Enjoy!

Limit Order
Charting Basics
1 Lecture 08:19

Charts are a terrific way to visualize the market.  In this lesson, we go in to how to construct charts, why they're used, and give plenty of examples for you to get started!

Types of Charts
Analyzing the Market
2 Lectures 15:43

We begin our market analysis segment with Fundamental Analysis.  Fundamental Analysis is a tried and true way to search for under-valued or over-valued securities and can be used to form trading hypothesis derived from your analysis.  It can be time consuming and is generally industry-specific, but that shouldn't dissuade you from using it.  This lesson gives a great overview of what Fundamental Analysis is and why you might use it in your trading.

Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis is the second large segment of Market Analysis that we'll cover.  This lesson gives an overview what Technical Analysis is and what assumptions underpin its use.  Technical Analysis is a very broad topic that we'll cover further in later Sections of the course.

Technical Analysis
Fundamental Analysis
1 Lecture 03:31

Ever wonder how some people seem to know whenever a major piece of market data is being released?  Want to find out?

This lesson covers Economic Calendars, how to read them, and where to find them.  Check out the course notes for links to several free online versions.

Economic Calendar
Technical Analysis
3 Lectures 15:29

Entire courses can be dedicated to the study of Technical Analysis - and we'll be developing one for you very soon.  In this course for beginners, we'll be able to give you the basics of Technical Analysis starting with the fundamentals and moving our way to several examples of indicators.

Keep an eye out for our full Udemy Course on Technical Analysis!

How much can we provide in this section?

Consolidation and Distribution are opposing market forces that form the fundamentals of market action.  In this lesson, we dig in to what these look like in live markets along with an example from our buddy Bill.

Consolidation and Distribution

Indicators are a double-edged sword.  They can be extremely helpful, but also can give false hope of seeing in to the market's action.  In this lesson, we break down what indicators really are, show examples of the more popular indicator classifications, and give you some pointers on how to get started with them.

Course Closing
2 Lectures 01:43

Thanks for learning with us Students!  This is our Tier 1 level course and we hope you enjoyed it.  

If you're interested in learning more of what Trading for Beginners contains, check out our Tier 2 and Tier 3 levels.  Each builds on each other, so if you're looking for the full course, Tier 3 is right for you.


Bonus Lecture: Discount Coupon

Test your knowledge of the material we covered in this course.

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Tyler Krol
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My name is Tyler Krol and I'm thrilled you're reading this!

I want you to be confident I can deliver the best training out there for you, so here's some of my background.

I'm a biochemical engineer and have worked for Fortune 50 biotechnology companies in many fields over 15 years including systems and process design, statistical analysis, and operations.  My love for science and numbers led me to the markets.  Since 2006, I have been involved in the financial markets and I really enjoy trading, algorithm development, indicator script develop, and so much more.


To cap it off, my love of rigorous analysis, hard numbers, and the markets makes me an impassioned instructor and I want to share my knowledge of the stock, forex, and commodities markets with you!

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